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Aloha Lumo Lift Team!
I would like to tell you how much it means to be able to get up every
morning and know that there will be a positive message on my phone to
begin my day! Love my Luma Lift!
Just to share a special story: I was told in 1979 (23years young) Iʻm now 60… that I would never walk  again after a serious accident, it has been many years, of learning how to walk again! But Iʻve done well! These past years have been
challenging for me, and I was suffering from headaches, and my neck
spine is “totally screwed up” long story short, physical therapy is out,
been there done that. So my husband bought me the luma lift for
Chritmas, and this little device is my new friend Iʻve named it Sandy
after my “sister who always is supportive & encourages me”! Anyway Iʻm
walking and the big thing posture is so much better. My headaches are
kept in reason because I can walk and have achieved this goal, so
amazing and so happy!!!
So on to better posture & walking miles and miles for me!!!
Mahalo & Aloha!
Chickie, via Mail (2016-02-05)

Love my Lumo-Lift.This little device is the best. It’s so nice to catch myself starting to slump at the computer!!! and so easy to use and syncs beautifully with my iPhone.

Andrea H. Kachuck, via Amazon (2015-07-08)

I love my Lumo Lift.I love my Lumo Lift. Works great and i use it for about 4 hours a day while working (I’m a graphic designer, so i spend a lot of time at a computer and have developed worsening posture over the past few years.) Ive tried many avenues: exercise, physical therapy, massage therapy, 2 chiropractors, stem therapy, tennis balls, a posture correcting bra-type device. Nothing works as well as Lumo Lift’s constant little vibrating reminder to sit up straight. I highly recommend it. My only concern is how small the device is. I lost it in my sweatshirt pocket for a few weeks and thought it was gone for good. Quite a scare! I read reviews which had some negative feedback for the activity monitor. I dont use it for that purpose, however. Its a wonderful little life saverDefinitely purchase this if you suffer from chronic back pain related to poor posture.

Lindseyjean, via Amazon (2015-07-08)

I love my Lumo Lift.I love my Lumo Lift! It is very easy to use and gently reminds me to correct my posture. I find that my posture is better simply because I am wearing it. It sends messages to my phone that are just right. And, I love that it tracks my steps. I highly recommend this to anyone who has tried various ways to improve their posture. This really works!

tjl53, via Amazon (2015-07-07)

With the app, the lumo lift provides information that ….With the app, the lumo lift provides information that can be used to focus on correcting posture throughout the day.

sleh, via Amazon (2015-07-07)

Five Stars.Love the Ulmo, it’s everything the Fitbit or Jawbone claim to be and more.

Max J. Lytle “Fly fisherman”, via Amazon (2015-07-04)

Amazing Product, Great Results.I love love love my Lumo Lift. The first few days it went off constantly, now I am up to 3 hours of good posture. My family thinks I’m Pavlov’s dog, but who’s not slouching…LOL

Nancy Barton, via Amazon (2015-07-01)

I have use the device for seven months now and I think it is Great product! Great service!.After reading the recommendation in TIME Magazine at the end of 2014 for the Lumo Lift I ordered one in hopes of improving my posture. Since I didn’t have an iPhone at the time to work in conjunction with it, I got off to a slow start. I had several questions at the beginning but my questions were addressed immediately. I have used the device for seven months now and I think it is made a great difference in my posture. This product does exactly what it says it’s going to do. I strongly recommend it!

Searancher “Susan Clark”, via Amazon (2015-06-29)

Great product – Early user extremely satisfied..I bought the Lumo Lift when it was still a beta (pre-release) product. It was a bit of a gamble, since there were no reviews at that time. It was one of the best purchases that I have ever made. I spend a lot of time hunched over a Mac at work or a steering wheel, so my posture has degraded over time. The Lift just works. My wife and kids have noticed a marked improvement in my posture. I really like the fact that Lumo keeps improving the app. Customer Support has been first class. Great product.

JE, via Amazon (2015-06-24)

Great reminder for posture.I have had a great experience with Customer Service after I damaged my Lift. I have enjoyed using it to correct and improve my posture at work and at home. The buzzing reminds me to sit up straight and the step tracker is a nice addon.I’d recommend it for anyone who uses a computer for extended periods. Just remember to adjust the calibration to a posture you can maintain and still get work done!

JM, via Amazon (2015-06-24)

Excellent – 5 star!!.Excellent! I’m recommending Lumo to my friends based on the product and amazing customer service.It really works great and the service was excellent – 5 star!!

Amy Madonia, via Amazon (2015-06-23)

Five Stars.Awesome!

Shannon, via Amazon (2015-06-22)

Best in product and support.I’v been using Lomo devices since ther very first one back around 2012 or 2013. They have worked wonders for me. Over those years, my posture has improved and my back pain has subsided. Equally important, the people at Lumo have treated me like one of the family on the few occassions I needed support. I recently emailed them describing a problem I had created with my Lumo Lift. I received a response withing a few hours. And I was corresponding with a live human being — not an undknown number. These guys are great.

C. T. Scholl, via Amazon (2015-06-21)

… office invested in Lumo Lifts and it has been awesome. It is very easy to use and is ….My entire office invested in Lumo Lifts and it has been awesome. It is very easy to use and is a really fun way to bring our company’s health initiatives into our every day lives. It is great to not only track my steps but I think my posture has already gotten better in just a few days from it. The Lumo Lift is a great way to be more conscious of how we can stay healthy when we are stuck at our desks staring at computer screens for the majority of our time.Highly recommend buying one!

Caroline, via Amazon (2015-06-19)

Five Stars.great customer service big step forward useful device

henry c morison, via Amazon (2015-06-19)

Lumo Lift–Excellent Device.I love my Lumo Lift. It has helped improve my posture and keeps me motivated to achieve my daily goal of 10,000 steps. Their support team is excellent and contacts you in a timely manner. I wouldn’t be without it.

Sheila Latham, via Amazon (2015-06-19)

it works!.This thing keeps me upright with its guilt trips. Brilliant!

Bogdan, via Amazon (2015-06-18)

One of the best innovation which changed my life forever.I had a problem with shoulder and back pain for over last 5 years. I had tried many ways of therapy: physical therapy, osteopathic manipulative treatment, acupuncture, acupressure massage, cupping, yoga, etc. They seemed to alleviate my symptom, but never fixed it. I still felt that the pain was progressively worse over the time when I discontinued the therapy. My doctor and people around me kept saying that I had pretty bad posture. I’ve tried to fix it, but every time my shoulders always involuntarily dropped back to the same position. I used to think of a product (or a person) that can constantly nag me to correct my posture. Until one day I’ve spotted a Lumo Lift ad on a website, and I found out that my dream came true.I ordered Lumo Lift because I was curious how I would look like if I had good posture al the time. I didn’t expect any medication feature of this product at all. However, after seriously using it three days in a row, I noticed that I did not have shoulder pain anymore. I could feel that the gigantic spasm was still there, but no pain involved. Then I realized that all of the pains I’d suffered for years merely came from my bad posture. I was very happy. The next day, I went to see my OMM doctor to show how improve my shoulders were. She was so surprised. She said that I was no longer need the medication, and very appreciated the device. I showed Lumo Lift to her, and she was very delighted. She said she would recommend this device to every patient she had. The clinic went crazy for a while because she showed it to everyone.So, Lumo Lift literally changed my life. It is the only device I cannot live without. If I leave it, I will come home with pain. With correct posture, my muscles stay in the correct position and no irritation occurs. However, this won’t fix the spasm. That’s why the pain comes back when my muscles work in the wrong position. Later, I found that I needed to workout to strengthen that muscle. Now I am working on my weight lifting and maintain my good posture which seem to permanently fix my problem.Lumo Lift comes with a charger, two magnetic clips, and one bra clip. It is very easy to use. Just attach to your shirt, tap twice to calibrate your position, and go. However, I think the device was too minimized its functions because you cannot control it without your smartphone except the coaching feature. I cannot turn on/off when I move from meeting to another meeting or getting in/out a vehicle. Besides, coaching mode is too easy to turn on/off. I admit that controlling the device by pressing and holding is quite convenient. But I have to aware when I wear my seat belt or my backpack. It’s very annoying when it keeps nagging you when you fully need attention such as driving or hiking.It is claimed that the battery last for 5 days. But since I use it 10-12 hr per day. I need to charge it every other day. But I don’t think it’s too big of a problem. The biggest problem I have is that this device won’t work with loose cloths! It won’t attach to your body or even your cloth. First time I disobeyed, I lost my magnetic clip. Then the device. This is very irritating because even though your cloths are not loose, the device may fall off when you do bouncing activities such as running, or your arms accidentally sweep it when stretching or reaching to catch something fast. I really wish that it would come with another feature to attach the device like a pin.Pro:1. Very easy to use. And it does WORK, if you calibrate it correctly.2. It’s very light. You won’t feel that it is on your shoulder.3. If you have shoulder or back pain, you will save a lot of money from your doctor and prescription bills. And save your time to see physical therapists.4. Your posture will noticeably look good. You will get a better habit. And you will feel good about yourself.Con:1. You need a smartphone to control it.2. Turing on/off the coach mode is too sensitive. Wearing a seatbelt or a backpack can activate it.3. The magnetic clip is not strong enough in some cases. You may loss your device with some activities that require you to move your arms and body.4. The device, and magnetic clips are very small. It’s better to have a magnetic bar next to your bed, so that you can stick them together, and you will know where they are in the morning.Overall, I highly recommend this device to anyone who has muscle pains on shoulders and back. It will work very well if you need to sit, stand, or walk for all day. However, if you need to change a lot of positions during the day or travel, you may loss it very easily. I’ve heard that combining more magnetic clips can improve the attachment, but I’ve never tried. Lumo Lift is considered very inexpensive when I compare with all my medical bills. And it works even better.

