The Benefits of Good Posture

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Keep up with the latest posture, back health and corporate wellness news with our weekly round up of interesting and useful articles.

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We talk a lot about how good posture is important and we should all be striving to sit and stand taller — but do you know why?

Straightening your back and pulling your shoulders back doesn’t just help you look better. It can help you feel more confident, reduce back pain, boost productivity and even help your company save money. See what these experts have to say.

The Benefits of Good PostureTED Ed Talk
by Murat Dalkilinç

Has anyone ever told you, “Stand up straight!” or scolded you for slouching at a family dinner? Comments like that might be annoying—but they’re not wrong. Your posture is the foundation for every movement your body makes and can determine how well your body adapts to the stresses on it. Murat Dalkilinç gives the pros of good posture.

The Startling Truth About Why You Should Sit Up Straight — Huffington Post
by Leigh Weingus

Text neck got you down? We don’t blame you — having good posture is really important. As this new TED-Ed video says, your posture is the “foundation for every movement your body makes.” Your posture also has a lot to do with how well your body adapts to the stresses placed on it, like gravity, carrying weight and sitting in weird positions. So it makes sense that poor posture is pretty bad news. According to the video, poor posture inflicts extra wear and tear on joints and ligaments, increases the likelihood of accidents, makes organs like your lungs less efficient –hunching over can affect your lung capacity by as much as 30 percent — and is linked with scoliosis, tension headaches and back pain. And between looking down at computer screens at work and hunching over to stare at our phones, poor posture is on the rise.

Sore Points: How Much Is Employee Back Pain Costing Your Company?
by Valedo

Working at a desk all day and doing strenuous manual labor have at least one thing in common: They both can lead to back pain. Nearly one in four employees report experiencing lower back pain (LBP) and over 84% of the population will experience at least one episode of low back pain in their lifetime. 1 2 This epidemic has taken a toll not just on the health and lives of workers, but on the companies and organizations for which they work.

Why You Should Stand Up Straight: The Benefits Of Good Posture Medial Daily 
by Lecia Bushak

Standing up straight makes you feel better, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Go ahead, try standing up straight right now, and it’s guaranteed to boost your mood and make you feel more confident.

Research has shown that good posture is linked to increased confidence, better memory, more energy, as well as a myriad of physical benefits. One recent study found that babies’ learning ability was affected by their posture, and that having a straight spine could make it easier for them to learn new things.

How Important Is Perfect Form in Fitness, Really?Huffington Post
by Brian Sabin

Just about every gym in the world is lying to you. The lies are told subtly. They aren’t even spoken aloud. But they are often written all over the walls. The lies are well intentioned, aiming to show you the “right” way to exercise. We’re talking about the posters that show someone properly performing a lift like a squat or bench press. In the picture, a sketched person executes the move flawlessly with perfect form. Various muscle groups are colored in, indicating which parts of the body fires up with this move.

Study Finds People Alter Stride When They Text And WalkCBS Minnesota

Turns out, people who walk and text at the same time may have a smaller risk of running into something than previously thought.
A new study shows people who walk and text are changing their walking pattern so their stride copes with the reduced focus and vision.

That’s all for this week! Be sure to keep your head up high and practice great posture, even while you’re on the go.

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  • Paul Lockart
    Paul Lockart

    I like what you have written. Do you have any studies that support what you have said about the benefits of good posture, eg heart disease and obesity?

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