Lumo Bodytech Partners with PUMA to Provide Best-in-Class Product

We are excited to announce today our partnership with PUMA, a leading sports performance company, to introduce a new PUMA product powered by our artificial intelligence motion science coaching platform.

Our MotionScience Platform, a deep and full-stack technology architecture equipped with AI and machine-learning capabilities, currently power two of our proprietary products: Lumo Lift, a posture and activity coach, and Lumo Run, an innovative coaching platform and device for runners. We recently announced data that demonstrated that the AI-powered coaching model used in Lumo Run helps runners run faster, farther and more efficiently. Now, in collaboration with PUMA, Lumo is expanding their MotionScience capabilities to extend to a new kind of product.

“Lumo and PUMA have a shared vision for building a new cutting edge AI product and we’re thrilled to provide this solution to people all around the world,” said Monisha Perkash, CEO and Co-founder of Lumo Bodytech. “We’re also excited to expand our Lumo MotionScience Platform to build next-generation capabilities for PUMA’s market-leading sports performance products.”

The partnership, lead by the PUMA Innovation Team, is a natural, strategic move towards the next-generation of future connected health and fitness products that go above and beyond a simple tracker and into an AI-powered real-time coach that provides deep insights into human movements.

We recently announced the general availability of the Lumo MotionScience Platform, ushering in the future of personalized feedback technology for third-party partners. The Lumo MotionScience Platform, designed by engineers from Stanford University, offers access to unique algorithm models that can track a myriad of human movements and provide a wide spectrum of biomechanical insights relevant to various industry applications, while offering actionable feedback to promote behavioral change for healthier habits.


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