The Secrets To A Healthier Workday

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Keep up with the latest posture, back health and corporate wellness news with our weekly round up of interesting and useful articles.

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Your workplace shouldn’t be a trade-in for your health. Just because you’re working hard, long hours, it doesn’t mean that you should be putting your health at risk. Check out our weekly round up posts for the best tips to stay healthy, pain free and productive.

How to Sit in an Office Chair Without Annihilating Your Spine —
By Jeff Vrabel

Science has definitely proven that sitting is murdering you, which is bad news for a workforce that spends 65% of its waking day planted in an office chair. (Note: We researched that figure while planted in an office chair, because irony is real.) The more you’re sedentary and clackity-clacking away on your computer machine at an office, coffee shop, couch, or airport terminal, the quicker your body is losing its lifelong battle with gravity. Alan Hedge is director of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Research Laboratory at Cornell University, so he’s basically the sitting expert on sitting, and his prophecies are not real encouraging. “Poor seating leads to lower-back pain, injury to the lumbar discs, poor circulation to the legs, and deep vein thrombosis,” he says darkly. Poor posture, on the other hand, leads to all of the above plus pain in the neck and shoulder, cubital tunnel syndrome in the elbow, and our old friend carpal tunnel: gradual mechanical breakdown, basically, while you’re drafting fantasy QBs.

The best time of day to take a break —  Washington Post
By Jena McGregor

For most people, mid-morning is one of the busiest parts of the workday. Those 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock hours come after we’ve caffeinated ourselves, waded through morning email, caught up with colleagues and read up on the day’s news. It’s when meetings are held, our brains seem to function best and the real work of the day begins. But it’s also the most beneficial time of day to take a break, according to new research by professors at Baylor University.

Back Pain: 5 Common Habits To Correct For Back Pain Prevention — HNGN
By Rachel Cruz

Back pain problems are common. Back pain is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide and at least 80 percent of people experience back pain at one point in their lives, according to the American Chiropractic Association. The causes of back pain are varied, but daily habits people adopt can aggravate muscles and nerves. If you’d like to get rid of back pains, giving up or changing some of the things you do everyday is a start.

3 Tools To Make You Feel Better At Work — Huffington Post
By Alexander C. Kaufman

Standing desks, office meditation sessions and healthy snacks have become common in modern workplaces as corporate culture shifts toward greater employee wellness. But such perks are just the first step. In a blog post on Tuesday, corporate research firm PSFK laid out three devices that foster an even healthier, more creative office culture.

How to Take a Better Work Break — CityLab
By Jessica Leigh Hester

If getting through the work day (let alone the whole week) feels like a painful slog, maybe your little respites need some tweaking. You might be failing to make the most of your work-day breaks. A new study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that common beliefs—like the importance of getting away from your desk—didn’t actually translate into measurable outcomes when it came to making breaks more restorative.

How to stay healthy even at work — Toro Magazine
Unlisted Author

Avoiding back and neck pain should be part of your work day, since it can be harder to focus and get your work done if you are suffering from chronic pain. You should constantly be focusing on keeping good posture, while standing and sitting. Soon it will become natural. If your

Do You Project Confidence When Seated? — LinkedIn
By Barbara Pachter

Your posture when you are seated at a meeting sends a message about you. You want that message to be professional. Here are some suggestions for ensuring that your seated posture conveys confidence – whether you are one of 20 sitting around a large table, or meeting one-on-one with your boss.


That’s all for this week! Have a restful weekend and be sure to try these new tricks and tips for a productive and healthy work week.


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