Look Young & Confident. Achieve Your Perfect Posture Without Adding More Hours To Your Day.

Discover Lumo Lift, the first healthy posture coaching wearable that helps you turn back the aging clock a bit, reduces the risk of back pain and almost instantly makes you more attractive.

Simple Solution. Incredible Results.

The small Lumo Lift sensor gently vibrates every time you slouch to remind you to sit tall and stand straight. Its unique biomechanic motion sensors have the ability to track your posture, steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned via the Lumo Lift app.
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Affix the Lumo Lift device on your clothing right below your collarbone with the complimentary magnetic clasp.


 Align your Lift sensor by getting into your best posture then double pressing on the square magnetic clasp.


The sensor will analyze your biomechanics, alerting you of suboptimal body positions, coaching you to better posture and a healthier back.


 Track your posture, steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned through our iOS, Windows desktop or Android app.

Good posture, a healthy back and transformed appearance

Posture is an important, but often forgotten part of our daily lives. As we spend more and more time in front of our computers and desks, we all too often find ourselves with shoulders rolled in, heads hanging forward, and spine hunched over. Stop slouching and start your habit change today!

The Better Solution For An Attractive Posture

Study shows that posture affects your mental state

Harvard and Columbia psychology researchers found that subjects who assumed a strong, confident physical posture actually produced a biochemical reaction that made them feel and seem more confident and powerful. In contrast, those who adopted a hesitant, submissive posture, with shoulders rolled in, heads hanging forward, and spine hunched over, experienced the exact opposite biochemical reaction*.
*D.R. Carney, A. J. C. Cuddy, and A. J. Yap, “Power Posing: Brief Nonverbal Displays Affect Neuroendocrine Levels and Risk Tolerance”, Psychological science OnlineFirst, September 21, 2010, link

Haptic Feedback
Get real-time feedback on your posture and activity levels to motivate you to sit up straighter and to get up and move more.

Get Better Posture
Teach your Lumo Lift what good posture looks like to you, and it will make sure that you maintain beautiful, confident posture all day long through subtle vibrations whenever you slouch.

Track Your Progress
Keep track of your posture and activity progress over time through the companion Lumo Lift app. Get insights into your posture hours, step count, distance travelled and calories burned.

Are You Ready To Start Your Habit Change Today?

Posture is your key to body language control. Leverage the cycle that builds upon itself.

Displaying a confident posture will actually make you feel more confident; these feelings will in turn affect your body language, which will adapt accordingly, displaying yet more confident signals. This will give you yet another feeling boost, and the cycle will build upon itself. All you have to do is to get it going.

For faster and greater results let Lumo Lift help you turn this cycle into a habit. You’ll love the results!

Kick-Start The Cycle To A Better You With Lumo Lift

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