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Healthy Habits

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Exciting news! Lumo has partnered with the Walgreens Balance Rewards for healthy choices program.

We believe that tracking your healthy habits is a great way to achieve lasting lifestyle changes. So we’ve teamed up with Walgreens to offer your even more rewards on your way to a healthier & happier You.

Get Balance® Rewards points as you track your steps with Lumo Lift.

Not yet a member of Walgreens Balance Rewards?

Start earning rewards in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Download the Walgreens Activity Tracker app (Striiv) to set up your device.

Step 2

Open the Lumo Lift app, slide open the upper-left menu in the header and select the Partners option. Locate the Walgreens logo,  tap Connect and follow the next steps.

Step 3

Get Active! Use your device while walking or running, and your steps will be updated in Balance Rewards for healthy choices® and earn points.

For a more detailed step by step instruction click here.

Don’t have a Lumo Lift yet? No problem!

Simple Solution. Incredible Results.

The small Lumo Lift sensor gently vibrates every time you slouch to remind you to sit tall and stand straight. Its unique biomechanic motion sensors have the ability to track your posture, steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned via the Lumo Lift app.
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Good posture, a healthy back and transformed appearance

Posture is an important, but often forgotten part of our daily lives. As we spend more and more time in front of our computers and desks, we all too often find ourselves with shoulders rolled in, heads hanging forward, and spine hunched over. Stop slouching and start your habit change today!

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