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Introduction To Integrated Recovery

Contributor: Matt Dixon    Category: Training

The first thing to realize about recovery is that properly integrated recovery is about much more than simply taking a day of rest.  We can break recovery into three main areas:

  1. Training Recovery;
  2. Lifestyle Recovery;
  3. Modalities.

1. Training recovery includes seasonal breaks. These include:

  • Complete days of rest;
  • Multiple days of easy training in a row to allow rejuvenation;
  • Weekly lower stress sessions that help us recover from, and prepare for, the all important KEY sessions.

It is important for runners to embrace the lower stress sessions as a part of the program, and it takes real courage to embrace this.  Too many make the light sessions too hard.

2. Lifestyle recovery cannot be separated from the program.  We have to include some focus on:

  • Sleep;
  • Fueling immediately following the workouts;
  • A platform of healthy eating;
  • A chance to nap / meditate if possible.

We tie this into the program, but without proper sleep and fueling, any great training program cannot be optimized.

3. Recovery modalities, which include:

  • Massage / Manual work;
  • Compression socks;
  • Foam Roller / Trigger Point;
  • Heat or Ice therapy.

In other words, everything you can buy!  For me, these are pure afterthoughts, relative to the critical need to create positive habits around the training plan and the lifestyle recovery.  These only become truly productive on a bedrock of good general habits.