Witawas Handee, via Amazon (2015-06-11)

Five Stars.Fun stuff

Richard Eichmann, via Amazon (2015-06-09)

LML……Love My Lumo!.This is a wonderful little device and it does really work….if you use it correctly. I have been using it about 3 days now correctly (which is not at all difficult once you know how) and it is really helping me stand up straight. At first try I didn’t feel it was working well for me, I had it all boxed up and ready to return, luckily I took the time to write a review stating my dissatisfaction with the product. The very same day the company reached out to me, asking me to give it another try with one on one coaching via Skype. Wanting so much to find something to help me with my poor posture, and being very disappointed that LUMO didn’t seem to work for me, I agreed, and made an appointment for a couching session the next day. Promptly at the set time Noam called me via Skype and couched me on the correct way to use this great little device, and I must say I am really happy with it now that I know how to use it correctly! If you are at all discouraged and find it doesn’t seem to work well for you please reach out to the company, their customer care is A++++, they want you to be happy with LUMO, and will help you in any way they can. If you are like me, someone who really wants to improve their posture then you have tried everything from braces..ouch! to little signs taped up all over the house (which I always seemed to ignore) reminding you to stand straight. If you really want to improve your posture this little posture pest (said lovingly) on your shoulder will help you do it. If you use it you really can’t ignore it, it is a subtle constant reminder when you slump and slouch. Oh and the app keeps track of how well you do.Now, as for it’s comparison to a Fitbit it counts steps and calories as well if not better, it does not do heart rate etc. but the Fitbit doesn’t correct your posture which is probably the main reason you bought this little wonder device in the first place! I highly recommend you give it a try if you really want to look and feel better!

Maggie “Web shopper”, via Amazon (2015-06-08)

Helping to have a good posture.I have a problem with my postura. Lumo Lift help me to corrente it.

José Gabino Matias dos Santos, via Amazon (2015-06-06)

… have been using LumoLift for 4 days and absolutely love it!.I have been using LumoLift for 4 days and absolutely love it!! I am not a huge fitness fan so LumoLift delivers just the information I need to be able to move my way into a healthier lifestyle. The sensor captures all my steps, whether I am in the commute or using my mini stepper machine. It’s coaching capability is really great and allows me to keep a better posture throughout the day.Thank You LumoBody, this device is great 😀

Na_Thalie, via Amazon (2015-06-02)

Love my Lumo Lift!!!!.Yes this works, I’ve tried braces and bands to achieve a good posture. I’ve tried a phone application that was useless! Lumo Lift works and well worth the money! I also love the step counter, that’s a bonus that also works great!

Debbie, via Amazon (2015-06-02)

Great way to.Great way to keep up with your posture ! After recent back surgery I especially want to be aware of how I am recuperating…and Lumo Lift is a big help!

Paul Dudek, via Amazon (2015-05-25)

Practical and useful.This is a very well thought-through device. The devices really coaches you and without being too annoying, it helps you acquire a better posture. I bought two of these already and both my wife and I use it every day..

R. Rezaiifar, via Amazon (2015-05-25)

Five Stars.Terrific aid to good posture!

Joel Farber, via Amazon (2015-05-24)

I love this thing- easy to use and makes me sit ….I love this thing- easy to use and makes me sit up straight! Also I like that it’s a pedometer- my daily Goals are 4 hours of good posture and 10,000 stes.

Bridget Livingston “BLivingston”, via Amazon (2015-05-23)

Had it 4 days and it’s great while working at my desk at the office – ….Had it 4 days and it’s great while working at my desk at the office – keeps me sitting straight – love the buzz. I don’t have a wrist health band (fitbit or the like) but this I like – it counts your steps too which is nice. Thank you Lumo Lift! I wore it to yoga tonight. Lots of people were interested. Thanks for the buzz.

Sophia, via Amazon (2015-05-22)

It is amazing product. I needed something that would monitor my ….It is amazing product. I needed something that would monitor my posture very frequently, and this little device does the job perfectly.It has the feature of “Coaching” which monitors my postures and remind me consistently, but some times it can be quite too much buzzing due to the type of my job. The buzz is not loud, but it can be distraction of my job.But I can turn the Coaching off, and Enable Posture Alert, which only remind me if I have the bad posture based on the time interval I set. For example, if I set the time interval to 1 minute, it only reminds me if I have bad posture for 1 minute. I can set the interval to up to 30 minutes.

Tiong K Hong, via Amazon (2015-05-21)

Great Technology.This is great technology. I was surprised and pleased to get all the reminders on my cell phone and all the emails. They really helped me improve my posture. I was surprised how well it worked.

David S. Foster, via Amazon (2015-05-21)

Great posture reminder.Great device for remembering to stand up straight. Super easy to use. Discreet – I wear it on my bra strap all the time, underneath my clothes and it never shows . It also counts your steps which I was not interested in, initially, and now I love. Effortless. Works well.

ANS, via Amazon (2015-05-21)

… my posture overall- i was surprised to learn how bad my posture habits are.i got this as a fitness tracker and to try to improve my posture overall- i was surprised to learn how bad my posture habits are, and have really appreciated the lift there to tell me when im slacking! it’s easy to use and the app is great. i also really like the daily coaching messages to help you stick with it!

Erin Gregory, via Amazon (2015-05-20)

Great device, everyone should have one!.Works as promised! It definitely helps me think about my posture a lot more often than I used to. The step-tracking feature is nice as well. Most of the time I rely on the “posture alert” feature set to 1min, and once in a while I turn on the “coach” function. The latter works well when you’re sitting still or just walking/running, but doesn’t work so well if you have to bend down and move around a lot — obviously the Lift cannot tell if your posture is good or bad in different positions, if you align it in the upright position. Perhaps if they add an extra sensor or two in the future, it would be possible to detect whether or not you’re slouching when you start moving around.

Matvey Kostukovsky, via Amazon (2015-05-18)

I love this gadget!.I love this gadget. I have been wearing it every day for three months now and it has really helped me to improve my posture. I honestly didn’t realize how often I was slouching at my desk…or in meetings….or even in the car (long commute). Just being made aware of my posture has let me take an active role in improving it (and my lower back and neck seem to be very happy because of it).

Marcie Frank, via Amazon (2015-05-16)

Change your posture now!.Highly recommended to improve your posture!I’ve been using a Fitbit to track my steps since 2012. The Lumo Lift is no replacement for the Fitbit, but it’s totally changed my posture by increasing my awareness. Using the coaching mode regularly has helped me dramatically improve my posture. The constant but subtle feedback during Coaching mode forces you to have ideal posture.

Lisa T., via Amazon (2015-05-15)

I love the Lumo Lift.I love the Lumo Lift! I’ve always disliked my posture, and this device helps me stay motivated and reminds me to work on it. It also helps me track my progress. Excellent product!

Emily Noel Cox, via Amazon (2015-05-14)

Works well on Windows 8.1.I purchased the Lumo Lift directly from the manufacturer’s website with the Windows dongle.Connectivity:The setup on the computer is easy. Most of the time when I open the program, it syncs immediately. Other times, the process to force the sync is simple and easy.Lumo offers an option to send daily summaries of posture and how you stack up to other users of the Lumo Lift. I find this highly motivating.The sensor itself it easy to put on. It works in a large variety of positions and orientations about one’s collarbone. When it alerts you of bad posture, it delivers a small vibration. Although it is not painful, it is highly annoying and encouraging to improve posture. I find it highly effective, especially when it is in its coaching mode, which can be activated at any time and not just through the app.My only small issue is that sometimes, on some shirts, the sensor can be visible. However, this only happens on about 1/10th of my clothes.Overall, I strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to improve themselves.

Edward Brunton, via Amazon (2015-05-14)

perfect..It does what it claims; perfect.

Mehrdad, via Amazon (2015-05-12)

Great product!.Arrived quickly and as described. Great product!

Susie Aikman, via Amazon (2015-05-06)

I really like this product.I love this product — use it almost daily — no problem and have actually “sold” thru recommendation to 3 friends. They like it a lot also.

Book Lover Carol, via Amazon (2015-04-24)

FANTASTIC, LOVE IT.This is a great product and fun for the fitness/health conscious. My posture has improved immensely, which in turn seems to prevent back pains. I have walked so much more than I ever did, trying to “get steps.” It has always worked perfectly, the battery is long lasting, and when I lost a couple magnets the company immediately sent me replacements for free.

Lisa Heath, via Amazon (2015-04-24)

Great item! Great customer service..I needed something to help my posture & this was great. At first it was hard to adjust, but after a while, I got much better results. Unfortunately after about a month, I accidentally left it on my shirt & washed it. Kept it in rice for about a week, but still wouldn’t work. Flashes blue & magenta. Emailed support & within a day they replied & said they could send a 1x replacement as a courtesy. Need to be careful to not leave on garment again! Very pleased with service.

Daniel Worster, via Amazon (2015-04-24)

Great tool to improve your posture.I am amazed by the change in my posture awareness after only 2 days of wearing my Lumo Lift! At first I felt pain and strain in my upper back as I changed my posture but it is already subsiding. I catch myself when I am slouching which surprises me after such a short time of wearing the sensor. I did set it to coach today and that is when I noticed the upper back fatigue as I obviously need to retrain those muscles. It was very easy to download the app onto my iPad. I use my Fitbit as well but it doesn’t address my posture. They are comparable as far as steps taken and calories burned (within 150; steps was over and calories burned was under). I purchased this to help with back and neck pain. I am also getting that bump at the base of my neck. Good customer support as well with online resources and quick email response to my question. So far I am loving it and grateful for this innovation.?

A. Smith “piano press”, via Amazon (2015-04-22)

Helpful tool for those that slouch at their computers and have back pain as a result.The lumo lift has helped me in my quest to have better posture all the time but especially while I am working at my computer at work. I have a stand up desk and as the day progresses I find myself either slouching or stand on one leg or the other. This device help to keep me on track with my posture. My back pain is much less now that I have this tool to help me keep tabs on my posture during the day. I highly recommend it for anyone with these same issues. Another bonus is that it tracks your steps during the day to help you maintain or surpass the 10,000 steps per day!

Kim, via Amazon (2015-04-20)

best device for chronic back/neck pain, better than chiropractor in my experience.I usually don’t write review for amazon. But I have to say something about this little thing.I had chronic pain in upper, lower back and neck, this is especially bad after studying or working on computer for long time.I used to go to chiropractor, although it make somewhat a difference, but this pain keeps coming back, and I hate the feelings of dependent on chiropractor.I tried this device, and felt a difference. First week wearing it, I felt really sore in the upper, lower back in places I never felt sore before, guess those were the muscles for keeping good posture, and mine were really weak. But I notice the difference, even after studying or working on computer for long time, wearing this thing (a little annoying at first, because I keep go back to slouching and it would buzz whenever I slouch) keep my pain away.And I can felt that for more often, gradually, I am in good posture. And this proactive improvement in my symptoms feels really good.lastly, and unfortunately, I left my lumo on my shirt, and sadly found it in the laundry basket. Totally killed after the washer accident.But when I contact lumo and ask for help, they offer to replace my unit. I just got my new unit today. And I just have to come here to write a good review.I highly recommend this to anyone with chronic pain, upper,lower back and neck. After making through the first week, it really make a difference.

woolala, via Amazon (2015-04-18)

Five Stars.Great idea and device to keep myself sit and stand confidently. I look great and feel great!

