What is Ground Contact Time?

Ground Contact Time (GCT) measures the time your foot is in contact with the ground during each step. A corollary to GCT is Flight Time, which measures the time both feet are in the air between steps.

Why is it important?

It’s important to have a short GCT because the longer your GCT, the longer your leg is loaded with the weight of your body — this increases your potential for injury.

From an efficiency perspective, reducing GCT is important because your body moves more quickly through the air than it does on the ground. One way to decrease GCT is to increase your cadence.




Ideal Range

A Ground Contact Time under 300 milliseconds is considered good for most runners.

Lumo Run coaching cues.

Lumo Run detects your ground contact time during your run and provides audio coaching cues through your headphones to help you get back into your target range.