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Why is the Pelvis Important?

Category: Running Form

When you think of running form and improving performance and efficiency, historically the focus has been on foot strikes: forefoot, mid-foot, or the controversial heel-strikes. There have been many studies and debates around the what is the best way to land on your foot, and how “we’re all doing it wrong” in terms of preventing injuries, running faster, etc.

What often gets overlooked, though, is our pelvic stability while running. So much of our focus pours into where and how we’re landing on our feet, that we’re forgetting that a lot of what drives running happens above the knee, at the core of our bodies.

Our core, specifically our pelvis, is the starting point of all movements so it makes sense – both from an injury prevention standpoint and an enhancing performance standpoint – to pay more attention to our pelvic movement as we run. Physical therapist and coach, David McHenry explains:

The foot is really just the end of a big kinetic whip–the leg. Core and hips are where every runner should be starting if they are really concerned with optimizing their form, maximizing their speed and minimizing injury potential.

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