Ying Wang, via Amazon (2015-04-17)

A Great Device and App!.I have only has the Lumo Lift for a few days and I absolutely love it. I have used the Jawbone fitness tracker for about a year and appreciated it. But Lumo Lift’s tracking and correcting posture, in addition to tracking fitness activity, is so valuable. I have truly become more conscious of my posture in just a few days. The Lumo Lift also seems to accurately track activity that my jawbone does not, like the stair master/ climber.

Rahjahn Dashiell & Zeena Regis, via Amazon (2015-04-16)

MMy review.This is the second time I purchased, as I was in the initial crowdsourcing group and returned it since it took over 4 months to process my order. Amazon ran a special and I bought two sets for my family. I do like the simplicity of the lift and there is nothing else in the market to compare so I need to say thumbs up.Pros:Easy to useCost effective training for better postureBattery life is at least a full day if not twoEasily concealed beneath dress clothesCons:Customer support is submit an email and wait…and wait…etc.Only Apple mobile device supportedNeeds to be in the same place against your body and can be a challenge when you change into different outfits.

MM, via Amazon (2015-04-14)

Your back will love you.Loving my lifts. My back can’t thank you enough. I’m in a chair for over 10 hours a day so this helps to stop that slouching.

Paul Cook, via Amazon (2015-04-11)

helps from day 1 and super.This truly works, helps from day 1 and super simple

Delm0, via Amazon (2015-04-11)

Must have for habitual slouchers.This helps me maintain my posture at work. I usually slouch because I’m thinking hard while looking at my computer screen. Lumo is the perfect assistant where it comes to pinging me as soon as i forget about maintaining my posture. Ive barely used it a week and my neck and upper back already hurt less at the end of the day!

Vivardhan Kanoria, via Amazon (2015-04-09)

I notice my posture is improving when I stand, walk or sit <3.I love it!!!My posture is improving when I stand, walk or sitGreat customer service and quality product, I will continue to use it and advising my friend and co-workers to get it!!The constant reminder to keep your shoulders straight at the beginning when I started using the device was a little annoyingJacky

La tia, via Amazon (2015-04-08)

Lift and customer support exceed my expectations.I have really enjoyed my Lumo Lift. It took just a short time to get familiarized with how the Lift works and where best to place it on my clothing to sense the posture coach and get good feedback from the Lumo Lift app that syncs with the device.When I recently had a problem with my Lift (an issue I caused), the support team got back to me right away, within 24 hours, and exceeded my expectations on solving the problem.

Deanna L. Davis, via Amazon (2015-04-06)

I love my Lumo Lift.I love my Lumo Lift! For work I’m either sitting at my desk, in a meeting, or in my car, which can cause my back to hurt if I don’t have correct posture. The vibrations are noticeable, but not annoying. And there is an option to turn that setting off in certain situations. Also, the step tracker is great…accurate and it’s mostly hidden under my shirt so i don’t feel like it clashes with my outfits. Overall, I’m very pleased.

Grumgrl, via Amazon (2015-04-03)

Love this app.Love this app! Very useful in helping to remind you of your posture that can be adjusted for sitting and standing. Very motivating!

Barbara M. Wagner “penylayn”, via Amazon (2015-04-02)

DELIGHTED.I am delighted with Lumo Lift. It is so easy to wear and even better to keep checking the results ??

mary q, via Amazon (2015-04-02)

Life saver.I used to suffer from bad posture due to long time working on the computers. Amazingly, after wearing Lumo Lift for one week, my posture got much better, and the back pain had been greatly reduced. Now I have been using it for almost half a year and recommended it to a couple of friends around the office – everyone loves it!

thuyihan1206, via Amazon (2015-04-01)

A Great Help.Can’t say enough about how much the Lumo Lift has helped me.Herniated two disks last June. Avoided the recommended surgery. Instead went to physiotherapy, purchased sit/stand desk. Lumo Lift was the kicker. Kept me properly aligned throughout. Effectively helped me rebuild my back, relieving pressure off the sciatic nerve. Six months later, was back to running 5 times a week.Would also like to point out the Lumo Team provided great customer service.

Light Box, via Amazon (2015-03-31)

Fantastic product, very simple and effective.Fantastic product, very simple and effective. I use it while studying and have found that day-dreaming and slouching are correlated. Great for people who want to push themselves to a better lifestyle. Just commit to it and buy it.

Samuel Miller, via Amazon (2015-03-31)

Great device, once you get it working… also, great CS.I started with an issue with the device I bought:1.- It did not charge up to 100%2.- it would lose communication with my iphone every day… and it would not link back up… I had to do a hard reset to it every time I wanted to use the app.I was about to return the device to Amazon, but decided to send the LUMO LIFT people an email stating these issues… the CS rep told me that I got a faulty device and that they would send me a tested unit right away.To my surprise the tested unit has a chrome finish, VS the white finish my original lumo had…. the “new” lumo lift works like a champ… it really does its jobI have noticed that my posture has improved…. just be sure to every now and then realign your lift.. this will ensure your correct posture during the day.Im a happy owner… so if you slouch a lot during the day…. get this sensor, it might help you get back on track with your posture.EDIT:I would also like to comment on battery life: your lumo can last up to 5 days of continuous use… what I do is I took my charging craddle to my office and during my lunch hour I let my lumo charge…It charges considerably fast and this way I dont forget to charge/use it

Jorge Alberto Reza, via Amazon (2015-03-30)

Let Lumo Lift You Higher!.The health benefits of good posture are numerous: improved breathing and lung capacity, increased confidence and a more positive attitude, and decreased overall musculoskeletal pain, to name just a few. But as I have gotten older, it’s been more and more difficult to REMEMBER not to slouch, despite the fact that I know good posture is better for me.When I first heard about the Lumo Lift I was greatly intrigued and eager to discover whether such a device might really help me. I took advantage of the early adopters’ reduced price and have been using the Lumo Lift for many months. Knowing that Lumo is tracking my posture all day long encourages me always to stand/sit up straighter. The availability of coaching sessions help me to improve the muscle memory of good posture and I use these especially at times when I have had the most trouble. I am very pleased with the regular feedback from daily monitoring and the weekly reports which document improvement over time. The added benefit of step-counting is just icing on the cake.The only problem I have (and it’s a minor one) is that much of my clothing is too loose to provide a firm base for the device which is needed for accurate tracking so I have to be sure to include a tighter under garment specifically for Lumo.Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the Lumo Lift and highly recommend it to anyone seeking improved fitness through better posture.

Reid’s Reads “Retired librarian, avid reader.”, via Amazon (2015-03-30)

Easy to Use Body-tech and Good for Your Posture as Well.I have been using this since it first came and have been pleased with the results so far. I love tech gadgets andI’m not generally an early adopter, but I took a chance in this case and I don’t regret it.As other reviewers have said, it’s easy to wear and pretty unobtrusive, though when I wear it without a sports jacket or something similar I do get a lot of questions about what it is, but that’s just an opportunity to tell more people about the Lumo Lift.I have a standing desk which I bought to help me with my posture and thought the Lumo Lift would be the perfect companion and It has been very good reminding me when I slouch and generally making me aware of my posture. I get a little paranoid when I have to sit in a regular chair after aligning it at the standing desk and trying ti keep my posture correct.Overall I think it has helped me be more aware of my posture- even in the car and that’s not a bad thing.If you like body tech, and are trying to improve your posture and your overall general health this is a nice device to help you.

Young Irvine, via Amazon (2015-03-29)

Great way to improve your posture!.I’ve been suffering from pain in my neck for many years. My physician pointed out that my posture was bad and he referred me to physical therapy where I was explained that my “slouchy” posture was due to weak muscles on my back and neck. Then, I was given some directions to exercise such muscles that helped me to a certain degree with the pain (but my bad posture was not helping..). I bought my Lumo Lift approx.6 months ago and I must admit that it has helped me improving my posture considerably. For me, Lumo is a blessing when at work: long journeys slouching in front of the computer were killing my neck and I was dealing with migraines caused by muscle tension all the time. Having that correction every time that I am loosing good posture is a great way to improve my situation, and even thought it still is a work in progress I highly recommend it to improve your posture.

Caap, via Amazon (2015-03-28)

Easy to use important product..The. Lumo lift is easy to use and can help improve static posture. I am a pediatric physical therapist and am using this product not only with children with disabilities but also with my self. The lumo lift can be use to improve both standing and sitting posture.

B. Alter, via Amazon (2015-03-27)

Amazingly simple, but amazingly effective way to improve your posture!.The Lumo Lift gives you feedback to allow you overcome years of bad habits and improve your posture. The lift is very light weight and you hardly notice when you are wearing it. I am able to wear it under the collar of my dress shirt and it is not noticed by other people at the office. The software has been updated many times by the Lumo Body Tech team, adding features and allowing greater customization. It has made a huge difference in my posture. The lift allows you to reset the “good posture” baseline allowing you to switch to the best posture whether you are standing, sitting, leaning over, etc. The daily summaries of your prior day’s posture help to reinforce the progress you are making. Overcoming bad posture took was not quick for me as I found I had to develop core muscles that I had atrophy over many years. But the Lumo Lift let me progress at the pace that was right for me.

Paul A, via Amazon (2015-03-27)

Five Stars.Having fun with device !!

Richard G. Urban “Muskrat 12”, via Amazon (2015-03-27)

Lumo Lift is great!.I love my Lumo Lift. Easy to use & provides accurate feedback for steps and posture. Connected to my iphone 5 I can check continuous updates, daily reminders and kudos for reaching my posture & activity goals. I think its much better than the FITBIT that my wife uses . Cost is reasonable.

