Good Posture and its Wealth of Benefits to the Workplace

Corporate wellness programs, which have become widespread, have received a rejuvenating jolt from the wave of wearable fitness devices that have come onto the market. As SCG Health reports, “Wearable technology is becoming the rage both in and out of the workplace.” However, as organizations adopt wearables to monitor employees’ physical activity and health, one important area that should not to be overlooked is employee posture.

Ignoring employee posture can be a grave oversight because good posture has been found to be one of the most critical factors to general health and well-being, affecting everything from a person’s back pain and stress to their confidence and appearance.

Poor posture is a much more serious issue than is generally recognized, and can not only undermine an organization’s entire wellness program, but can seriously affect the bottom line. A large volume of research shows an association between poor posture and a wide variety of health problems, including back, neck, spine, organ, muscle, and joint ailments—all leading to missed work, lost productivity, costly disability claims, and lower profitability.

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