Lumo Run

The Powerful Data of a Running Lab,
The Personal Attention of a Coach.

Lumo Run Sensor and Clip

Access lab-grade biomechanics data from the powerful 9-axis Lumo Run sensor to help you run faster, farther and reduce the risk of injury. The clip-on Lumo Run sensor secures onto the back of your favorite running shorts to track, measure and coach you to improve your form.

Lumo Run Shorts and Capris

The Lumo Run Men’s Shorts and Women’s Capris have the same Lumo Run sensor technology embedded into the waistband of the garment for a barely-there, gadget-free experience. The waterproof and machine washable sensor allows you to access your powerful biomechanics data without the hassle of strapping on yet another runner’s gadget.

Compatible with iOS devices 9 and up. Shipping in Summer 2016.