Martin Fiebert, via Amazon (2015-03-26)

Never thought I’d feel this good again!.Lumo gave me my life back! I injured my neck some time ago and had started to believe some pain and stiffness every day would be my new normal. Then I discovered Lumo Lift, my own posture coach. After wearing my Lumo Lift for about 3 months, I am 90% pain free! I never thought I’d feel this good again! I used a personal posture coach at the gym to understand what good posture feels like, added Lumo Lift and aligned the lift several times daily, and WOW! I’m back to my old self! Thank you Lumo!

Mary S., via Amazon (2015-03-26)

When your Mom’s not around to remind you to sit up straight!.I have been using my Lumo Lift for several months now – it’s discreet, but effective. I bought it mostly as a reminder to sit up straight – I was getting backaches after sitting at my desk all day. It gently reminds me to sit up straight when I begin to slouch. A big benefit is the pedometer feature. It’s own app is nice but it now syncs with the Health app on iPhone 6.

Shari Whitcomb, via Amazon (2015-03-26)

Thank you Lumo Lift, it’s hard to believe it’s only been a couple months!.I saw three doctors and a dentist about an occasional “Darth Vader” effect I recently developed in my ears. They all thought I had allergies, but after about a month of trying several medicines with no success, I started writing down all the things I changed over that time frame. The Lumo Lift was something I added to the list, but I didn’t realize it was correcting a bad habit I created over the past several years, until one day I rested my elbow on the keyboard wrist pad, and my chin on my hand, and the effect in my ear went away.It’s because of Lumo Lift, that I no longer have this bad habit. It’s been about another month and the “Darth Vader” effect has reduced, which I can only attribute to my jaw re-alligning itself due to my improved posture. This is a habit that took years to establish, and only a month to start correcting. I’ve also noticed reduced pain in my elbow, which I’ve been taking pain meds for the past several years, and I assume it will eventually fix the pain in between my shoulders, because I’m no longer hunched over my keyboard.If that wasn’t enough, I also wasn’t aware of how few steps I was taking a day; it was shameful, although to be fair I work from home and sit at a desk all day. I’m so thankful the Lumo Lift came along, and highly recommend it to anyone who needs gentle reminders throughout the day to improve their posture and activity.

Lee Jenks, via Amazon (2015-03-26)

Best product to imorove your posture on the market!!!.I’ve tried other straps and braces to improve posture and this product is by far the best! I’ve already noticed an improvement in my posture (others have noticed as well) and I’ve only been wearing it a few days!. It really gets your muscles working to help you stand straight and remember the right position! If you’ve heard the research on power poses and the effect that posture has on your confidence you’ll know that good posture makes you feel more confident AND elicits a more positive reaction from those around you (especially in a professional setting). Now that I’ve been wearing my Lift I’ve definitely noticed this effect in my life!!!I also had some questions and when I contacted customer service they were great! I just can’t say enough good things about the Lumo Lift!!!The only not-perfect thing about it is that it is small, and therefore easy to lose. I almost forgot it was on my shirt at the end of the day and it nearly ended up in the laundry. Of course, if it were larger it wouldn’t work as well! You just have to make a routine with it and keep it in the same place when you take it off every day. A slight inconvenience for all the benefits of wearing it!!!!

Amazon Customer, via Amazon (2015-03-25)

This was my husband’s 60th birthday present. He was ….This was my husband’s 60th birthday present. He was suffering from desk/computer slouching! Looking older than his years. This is an incredible product because it works. He looks 3 inches taller 10 years younger and I have stopped nagging him to sit up straight. Thank you Lumo Lift!

Ann L., via Amazon (2015-03-24)

I’m happy to be on my way to a person that ….I’m a sloucher. Posture was not something I normally thought about much however. It’s very helpful to have a device that gently notifies me to sit/stand up straight. I’m happy to be on my way to a person that stands tall!

CJ, via Amazon (2015-03-24)

… have tried all kind of tricks to keep a good posture. Nothing worked until I got my lumo ….I have tried all kind of tricks to keep a good posture. Nothing worked until I got my lumo lift.

Esteban Ribero, via Amazon (2015-03-23)

Lumo Lift – Fantastic product and super support!.My Lumo Lift has been doing a terrific job at reminding me to keep good posture. This is greatly helping to relieve neck pain that I was experiencing from letting my head rest too far forward when slouching. I don’t have an iPhone, so I ordered the Lumo Dongle to connect to my laptop which gives me the control to set the extent of the reminders that I receive. I tend not to use the coaching sessions as I found the reminders too frequent when I was active and moving around. Instead I mostly use the Posture Alert setting which gives me a reminder if I exhibit continuous bad posture for the time I set (2 minutes) rather than the more extensive reminders during a coaching session. I had the tragic experience of forgetting where I’d left my Lumo and putting it through the washer and dryer. The unit is incredibly tough, as it started back up and worked as before, but unfortunately with a shortened battery life. I contacted Lumo about what I had done and Matt provided wonderful customer support to get me back up and running.

Paul M, via Amazon (2015-03-18)

Luma Lift GREAT Posture Helper & Step- Tracker!.I love my Luma Lift! It encourages me throughout the day & my posture has improved. I enjoy the steps tally very much!

Christian Gal, via Amazon (2015-03-18)

I was impressed by the beautiful design of the case.First, I was skeptical about its function. But it was on lighting deal so I purchased it (given its functions and my neck ache that has been bothering me). Soon after I placed the order, I started reading the review on Amazon and found many negative ones. I immediately canceled my order but it was too late; the order went thru.So, I received the product two days later. When I received it, I was impressed by the beautiful design of the case. It feels like the product was well-thought of even at the outside (sort of like Apple’s product). And it has some weight to it given its size. Then, I said to myself, might as well give it a try. If the quality of the case is this good, the product can’t be too bad.When I opened it and touched Lumo Lift for the first time, it was on par with my expectation. The quality of the top plastic is like the back of iPhone 5c. The bottom plastic is matte finish and feels like a sheet of cotton my skin. The Lift itself is very light. In fact, when I wear it, I don’t feel it on my shirt most of the time; this is a big deal to me because I don’t like to wear another thing in addition to my watch. I also take off my watch from time to time; I probably will do the same to Lift if it’s wore on my wrist. The weight of the whole case that I felt mostly comes from the charger and additional magnets (including a bra magnet clip) that come with the Lift.The user experience is really where it shines. First, the smallness and lightness of the product exceeded my expectation. One day I took off my shirt to dust off the hair after a haircut (grab the shirt by the collar and wave up and down). Few minutes later, I realized the Lift is not on me anymore. When I go back to get the Lift from my shirt, It’s still at the same place on my shirt.Then, the connectivity with my iOS device works like a charm. As long as you have Bluetooth (BT) enabled, my iOS device never had trouble finding my Lift and sync with it. Never had I need to relink via BT or go to my BT setting. My iPad just finds it as soon as you open the Lumo app. Your Lift doen’t need to sync or stay connected with an iPhone/iPad to work. The app will pull up the history of your activity from Lift. The apps will show you how much battery you have on the Lift in addition to how many steps and good posture hours in graphs. If a Lift is low on battery, it’ll send you a notification.For the functions that Lift does: I can’t comment on how accurate is the pedometer, but it’s in the range of my expectation with my mental note on the steps I take that day. When it comes to posture correction, it’s accurate according to how you set it. When I sit down, I reset my upright position (by 2x pressing on the Lift) and vice versa when I stand and walk. I never had an issue like the reviews I read previously. You can also set a timer to notify you when you slouch (I set the duration to 3 min). If you want it to notify when you slouch insistently, just turn on the Coach mode (hold down the Lift until it vibrates); you can turn off the Coach mode in the same way (it will vibrate 2x in the end). That’s all you need to remember.Lumo Lift seems to have a lot of support from the company. I get email from them everyday either to encourage me to keep up the good posture or to give me a challenge at the beginning of the week. The iPhone or iPad will also notify you to wear your lift every morning. In the course of 3 weeks wearing it, I only charged 3-4 times. If there’s a room for improvement, I wish the company can add/move those email notification to the app (like milestone encouragement) and weekly challenge (checked or not-checked). Also, If the charger can accept regular micro-USB cable, then my backpack would be a little bit lighter (currently, it’s in one piece).

Steven Hsu, via Amazon (2015-03-18)

Five Stars.Helps my back & shoulders by reminding me not to slouch.

JB, via Amazon (2015-03-17)

Five Stars.Helps a lot with posture!

Big Pizzle, via Amazon (2015-03-17)

Lumo Lift works great and is stylish..Lumo Lift is great! I think that lumo is way better than fitbit because lumo can track your posture and goes on your shirt instead of your pocket or pants, plus it looks way better with the stylish clasps. The app is a little confusing at first but once you get used to it, it works great. Don’t listen to other reviews that say it falls off to easy on loose shirts because I always wear loose shirts and it never falls off. At the end of every week I get an email from my lumo and it tells me how I have done but it also says something cool like “You’ve hiked to the summit of Mount Everest That’s about 62 miles / 100 kilometers.” Now I didn’t actually hike to the summit of mount everest but it is just very cool thinking that I went the same distance. another nice feature is that it can store activity for a month without being synced to your phone which is nice if you forget your phone.

Max, via Amazon (2015-03-16)

It really changed my posture.It works very well. My posture already get better after only one month, but you need to get used to a lot of vibrations

Matheus Brum, via Amazon (2015-03-16)

I have had bad posture for years and started having neck and shoulder ….I have had bad posture for years and started having neck and shoulder pains. Went on TPI fitness website looking for some exercises to alleviate the pain and found Lumo lift. I have been using it everyday for the past 2 months and have felt and seen significant improvement. My wife,kids and even massage therapist have commented on my posture. Couldn’t be happier

eric jason hyland, via Amazon (2015-03-12)

This is great!.Wow. After years of struggling with posture issues, I had given up on making much improvement. At 55, I wasn’t really sure I could make lasting changes but I began to have some recurring neck pain and decided to try again. I tried a brace on various occasions, but it was difficult to incorporate into my daily life and my work attire. The combination of the Lumo Lift and the app on my iPhone have been able to provide me with ongoing feedback on a daily basis. I currently use it Monday through Friday, and am able to monitor my progress during the day and at the end of the day and the week. It is really simple to use, and effective. The coach feature provides gentle reminders and you can easily adjust the lumo to accommodate sitting or standing. While I have only used it for a month or so, it has had a significantly positive impact on my posture and I am no longer experiencing neck pain. The step counter is an added bonus, but not the main benefit for me.

sam, via Amazon (2015-03-12)

Powerful tracker in a small, cheap package..Great activity tracker, just what I need for an unbeatable pricepoint. Wristband trackers bother me after a while, can irritate the skin. This is discreet with an impressive magnet so you can wear it with anything at anytime and you barely notice it. They make great gifts to friends or family.

