What is Stride Length?

Stride length measures the distance between the initial ground contact of one foot to the next ground contact of the same foot. For example, if you take a step with your right foot, your stride length is the distance your right foot travels before it touches the ground again.

Why is it important?

Stride length is important to your running form because over-striding is a common cause of injury and a sign of inefficient running. Your stride length is a result of your pace and cadence; increasing your cadence while maintaining a constant speed will naturally shorten your stride length.

Ideal Range

Since stride length is a result of your pace and cadence, there is no “ideal range” for this metric. However, given your pace and cadence, it is possible to have a stride length that is too high. What you want to avoid is over-striding and straining your muscles. The best way to increase pace is to take more frequent steps (increase cadence), rather than increasing your stride length.

Lumo Run coaching cues.

Lumo Run detects your stride length during your run and provides audio coaching cues through your headphones to help you avoid over-striding.

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