How AI is Shaping the Future of Technology and Sports Performance 

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is all the rage now. With leading innovations like Google DeepMind and Apple’s personal assistant engine Siri, AI technology is quickly finding its way into household devices and technology to further enhance interactions.

One application of AI that is particularly applicable to the healthcare and sports market is this idea of real-time feedback using AI for injury prevention and performance enhancement. Coupled with deep, enriched data on human movement, this allows users to get immediate and actionable feedback on their body mechanics, even those invisible to the human eye.

The take away? Data alone is never enough; successful products that are adopted, used, and loved by people need to address the “so what?” of any given problem.

This is precisely why we created Lumo Run, an award-winning running wearable that helps runners run faster and farther with less risk of injury through form coaching.


Why Running Form?

Proper running form is critical, as it minimizes wasted energy and the risk of injury. When you run in poor form, the body experiences biomechanical inefficiencies, often leading to injury. Researchers have found that running with correct biomechanical form lessens the risk of running related injuries.

For example, according to a study done by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an increase in cadence can significantly reduce the likelihood of knee pain and iliotibial band syndrome. In a separate study, researchers found that gait retraining, while using visual cues, decreased knee pain in their participants.


Lumo® Run User Data Study

In a dataset based on 8 months worth of data and containing roughly 27,200 runs from thousands of customers using Lumo Run, 97% of users improved their running form within their first three runs. In an additional data set containing 22,600 runs, we found that: 82% of men and 76% of women improve in distance and/or pace.


In Forbes’ recent article announcing this news, contributor Andrew Karcz notes: “But what about all this new data – do you really need yet another app to keep track of your workouts? Lumo Bodytech is working on that, partnering with other run and fitness platforms. Their goal, ultimately, is to “be where the runners are; to help everyone move better and prevent injuries,” reinforcing again, the importance of addressing the “so what” for products to thrive and succeed in this crowded marketplace of trackers and apps.


Lumo® Run is now available for partners and businesses to integrate and customize into existing or future products to offer a unique proven running solution to their customers. 


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