Mark C Alvarez, via Amazon (2015-03-09)

… will be the first to admit that I have horrible posture. I purchased a Lumo Lift because I ….I will be the first to admit that I have horrible posture. I purchased a Lumo Lift because I didn’t want to wind up in my 80’s all stooped over like the other women in my family. Through out the day, the Lumo Lift gently reminds me that I need to straighten up – just what I need!

KPG, via Amazon (2015-03-09)

It helped me with my back and neck pain.I’ve had this device and the accompanying app for a couple of weeks. I have to say that the quality of the build is impressive… It doesn’t feel cheap at all. The magnet that holds it on is super strong, even holds through a thick sweatshirt. I usually wear mine attached to my t-shirt underneath my dress shirt so no one other than my wife knows that I’m wearing it.There is some initial soreness once your back and ab muscles start going to work in helping keep your posture correct, but after a while I realized that the back and neck pain that caused me to purchase this device began to subside. Remember that you have to recalibrate it often in order to get an accurate posture reading throughout the day. Battery life is no where near the 5 days I saw advertised.. It’s more like 2 1/2 days. This is fine for me though since I keep charging it at night (no sleep tracking so there’s no point in wearing it to bed anyways.) Also, they really need to get this integrated into HealthKit.

Chris, via Amazon (2015-03-08)

Best investment to date It reminds me and makes me ….Best investment to dateIt reminds me and makes me aware of my postureAnd also the pedometer is an added bonus

marion Barrell, via Amazon (2015-03-07)

Five Stars.Best thing to keep me standing up straight and moving around. I’m getting better using it. A great gift!

Sheridan, via Amazon (2015-03-07)

Really great product for posture correction and great customer support.Fantastic product, Fantastic customer Service. I have terrible posture and need to do something about it. Nothing is perfect, but this reminds me regularly to stand up straight in a timely manner. The fact that it also has fitness tracking is a added bonus but for the posture feature alone well worth the money and a quality piece of kit. I am sure there are detractors, but there is no magic here. If you want good posture you have to put some effort in yourself. This just gently reminds you to put that effort in. It stay in place really well. So well in fact I often forget it is there and recently I threw in wash after forgetting to take off shirt. Let’s just say waterproof would be a valuable product feature but cust service took pity and offered to replace.

David, via Amazon (2015-03-06)

especially when sitting which is when I tend to relax into poor habits the most.Really enjoying my Lumo Lift. Noticed an immediate change in the awareness of my posture, especially when sitting which is when I tend to relax into poor habits the most.

Aimee Bridgman, via Amazon (2015-03-04)

Loving my LumoLift!.I pondered this purchase for several months and I am so happy I finally decided to go for it. I am already sitting up straighter and love the gentle but obvious reminders to sit up straight when I forget. I like the step meter too and it integrates with my favorite calorie ap. It’s simple to use and if you forget what a beep or three or five mean the website spells it out simply. Like!

tarra byte, via Amazon (2015-03-03)

count your step with this unobtrusive little device.I like it. The gadget is unobtrusive on your shirt (or bra strap), and you can turn the posture coaching feature on and off, while you’re wearing it (sometimes my backpack strap makes it go crazy, so I turn it off).

Dana B, via Amazon (2015-03-03)

Great quality and it works as advertised! If you have problems, you’re probably not using it correctly!.I’ve read a few negative reviews and it seems like the people who are complaining that “it doesn’t work” or “it keeps on buzzing” are not using it properly!Here’s the deal:The Lumo Lift does not have the magic ability to `scan’ your body or `analyze’ your back muscles or whatever people think it can do!The way this device works is that you have to ALIGN (=calibrate or `zero’) it after clipping it on and by doing so you are telling it that this is the position or posture you want to maintain. If you divert from this position by slouching or bending over it will register that and give you a buzz (in coaching mode it will buzz in off couch mode it will just track).That also means that if you have a lousy posture and align it while slouching of course it will remind you to maintain that bad posture, because you told it to do so!So if you bend over a lot or change your posture a lot during work you should probably not set it to coaching mode as it will buzz as soon as you leave the calibrated position. Instead you should use the awesome `Posture Alert’ mode, which you can access and turn on through the Menu in the iPhone app. There you can set how long you want to wait until it will signal when you leave the calibrated position. This will prevent it from immediately buzzing all the time while you are working in different positions.As of now there are only a few fitness apps that incorporate the LumoLift for tracking steps and activity. Hopefully that will expand in the future. But again, the priority of this device is to help you with your posture rather than being a pure fitness tracking equipment like many others.In summary, it’s a well crafted device and seems to be of high quality and their support is great.

K.H., via Amazon (2015-03-02)

Standing Tall After A Life Time Of Slouching..Great Device. I’ve slowly trained myself to have great posture over a few months. I’m now able to hold great posture for 9+ hours. I backed the product during the kickstarter and I’ve been impressed by the customer service of the company whenever problems arose. The updates to the IOS app have been good too. Love the new real time coaching/timer.

Hiren P., via Amazon (2015-02-27)

It Really Helps.I have been using Lumo Lift for 26 days. I have noticed my posture improve. There are certain sitting and standing activities that I do in which I have had terrible posture. Now, even before I get the gentle buzz, I am changing my posture for the better. I find it very easy to use. I get notifications via my phone when the battery is getting low. I like the inspirational comments I get on my phone telling me when I have met my goals. I REALLY like that it is intuitive during activity. I play pickleball and wear my Lumo Lift during play, as well as during cycling. As long as I am moving and active it doesn’t buzz, but if I stand, or sit with poor posture, I get the gentle reminder.

L. Pennington, via Amazon (2015-02-23)

This device is great. I had an issue with my device and ….This device is great. I had an issue with my device and customer service quickly provided a generous solution. Their development team is great. The issue in the 3 Star review from 10/15/14 – no simple way to turn on coaching – has already been fixed.The device is very sensitive. If you are leaning on your elbow, it will catch it immediately. If you are sitting up but your shoulders and neck are slouched forward, it will catch it. The only time I was able to fool the device is by sitting upright with head up, but shoulders slouched forward.The pedometer feature is also very accurate, but less useful as all phones / fitbits etc do the same thing.As others have said, this device is most useful for those who sit at a desk all day.Don’t be afraid of the device being annoying. You can set coaching sessions with immediate feedback. Or you can set the buzz to only go off if you have been slouching for 30 minutes.

Pdiniz, via Amazon (2015-02-19)

An Excellent Tool to Imprive Your Posture and to Count Your Daily Steps and Activity.The Lumo Lift works exactly as advertised. I have had mine for a little over a month and find it very accurate and easy to use. You are sent encouraging emails on a regular basis to encourage use and personal achievement.

T. Oakley, via Amazon (2015-02-14)

Love it..I’ve had a great experience with the Lumo Lift so far! I had a Fitbit Flex and hated the feeling of it on my wrist, so I returned it and got this instead. The unit is hardly noticeable when you have it on, unless you want it to buzz you to stand up straight. I have the many colored magnet attachments, so it is barely noticeable on my clothing. The only problem I have had with it is that the bra-strap attachment isn’t big enough for my wide strap bras (and they are quite wide), but that is my one complaint. For normal sized bra-straps, it should work fine.As for its operation, the step counter is accurate — I have a Lifespan treadmill desk at work and the number of steps match almost exactly with the built-in step counter on the treadmill. It also syncs well with my iPhone and the program has a pretty simple interface. It does not have a lot of bells and whistles, no sleep tracking like the Fitbit, but what it does it does extremely well! Maybe they will figure out a way to do sleep tracking in the future (which was kind of fun to track, but not really useful). It is a really good product. I have recommended it to many friends!

Erika Dyson, via Amazon (2015-02-12)

Lost unit.I was completely sold on my new Lumo Lift from the first day! I have never felt the slight soreness in the muscles in my lower back like this before. I have lifted weights for over 25 years straight and I love that my footsteps are tracked. I know just where I am for my daily posture and footsteps goals by checking my phone. Its great to know how many more steps I have to take to meet my aerobics goal! Because of an unfortunate loss of my unit at my dentist office I contacted customer service to attempt to purchase just the tracker. One of the customer service tech support persons wrote this back to me; “We understand things like this happen, so we would be happy to replace the unit for you as a one time courtesy.” Now that standing behind your product and your customer! I have received my replacement and I am back on track! I give the Lumo lift 5 out of 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!

Chace & Mark, via Amazon (2015-02-11)

Tiny cool and helpful.Been wearing LumoLift for a few weeks now. I am loving it. It is definitely helping me having a better posture.

Carlo Beschi, via Amazon (2015-02-11)

I also used the Lumo Back but found the Lift more useful to correct my posture problems.I have been using the Lumo Lift since it was released and have found it very helpful. I also used the Lumo Back but found the Lift more useful to correct my posture problems. I appreciate the feedback the Lumo Lift provides to me and really like the tracking of my steps/day and the number of hours I maintain my good posture. This is a wonderful device to help with proper posture and is very easy to use. I also like how it links so easily to my iPhone. Great device with a lot of great information provided to help me develop much better posture. Awesome device!!!1

Wendy, via Amazon (2015-02-09)

Sure beats hearing “Stand up straight” constantly….The staff at Lumo BodyTech are great. They answered my questions quickly & professionally. Lumo Lift works flawlessly, and I (try to) wear it every day. I’m thinking about my posture more with Lift, and it’s helping me improve. Sure beats hearing “Stand up straight” constantly from family members.

John L. “jlindema”, via Amazon (2015-02-08)

Super creative…and amazing..It’s one of the best and most practical wearable you can ever get. The simple job it does, vibrating when slouching your back, helps you keep your posture up and straight. Along with counting steps, which might not 100% accurate, but any wearable is capable of making mistakes anyway.With time, you’re not gonna feel like you’re wearing it. It’s so light and highly sticks to your shirt/tshirt. Only thing that it might appear physically larger than what it really is in the pictures.

