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… In the end the Lumo Lift is simply the most intuitive and non-invasive posture coach/tracking product on the market as of right now in 2016. Throughout your day it just sits effortlessly by your shoulder as a constant reminder to always be your very best both physically and mentally.

— George via Amazon on 4/10/2016

I was told in 1979 (23years young) Iʻm now 60… that I would never walk again after a serious accident, it has been many years, of learning how to walk again! But Iʻve done well! These past years have been challenging for me, and I was suffering from headaches, and my neck spine is “totally screwed up” long story short, physical therapy is out, been there done that. So my husband bought me the lumo lift for Christmas, and this little device is my new friend Iʻve named it Sandy after my “sister who always is supportive & encourages me”! Anyway Iʻm walking and the big thing posture is so much better. My headaches are kept in reason because I can walk and have achieved this goal, so amazing and so happy!!!”

One of the big things I’ve been harping on with all of the new metrics companies are trying to push as marketing benefits, is to back these metrics up with studies from reputable 3rd parties showing the benefits of a given metric. So for every single module within Lumo, you’ll find links to the actual studies that backs up the focus area. That’s awesome. Read full article

— DC Rainmaker, 1/7/2016

This would be a good one [activity tracker] because there’s no other wearable out there on the market that will tell you how you’re doing with your posture. Watch video here

— Stephanie Carles via Youtube 12/16/2015

Wow! I have spinal stenosis…I don’t want to be bent over. At my request, my husband was watchful of my poor posture & reminded me to stand up frequently. Not necessary anymore. I am able, on my own, wearing the Lumo Lift, to stand & sit with good posture for long periods from day one. Pictures of me show the difference.

— Southern Lady via Amazon 10/25/2015

Reaction from my avid runner husband – “my god”! Being Northeasterners the weather will not be conducive to wearing shorts much longer, so mens pants would be a great addition in the near future. Otherwise, this will be his Father’s Day gift next year

— Christie Turriziani Polito via Facebook 10/13/2015

Who needs a trainer when you have pants? Well, not just any kind of pants — Lumo Run running wear that comes in a capri style for women and shorts for men.

—  Lulu Chang via Digital Trends 10/8/15 Read.

76 miles measured by Lumo Life in Glacier National Park!

— Beth G.H 9/23/2015

Smart running shorts, I kid you not. I did indeed order a pair. You can still get them at a discounted price for the next three days. They ship in March. I can’t wait. Totally nerded out when I saw what they can do.

— Tim Etherington via Gentlemint.com

After having Lumo Lift for just one day I can see how badly I need it! My back is a good sore from straightening up.

— Jessie 9/23/2015 @jmbri1

The Lift has become a part of my daily wardrobe without me noticing it too much. And I think that’s a great sign of a good wearable device. You want it to do its thing without it getting in the way.

— That Software Dude 10/18/15 Read.

Lumo Lift helps a lot. I’ve had problems with back pain, just due to practicing from long periods of time like in the slouch position. It builds up and causes pain at the end of the day.  I find that this device helps to remind me to sit up straight.

— Benjamin Grosvenor via Voigts Spinal Solutions
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Skimm HQ spends a lot of hours hunched over laptops. Keyword: hunched. Until we found this. It will actually make your posture better.

— The Skimm Life 9/16/2015

The Lumo Lift is without a doubt, the best posture trainer that I have tested so far. Overall, this product has earned a “perfect 10” because of its great performance, ease of use, and reasonable price.

— Mike via Posture Brace Guide.com Read.

Super creative…and amazing..It’s one of the best and most practical wearable you can ever get. — Khaled via Amazon.com 2/5/2015

Bought this for my wife and she uses it all the time. Her posture has improved significantly already. — William B. via Amazon.com  11/7/2015

From using the Lift I notice people saying that, You look thinner, taller. The core and balance, as I’ve seen in my parents, is the key to maintaining yourself as you get older — Dave D. 7/24/2015 watch

Totally enjoying my Lumo Lift! I’ve had bad posture all my life and sitting at a desk for 12-13 hours a day for the last 15 years certainly hasn’t helped. Love the little buzz that reminds me to sit up straight! — Tara via Facebook

Lumo Lift is @shanebarnhill’s new favorite wearable! #LumoLift #howiwearmylift A photo posted by Lumo BodyTech (@lumobodytech) on

My initial impression is that this wearable is a total game-changer. I highly recommend Lumo Lift if you are trying to improve your posture, decrease back pain, or stay alert for an important meeting.

— Daniel Lord
Physical Medicine Lead at the Facebook Health Center

This is an important innovation. Posture is a combination of a person’s anatomy and learned behavior. For each of us, there are two barriers to improving posture. The first is awareness, and the second is consistency. Surmounting each of these is required to improve posture. In the past, doctors and therapists could provide awareness during occasional visits, but there was no way to promote consistency. The Lumo Lift provides solutions to both.

— Matthew Smuck, MD, Associate Professor and Chief of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Stanford University

Had back surgery recently and now keep myself pain free with attention to my posture. Lumo Lift helps me make sure that my posture is always good, even in middle of a conference call. I’ve recommended it to most of my coworkers already.

Poudm,  Apple App Store Review, 10/15/2014

It’s my first day wearing it and let me tell you, after slouching for 48 years, this is the ONLY product that will help me break the bad habit. It works!

— Sue Z., 10/3/2014

Works great and easy to use. My girlfriend said I really improved last two weeks. Have had lift about three weeks and a friend of the family said I look taller. I was a severe sloucher, never keeping my body is a straight line.

— Robert L., 10/27/2014

This device and app helped me to improve my posture significantly. I feel better, look better and am more mindful of my posture thanks to the Lumo Lift.

Joseph H.,  Apple App Store Review, 1/17/2014

 I used Lumo Lift during my workday and found that I sat taller in front of my computer. I also noticed that I was more social during the day when I walked with better posture.

— Malia Frey for About.com 8/7/2015 Read

This app and corresponding device has single-handedly reduced my need for massage and chiropractic appointments. It’s amazing for someone who spend their day at a desk and has deteriorating posture as a result. I suggest it to anyone with back and neck problems. I love how tiny the device is.

— Kingofclowntopia, 7/28/2015

This device and app helped me to improve my posture significantly. I feel better, look better and am more mindful of my posture thanks to the Lumo Lift.

Joseph H.,  Apple App Store Review, 1/17/2014

The Lumo Lift tiny sensor that you wear and it  buzzes/vibrates if you slouch! It is the most amazing thing if you want to improve your posture. Wow! I am so impressed, after slouching my shoulders my entire life I feel this is the only thing that could help  me break that bad habit.

—Sue Z. via Facebook, 10/3/2014

Lumo goes one step beyond this, though, and not only tracks activity but also corrects people’s posture and alleviates back pain with its most recent product, the Lumo Lift.”

—Rachel Graph for Mashable 4/15/2015 Read

“The Lumo Lift goes beyond typical fitness metrics to measure your posture. It’s also comfortable to wear and can even pass as an accessory.”

— Sarah Mitroff for CNET  8/28/2015 watch