What does my Lumo Lift track?
The Lumo Lift constantly passively tracks your posture and activity, however cannot give active, vibrational feedback for your posture while you are in movement. As soon as the sensor detects steps being taken, it switches to "activity mode" and begins to only passively track your posture.

The motion tracking sensors in the device is able to tell exactly when you are in motion, and track your posture against what you've calibrated as your standard of good posture when you Aligned your Lumo Lift. Once you take off your Lumo Lift and lay it flat on a surface (like a table, or the charging dock), the device will automatically go to sleep and stops tracking posture.
What are the different types of buzzes and what do they mean?
Lumo Lift provides vibrations under the following circumstances:
  • 3 short buzzes indicate that you have successfully Aligned your Lumo Lift sensor.
  • 1 short buzz indicates that you have turned on Coach Vibrations.
  • 2 short buzzes indicate that you have turned off Coach Vibrations.
  • 1 long buzz indicates that you are in poor posture when Coach Vibrations is turned on.
If you feel like you are receiving vibrations when your posture is good, please Align your sensor by getting into your best posture and double-pressing on the sensor button. This allows your Lumo Lift to understand what your good posture looks like so that it can accurately monitor your posture throughout the day.
How do I get vibrations when I slouch?
To get vibrational feedback for your posture, you can turn on Coach Vibrations either by holding the sensor down for 3 seconds, or through the app by going to Menu > Coach Vibrations.

In the Lift app, you can also customize the time delay for Coach Vibrations. Set it to 1 second for instant vibrations whenever you slouch, or make the time delay longer (up to 10 minutes) to use the Lumo Lift as a reminder to straighten up whenever you’ve been slouching for a longer period of time.
What is good posture? How do I get into good posture?
The best thing you can do for your body is to be active. However, when you need to sit or stand in a static position, maintaining upright posture with a straight, stacked spine helps you look and feel your best. To get into good posture, imagine your head is being pulled straight up by a string. Lift your chest slightly and draw in your abdominals. Keep your shoulders down and back, and your chin tucked in.
What do I do if Lift isn’t tracking my posture accurately?
To make sure that the Lift accurate tracks your posture, be sure to Align your sensor by getting into great posture and double-pressing your Lift.
Good posture looks different to everyone, so aligning your Lift frequently helps give the device the most up-to-date information on what good posture looks like for you.
Be sure to align each time you put your Lift on, reposition your sensor, or change your clothes.
What are the different button presses for the Lumo Lift?
There are two different button functions on the Lift sensor. The entire sensor acts as a button, so just press down on the clasp to activate the following functions:
  • Double-press the sensor to Align your Lift sensor. Get in your best posture and double-press the Lift, and you will receive three quick buzzes to let you know that you’ve successfully Aligned your Lumo Lift.
  • Press and hold the sensor down for 3 seconds to turn on/off Coach Vibrations. You can also do this through the Lift app by going to Menu > Coach Vibrations.
Does my Lift still work if I’m not connected to the Lift app?
The Lumo Lift works independently to the Lift App. After the initial set-up, you do not have to connect to the Lift app to Align your sensor or to receive vibrations for your posture. The only time you would need to connect is when you want to view your data to see your daily and hourly progress, or change the settings for Coach Vibrations.

The Lumo Lift can store up to 30 days of data, so as long as your Lumo Lift is charged, it will continue to track your posture and activity and provide feedback for your posture for a full 30 days without having to be synced with the Lift app.
How do I wear my Lumo Lift?
Lumo Lift should be worn about an inch from your collarbone. The larger sensor portion is worn underneath your clothes, while the magnetic clasp goes on the outside of a shirt or undershirt to hold Lift in place. For most accurate results, Lift should be worn on a fitted shirt, or with the included strap clip on a tight strap, such as a bra strap or tank top. Be sure to Align your Lift each time you reposition it or change your clothes.
What do the words in the circles on the main screen mean?
The main screen displays your average posture and activity level for the current hour.

An hour of “Remarkable” posture means that you spent the vast majority of the hour in good posture, while “Good” represents an hour when you spent about half of the time in good posture. If you spend most of the hour slouching, that hour is “Slouchy.”

To achieve a “Super Active” hour, take a nice stroll or hit the gym. Taking a few breaks to hit the water cooler or visiting the coffee shop down the block will earn you an “Active” hour, while lounging or staying at your desk will result in an “At Rest” hour.