Khaled, via Amazon (2015-02-05)

Lumo Lift nails it.I pre-ordered my Lift and have been using it for months. Everybody who sees it wants one, they all agree they’ve been trying to improve their posture but can’t remember to stand up straight. It hit Time Mag’s top 25 Best Inventions last year. It is simple to figure out, simple to operate & simple to charge. Also, it’s a company with a sense of humor. They don’t take themselves too seriously even though I’ve not seen anything like it. I was an early fitbit adopter & quickly worked my way through everything it did. I discovered that it didn’t know the difference between a person walking/running & a person driving – not good. Maybe they fixed it by now. The simple design of their app makes it easy to track your posture & steps either visually or with vibration.Everyone once in a while an app/gadget comes along that addresses a gap & does it perfectly – Lift is that one. Can’t wait to see what they do next.

Tim Pavlick, via Amazon (2015-02-05)

Great fitness tool!.Love the Lumo Lift! Bought it for Christmas and have used it daily since 1/1 with great results. Posture improvement has helped my back pain. Further, tracking steps is much more effective than the iPhone 6 Health app — Women don’t always have pockets for our phones. But the Lumo is worn on the shoulder and it tracks my steps more accurately. Have lost 4 lbs. of holiday cookie weight so far. Great customer service, too.

HB Mike, via Amazon (2015-02-05)

Best if used with laser like focus.I learned not too long ago that I’ve always had bad posture. Once I made this discovery I became obsessed with fixing it. The Lumo Lift has helped me keep that focus. I give it five stars because it helps give me laser focus on my problem. It’s not the easiest tracker to use nor do i imagine it to be of great use if used passively, ie, put it on and just let it track you. But, if you’re like me and obsessed with fixing your posture problem, it is amazing. Take the time to learn how to use it, keep it in coach mode, readjust the alignment every time you sit down/stand up/change body position for longer than a minute and it will work wonders. Pair it up with an intelliskin shirt and you will have model/dancer posture in a couple of months.

Brent Dicus, via Amazon (2015-02-04)

Fixes Posture.I bought this to fix my bad posture and it really works. Even when I am not in a coaching session, I am much more aware of my slouch. Very happy with my purchase.

Jeffrey Shane, via Amazon (2015-02-03)

Amazing gear! A must have for everyone.An amazing piece of gear that will help you to improve your posture and make your back ache less.The “buzz” feature is great as it helps remind you to stand upright at the perfect posture

nikolaos, via Amazon (2015-02-03)

Great all around.Not only do I love the device, but the customer support was fantastic.

Scott, via Amazon (2015-02-03)

I feel so much better..Best device on planet earth. I feel better. I sit, walk and stand better. The buzzes hold me accountable. Seeing my steps gets me moving. Best purchase. Best technology purchase I’ve ever made. The buzz is soft yet it grabs my attention. My lower back feels so much better. my weight isn’t an issue. My chiropractor told me its all about how I sit stand and walk. I knew that but would never consistently keep good posture habits. Now the buzz on my Lumo keeps me on point. I work hard to beat my Lumo goals. Now I can workout and remember to use good posture habits. I wish every human would experience this.

Shanneal, via Amazon (2015-01-31)

It does take some trial and error to figure what clothes work best to hold it in place.My posture continues to improve with lumo. I wear it every day. It does take some trial and error to figure what clothes work best to hold it in place.

Jaderabbit, via Amazon (2015-01-30)

Just the thing for my bad posture.In an earlier review I gave this product 1 star. Not because of its performance, but because I couldn’t understand how to use it. The web site looked nice but was hard to follow. I really wanted it to work for me, but finally gave up.The Lumo company tracked me down, called me, and we worked together to get me trained. Now I understand how to use it. Actually it has a lot of neat features that I haven’t yet mastered, but the main feature… to remind me to watch my posture I am really pleased with.The final result is that I have changed my grade from 1 star to 5 stars, and am glad to do it. I really wanted this device to work for me, and now it does.

Hal E. Lemmon “”, via Amazon (2015-01-30)

Good accuracy!.The unit is about 80-90% accurate, which met my expectations. Most of the inaccuracies occurred when I stood up and vice versa. Easily corrected by double tapping the unit.I normally wear fitted clothing so there was no issue. I believe the proximity is not for accuracy but for you to feel the vibration. I am 6′ and 165 lbs and wear a medium.The only change I can think of besides increasing the accuracy is if they could create a find my Lumo feature in the app. I currently have lost the Lumo somewhere in my bathroom or bedroom. The battery has died today which makes finding it a lot harder.Other than that, good job Lumo!Update, Feb 2015: I contacted Lumo to see if I could get a discount on the next order, but instead, they shipped me a replacement for free! So I found out that I had indeed washed the original unit and for those who want to know, this unit isn’t waterproof and is now a magnet. There IS a buzz feature in the app in case you misplace the unit, which I’ve used on occasion and works flawlessly.Thanks to the staff at Lumo – V

Victor Chu, via Amazon (2015-01-27)

Lumo lift for good posture and healthier and more self-confident person.I have been using Lumo lift daily for approximately three weeks now, and I can already notice very positive results: my posture is improving, I am more self-aware of my body and activity, and even my health has improved, as my back ache is improving. Furthermore, I feel somewhat more positive and self-confident as I stand taller and straighter. Other people have noticed.Lumo has been easy to use, even for a non-tech person like me. I like the fact that it tracks not just my posture, but my steps, calories and distance. I also like the fact that I can set personal goals.You have to invest a little time to get to know how the lift works, and all the services Lumo Tech offers. I have had some difficulty figuring out “a good posture” to align the lift. I am learning that it is what I feel is a good posture, and that I have to align often, as I change positions or activities. You need to be patient and persistent. I have checked their website videos, tutorials and blog in order to get more information about all the benefits from Lumo lift. After reading in the blog about the 2015 New Year workplace posture challenge, I thought it sounded great to add to the awareness about body, activity, health that I want to maintain. I read the week’s activity schedule and checked the links to the exercise descriptions and it all seems easy enough for me to do it; I can see the benefits short term and long term. The videos from Tansy Brooks explaining each stretch or exercise listed on the posture challenge are very clear and easy to understand. I just sign-up for the “Work place posture challenge”. I guess I can start with week 1, and then move on to 2, 3… I look forward to it. I highly recommend the Lumo Lift. I needed something else than my husband or my kids nagging me about my “bad posture”, or the mirror from the Pilates studio where we can “check” our posture for the duration of the class. I cannot take the mirror along with me all day, but I can take my Lumo lift, which buzzes me with gentle vibrations when I slouch.

Judy, via Amazon (2015-01-25)

Thank you!.I love the device and the app. It’s small and comfortable to wear. I have scoliosis and a kyphotic curve and this little guy has done wonders in as little as a month.

Hali Araneo, via Amazon (2015-01-24)

It works but you have to try different positions until you find the one that works for you..Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.It’s endless and irritating to no end, but at least I know my posture is improving.Learning how to use it is a bit of a pain, but it’s pretty easy. Follow my super easy instructions (for men, since women do it different).1. Take it out of the box – you only need two pieces – the big white thing and one of the magnets. You can set the other magnet and the smaller white thing aside for now.2. Put this on your undershirt. I tried a bunch of different positions and the one that worked the best was on my undershirt, not my main dress shirt.3. Put the magnet on top and the white thing underneath the undershirt.4. What position works best? That’s for you to figure out, but for me, the one that worked best was about 1 inch below my collarbone and 1 inch to the left of my top button on my shirt.5. Now, get yourself into a ridiculously good posture, since there is a bit of give and take. Double-press the device to get it to remember your current posture. It will vibrate 3 times to confirm.6. Now long-press the device until it vibrates once. If it vibrates once, it has been “activated” and you will feel vibrations whenever your posture falters. If it vibrates twice, it has been deactivated. So long-pressing will always either activate or deactivate the device.7. You’re good to go. Remember don’t expect this device to be perfect (i.e. super sensitive). But it definitely works, even though it sometimes makes mistakes. (Even then, it’s fine, as long as it’s not vibrating while your posture is perfect, which is super annoying).

Amazon Customer, via Amazon (2015-01-23)

Great product..the lumo lift is a terrific product. The syncing with the iPhone is easy and rarely fails. Wearing it is unobtrusive but a frequent reminder to keep good posture. My wife has noticed the difference in my posture after a couple of months.

W. Stuart Dornette, via Amazon (2015-01-22)

Stand Tall and Proud.This is a great unobtrusive little device. Is perfect for improving general posture and confidence. I couldn’t believe how much slouching I was doing. Now I stand tall and straight all the time. You can set time limits or coaching sessions to suit your lifestyle or activity.It’s a great tool for self improvement.

J. M. Blackler, via Amazon (2015-01-22)

Simple, effective, fun!.This is a great tool for tracking your activity and monitoring your posture. It’s very easy to use and comfortable to wear. I can’t wait till they add more features to it so that you can track more activities and the like.

Tee, via Amazon (2015-01-21)

Brilliant.. Don’t hesitate..This is a brilliant idea.. I absolutely love it. I can see the difference in my posture after 2 weeks of use. I sit behind computer all day long and i slouch big time. People at work noticed the difference. It gives this gentle reminder to fix your posture. It is not easy and I feel a bit of pain in my lower back but that is because of years of slouching. I know it can be used for other things but I got it for my posture and it is amazing.

Maria jayoussi, via Amazon (2015-01-17)

Unique product, works great..Got this as a gift this Christmas and so far, its great. My posture is so much better and it helped with lower back pains. I work long hours in an office and have started to notice that I slouch a lot and it was affecting my health and productivity. It is such a unique product (there’s nothing else out there that does posture tracking that I’ve heard of) and it does exactly as advertised. Pretty good for activity tracking too. I highly recommend this for anybody who works in an office or slouches a lot.

Brodison Ward, via Amazon (2015-01-17)

Loving it!.I’ve been using the Lumo Lift for the past few months, and completely loving it! It’s great in tracking my activities as well as correcting my posture. Can’t wait for the next promised features!

Dror Berman, via Amazon (2015-01-16)

Five Stars.Excellent! So happy with it. Does what it says.

Iris, via Amazon (2015-01-14)

Great option for wellness!.Wonderful customer service and interface that is increasingly becoming even more better than initially was! This has allowed me to improve my posture, exercise more, and focus on wellness. I’ve shared what I have discovered with many of my medical and healthcare colleagues!!

GeriMD “Frequent Shopper”, via Amazon (2015-01-14)

I use it daily, have for over a month, will continue to for life.I love my lumo lift. It has totally helped with my posture and I’ve been using it now for over one month. Just this week I earned 9 hours of good posture! I bought it to help my posture one. Two to strengthen my core muscles. Three I feel better and look better when I have good posture. And Four for the step tracker. I am very active, so this is not as important to me. But to be honest the step tracker is fun to look at throughout the day and at each days end. And I will try it out when I get back into running after I heal from an injury to compare my Garmin and the Lumo’s step tracker.I gave the lift a 5 star rating because I love the product, use it just about daily – minor exceptions, and it does what I wanted it to, plus more. With that said, I would like to see a different bra clip. I am a nursing mom and the clip does not fit around my thick bra strap. Thick, as in not wide, if that makes sense. So as of right now I can only use the bra clip when I work out and am wearing a thin strapped bra.Also, the only way of knowing wether or not my lift needs charging is if I check my phone app for the battery percentage. I’ve tried to wear the lift when it didn’t have enough power to fully opperate and it didn’t occur to me until after I was half way into my day. Big pain. The lift has become part of my daily routine. I put it on in the morning, take it off at night and check my progress daily. What I would like to see is an alert either on my phone or the lift itself letting me know when the battery needs charging. I guess I could get use to timing and knowing how long it’s going to last on average before I need to charge the lift again. I’d prefer an alert however.Lastly, I have experienced some errors in the app syncing with my lift. This needs improvement as well.Overall, I still love my lift, love explaining what it is when people ask after they see it on my shirt and these three flaws are not deterring me from wearing the lift and improving my posture, core muscles and how I feel. THANK YOU LUMO LIFT! Such a cool product!!!

Seth D Fredrick, via Amazon (2015-01-10)

I play it like a game and try not to get any messages ….I have only had my Lumo Lift about 30 days. My posture is already so much improved. I play it like a game and try not to get any messages that I am not standing or sitting straight. It is fun to use and it keeps me competing with myself to do better. I am 70 years old and starting to have the forward leaning that so many old people get. My correction will take some time, but it is OH SO WORTH IT.. I am now very proud of how tall I am sitting, standing and walking. I now stand up straight with my chest out. I try hard, but when I look in the mirror, I am just normal. From where I was, that is fantastic. Probably will not look like a 40 year old anyway…I use this device most all day. If you want better posture, what a cheap price for your posture and self confidence.

craig ohman, via Amazon (2015-01-09)

I ordered the different color magnets with it to match my clothing better, however during colder months this does not matter ….I bought one of these when it first came out. It works exactly how they advertise. I ordered the different color magnets with it to match my clothing better, however during colder months this does not matter (just attach to undershirt). I put it in train mode about twice a day. Note that you may have to re-calibrate depending on if you are sitting or standing, but this is so easy it just takes two taps. My wife and I were in NYC for the holidays and did a lot of walking. She had on her Fitbit and I had on my Lumo Lift. We would check our steps on our devices throughout the day and our step counts were very similar…usually within at least 20 steps or so. I believe this is an indication of the accuracy of the step counter, which surprised me a little….how cool?Interface with the iOS app is a breeze and the latest update made it even better. Stays paired. The only thing I would say is that I only get a solid 3 days out of a full charge, but re-charging is easy enough. Still give this 5 stars, even with that very small issue. My posture has improved, and people ask me all the time where they can get one, too.I am a bit of a “gadget guy” and this is by far my favorite that I have gotten in a while. Very highly recommended!

Stephen Feltner, via Amazon (2015-01-08)

… purchased this item as I am inclined to have poor posture. As we age this becomes even more ….I purchased this item as I am inclined to have poor posture. As we age this becomes even more pronounced and so I suggest here’s a good way to start keeping that posture in line. I have noticed the Lumo is a gentle reminder to keep my posture in line. I have improved over the last six weeks, at least to the accuracy that the lift monitors. The lift is discreet. The magnets are incredibly strong and hold the lift in place. I would like the strap clasp to be a little wider. The step counter is useful as it helps me monitor my activity level. I do not own another activity monitor, nor do I count calories. I have begun to rely on the step counter to help keep me active as I perform more seated activities. It reminds me to get up and move around. I recommend this for posture, the added benefits of activity monitoring combined with posture is a plus. It hides nicely, so its personal.

M. Merchant, via Amazon (2015-01-08)

Great wearable.I love it when I don’t forget it on my clothes that I throw in the hamper (happens way too much). It definitely works and is great for anyone looking to improve their posture. The coaching mode is very cool. It’s like having a nun whack you with a ruler when your not sitting straight in your desk 🙂

W. Design, via Amazon (2015-01-06)

It doesn’t just nag you when your postures bad it gives you daily and weekly stats motivates you ….It really works!!-after a few days of use my friends have commented -have you grown? And are you wearing those high heels. More importantly my physio has been nagging me about my posture and since I have been wearing this my pinched neck nerve symptoms have improved significantly . It doesn’t just nag you when your postures bad it gives you daily and weekly stats motivates you with challenges and can also give you stats such as you BMR highly recommended and so simple and effective

LP MCGRATH, via Amazon (2015-01-06)

I love this tracking device for daily steps & calories and ….I love this tracking device for daily steps & calories and coaching device for posture. I mainly use it for the step tracking but have surprisingly used the posture help too. It helped me sit up straight while practicing the piano as I have a tendency to hunker down while playing. The software is great, I use it on my Windows 8 laptop but I plan to add the app to my iPhone 6 soon. ( I just got the phone so haven’t had a chance to do that.) I also love the different colored magnetic tabs that are used to attach to the device. Silver, gold, black and even a crystal one. I don’t even notice I’m wearing it and even sleep with it on i case I do some steps in the night 🙂 Love it.

JGM “Moi”, via Amazon (2014-12-31)

WOW! I am actually standing straighter and my “Posture ….WOW! I am actually standing straighter and my “Posture Consciousness” is greatly improved. This has so far been the easiest solution to slouching. If you want to improve your posture painlessly this is the product.Oh, I thought I was walking enough, NOT! Close, but no cigar. So far I have improved 10% since starting with the Lumo Lift.

Anthony Seran, via Amazon (2014-12-29)

wonderful device is well worth the $.I loved it instantly!! The only problem I had in the beginning was that My Fitness Pal lists an old link for the app which kept telling me it could not find the Lumo-Lift. Once I downloaded the correct app from the app store it worked fine.I was involved in a car accident a few months back and my physical therapist has repeatedly told me that my posture is poor (I am hunching over in response to back pain.) I found this device in the My Fitness Pal list of devices and decided to give it a try. I am very glad I did. Once I had it charged, I went straight into the coaching mode for the first time for 5 minutes only in and learned a lot. Later, while waiting for someone, I increased the time to 15 minutes and found that while sitting and standing straight did hurt my back a little, it subsided and I got used to it. It can be tiring and achy at first if you usually slouch, but it does pass with practice.I found that when I put it in the coaching mode just prior to eating, it buzzed me the moment I bowed my head down to take a bite. OK, no coaching mode during dinner. :-)I also have the UP24 to track my activity and have found that Lumo is close to what UP24 has tracked.My only disappointment is that it doesn’t work in the car while driving or while walking. I am guessing that it is picking up the vibrations from motion and will not give any posture alert as a result. I can only hope that this will be corrected in the future once better technology or programing will allow it to do both tracking and posture alerts.(better yet, dispense with the tracking portion and focus only on the posture) My therapy includes a lot of walking to strengthen my back and I need the Lumo to keep me from hunching from back pain while walking. Lumo-Lift people!!! are you reading this????? Please fix this one flaw in your product.

cheryl, via Amazon (2014-12-29)

REALLY enjoying this little device…...I’ve had my Lumo Lift for about a week now and am really enjoying it. Some key points I wish to mention:1. I’d suggest that anyone who buys one of these and is frustrated at first with it….stick with it! The first couple of days I had trouble remembering what the different modes were and how to set them; I couldn’t remember what the different buzzes meant; I had some trouble figuring out how to align the device….and I was just generally confused by everything. The instructions that come with it are very minimal. However, I am an very curious and tenacious person, so I spent some time researching the device, playing with it, Googling some questions I had, reading the website, etc. Now I can truly say I know how to fully set, access and interpret this device.2. This has truly helped me become more mindful of my posture, and I really think it has improved in just a week. The first several days my back was actually a bit sore from adopting a “non-slouching” position instead of what I had become used to over the past several years of sitting at my desk job, playing with my iPad, etc. I knew my posture was starting to really suck and that’s why I bought the Lumo Lift; I was hoping it could really help me, and it has.3. I don’t really care one whit about the step tracking or calorie burn functions that are included with this, so I haven’t tried to figure out whether they are accurate. I intend to only use Lumo Lift it for posture, as I have a FitBit for the other stuff.4. If there is any way to customize my “posture goal” (i.e., how many hours per day I want good posture) I haven’t figured it out yet. The default is four hours, but I want it to be a lot higher than that; I want good posture all day long! If it’s not possible now to change that, I hope the developers will include that ability in an update because I really would like to be able to do so.5. I find the magnets to be plenty strong and have not even worried about losing the device due to it coming loose from the magnet. I have used both the bra clip and the regular magnets they all seem very strong. I also want to point out that there are three more “hidden” magnets included in the packaging materials: they are glued to the underside of the plastic housing to hold the components in place in the package. These are easy to pull off and I am going to dress those up by gluing some blingy things to them to make them look more like a pin of some sort. Might as well use them, I figure.5. I haven’t found the battery life to be nearly what is stated (five days); I’ve had to charge mine twice already, having only had it a week. That makes no difference to me since I plan to just put it in the charger every night before going to bed anyway, but anyone who thinks a five-day battery life is important might be disappointed. I will say that I have been using the device in “Coaching” mode quite a bit, which does pull a lot of battery power, and I plan to continue doing so. That is, after all, the point of it for me (i.e., I want it to buzz me to tell me to sit up straight when I slouch….which is what Coaching mode does.)Bottom line: I’d say if you’re looking for something to help improve your posture, you like gadgets and are willing to stick with something new long enough to figure out how to use it, you will get a lot of use out of Lumo Lift. If you’re expecting it to cook your breakfast, move on to something with more features.Oh, finally… does NOT work with Android devices at this time. Supposedly that ability is coming in the future, but I haven’t seen an indication of when. I am an Apple girl so this doesn’t matter to me, but if you’re on Android you may be disappointed if you order this now.

CJFCL, via Amazon (2014-12-10)

Early Crowd Funder —> Now to User —-> Couldn’t be Happier.During his crowdfunding days and many months before the product was actually released, I placed a pre-order. I did that because I felt there was a need in my own life to improve my posture when sitting for much of the day in my office chair. That really is a problem that most people don’t think about or face up to.But I really do think that posture can have an impact on your productivity not to mention your confidence and chutzpah.So I waited and I and other early adopters have been amply rewarded. The Lumo Lift simply is an inspired work of genius that can improve the lives of an entire generation of workers who sits behind their computers for many hours a day.So let me describe to you what the Lumo Lift does for me and what it can do for you:✔ It provides you with feedback that gently reminds you to adjust your posture to what is ideal for you.✔ The vibrations are controlled by software which is continually updated through firmware updates and us improved.✔ You have the choice of having the device coach you through continuous feedback or you can simply let it record the quality of your posture throughout the day so that you can review it and make the necessary improvements.I truly believe that this device can help you to be more successful and productive in your career. The reason is that it impacts the way that other people perceive you when I see you sitting up straight in your your chair and standing tall with a commanding presence.If you want all the stars and planets lined up in your favor in your work, it’s little things Like your posture I can make a big difference.Don’t pass up this opportunity as something that is trivial. It’s a simple change in your life that can have major positive repercussions

PositiveLogic “Looking for Positive, Not Fearing the Negative”, via Amazon (2014-12-06)

Five Stars.Product works as promised. It’s been very helpful for my posture.

tbrook, via Amazon (2014-12-05)

This is a great product and I’ve noticed I’ve changed the way I ….This went from a 3 star to a 5 star product with the latest update. This is a great product and I’ve noticed I’ve changed the way I sit during the day. The latest update has the Posture Alert and that fixed a lot of the problems I was having with this product. If you really want to change the way you sit, this is perfect. I’m not sure if it’s something I’m going to wear all day, but for the 8+ hours at the office it’s great.

Phillip N. Vong “pvong”, via Amazon (2014-12-02)

Five Stars.Good

Sanghoon, via Amazon (2014-11-27)

Does what it supposed to do, very well.This is my first connected activity tracker, and I really like it. It does everything I purchased it to do, which is help me ming my posture.It also tracks my steps. The software is pretty simple to navigate. I use it on my iPhone 6+ . Firmware updates are pushed when you start the app.I did purchase this as a pre-order on Kickstarter. I have been also participating as a beta tester. There should be some big improvements in the posture alert coaching and control coming in the near future.The only thing that I would like is the ability to access the info from my Mac. I’m assuming that is in the works as a Windows version was just announced.

homey, via Amazon (2014-11-23)

This a “must-have” device for anyone who wants to stand tall and have a confident presence. I can not recommend it highly enough.Outstanding device to help you correct poor posture. My wife has been trying to help me correct my habitual slouching for a long time….habits like these are very very hard to break. She purchased a Lumo Lift for me as part of the initial offering and I LOVE it. I am part of the B=tests group as well and they are testing a feature that buzzs you if you have been slouching for over a minute. I like this added feature. Coaching is easy to invoke by simply pressing and holding the device until it buzzes twice. Very simple. The Coaching mode can drive me crazy at work when I am so focused and unable to pay sufficient attention to my posture. At these times, I turn off the Coaching mode (press and hold till it buzzes 3 times) and then the periodic “one minute reminders” are really helpful. I know that my posture has improved, even though I tend to use the device on and off. Some days I just forget to take it with me. I find that I am much more conscious and I notice that my wife seldom prompts me anymore to correct. It has an activity tracker, but If you want a robust activity tracker look for one of the many on the market (I use my JawboneUP24). This one will count your steps only, which is awesome! You should know that the device does not buzz while you are in motion, walking or driving: the device will continue to track your posture, which can be viewed on the App, but the device will not buzz. This a “must-have” device for anyone who wants to stand tall and have a confident presence. I can not recommend it highly enough.

Marglin Music “B. Marglin”, via Amazon (2014-11-22)

Bad posture? Back Hurts? YOU NEED THIS..Quick summary: Great device. Well-designed wearable focused on improving one’s posture. Simple set-up and effective design mean that it actually achieves this goal. Posture has improved noticeably in the past few weeks. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.Full Review:I’ve used a variety of wearables over the past few years, and am so far the most impressed with the Lumo Lift, as it fulfills its primary purpose perfectly, while throwing in the usual step-tracking offered by everyone else in the field. As an overall fitness tracker, it falls in the middle of the pack. It’s easy to wear, counts my steps relatively accurately, and connects to my phone via bluetooth. While nice, this does not differentiate it from the vast selection of trackers out there.Where it does differentiate itself is in posture tracking, something no other wearable on the market really does, especially now that Lumo no longer manufactures their acclaimed Lumo Back device. Set-up is simple: use the magnetic clasp to attach it to your shirt* by the collarbone, stand up straight, double tap the device to calibrate, then hold down for three seconds to turn on the “coach mode” which causes a small vibration whenever you slouch. It’s that easy, and it actually works as marketed.I’ve had a problem with bad posture my entire life, starting with slouching and more recently have my upper back actually curving forward. I was ready to try wearing a back brace constantly to fix it. However, a few weeks with the Lumo Lift have dramatically improved my posture. The simple magnetic clasp makes it easy to wear and adjust, and the vibrations when I slouch are strong enough for me to notice, but not for anyone else to do so. If you have tried to fix your posture before, or if you simply wish your back would stop hurting, I would highly encourage you to try using this product.*The clasp is one of my favorite parts of this entire device. Essentially, you have a magnetic square coated with anodized aluminum that sits on top of your shirt, with the Lumo Lift under the shirt. It’s incredibly simple, elegant looking, and subtle for those of us that don’t wish to look like they have electronics strapped all over our bodies. (Pro-tip): when wearing multiple layers like a t-shirt and sweatshirt, attach the Lift to the layer closest to the body, then use the spare square class to attach the t-shirt layer to the sweatshirt layer. It makes the Lift easier to control under bulky layers.)

Eric Mistry, via Amazon (2014-11-20)

Terrific device – effective change agent!.Within a day of wearing the Lumo Lift I had people noticing the difference in my posture and others telling me that they feel that they are shrinking!Lumo Lift is terrific and helped me to understand and adjust posture sitting and standing. In the past, knowing when my posture is correct had been hit and miss. Now I have been able to adjust my desk chair and car seat to the right position and being in good (and relaxed!) posture is becoming easier. The discreet and gentle buzz is enough to remind me of when my posture is poor and to make an adjustment.Importantly, within two weeks I succeeded in being in a good posture for 9 hours out of 12 hours!My Physiotherapist is pleased and looking to encourage others to look at the Lumo Lift as a feedback device.Using the Lumo Lift I began to understand ways of standing and sitting in balance with the vertebrae in my spine stacked, and then appreciate how easy it is to breathe from my diaphragm and abdomen. This is relaxing and meditative – and unbelievable easy and attainable when you have the right posture. Note: for me good posture is easy and relaxed and not tight and ram-rod straight – a good lesson to learn.Lumo Lift is easy to use, however, I recommend that you follow advice from a trusted source to understand correct posture and then calibrate – I believe calibration is the key. Talk to a physiotherapist or check with the Mayo Clinic’s website (

Dr. Mark J Redmond, via Amazon (2014-11-16)

Beautiful design and easy to use..Beautiful design and easy to use. I can wear this with many different outfits with the magnet clasp or magnetic bra strap clasp (for some reason it isn’t pictured) that comes with the sensor so you can wear it more discretely. The Lumo Lift also counts steps, calories, and distance — however, the best feature is the posture coaching sessions. When you are in a coaching session, if you slouch, the sensor vibrates and reminds you to sit up straighter. My posture has already improved significantly and I’m getting compliments from my friends and coworkers!

Victoria T., via Amazon (2014-11-14)

Fantastic device.Fantastic device. Bought this for my wife and she uses it all the time. Her posture has improved significantly already. The device is small and discrete. The vibrations are near silent and difficult to hear. Also tracks steps, distance and calories.

William Blake, via Amazon (2014-11-07)

My physical therapist suggested that I try out the Lumo ….My physical therapist suggested that I try out the Lumo to help correct my posture. I’ve been using for almost two weeks now, and I’m very surprised at it’s accuracy. However, I had to re-calibrate several times before it read my movements well. While I don’t wear it 100% of the time, I can tell it’s made a difference in my habits and has gotten me to be more conscious of my posture.

AL, via Amazon (2014-11-07)

Great device worth the 100..Purchased the Lumo lift direct for Lumo. Works great and easy to use. My girlfriend said I really improved last two weeks. Have had lift about three weeks and a friend of the family said I look taller. I was a severe sloucher, never keeping my body is a straight line. I am 76 and looked much older before improving my posture. Bob Lindberg Half Moon Bay, CA

Robert R. Lindberg “Library Journal”, via Amazon (2014-10-28)

Great device for activity & posture.I’ve been using the Lumo Lift for a couple months and have been very happy with it. The device works well in terms of tracking both activity and posture and the app is easy to use. Having the device has me sitting taller and more aware of my steps and activity during the day.

Aaron “Aaron”, via Amazon (2014-10-28)

Works well. Just make sure it doesn’t end up in the wash..This is a really cool little device. I bought it for my teenage daughter and it improved her posture for a week. Then we came home late last night and my daughter forgot to take it off her shirt before she threw her shirt in the laundry. The device went through the wash and now it doesn’t work. So YOU HAVE TO BE VERY CAREFUL that you place this thing in its charger every night so it doesn’t end up in the wash. I got a replacement unit and it’s working well. We now have a rule in our household that we don’t start a washing machine until we KNOW where the Lumo is. The manufacturer would do well to make a water proof version in its next generation. All-in-all this is a really clever device that has my daughter standing up straight and confident without any nagging from her mother and I. With a little self discipline and ritual, we’re hoping that this unit doesn’t get soaked like the last one.

Rocky Burger “shocked”, via Amazon (2014-10-27)