8 Simple Moves to Strengthen Your Back

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Chances are you’ve heard about the benefits that come from a strong core, but what about a strong back? Weak back muscles can lead to back pain (particularly lower back pain), poor posture, fatigue, limited fitness performance and even issues with the hips and legs. Fortunately, there are hundreds of exercises you can do to strengthen your back and improve your overall well-being.

The human back has over 70 muscles, including these major muscles: latissimus dorsi, trapezius, spinal erectors, infraspinatus and rhomboids. You can target specific muscles, or work out major groups simultaneously.




In this post we’ve included moves you can do both in and out of the gym, so no worries if you don’t happen to have gym equipment at your disposal. A strong back is easily achievable by doing a number of simple exercises at home.


1. Back Extensions

Muscles worked: spinal erectors.


2. Dumbbell Reverse Fly

Muscles worked: posterior deltoid, rhomboid and middle trapezius.


3. Lat Pulldowns

Muscles worked: latissimus dorsi.


4. One Arm Dumbbell Raise

Muscles worked: trapezius, rhomboid major.


5. Cobra Pose

Muscles worked: erector spinae.


6. Opposite Arm and Leg Extensions

Muscles worked: trapezius, erector spinae, deltoids.


7. Plank

Muscles worked: Obliques, shoulders, abs. 


8. Superman

Muscles targeted: erector spinae, glutes.



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Amity Sims

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Amity is a Marketing Associate at Lumo Bodytech who specializes in social media marketing, event planning and more. She is passionate about tech, social media, fitness, travel and photography. Amity holds an MA in Psychology from Pepperdine University.


  • Marcel Claxton
    Marcel Claxton

    As a practitioner of back exercises myself (and always in danger of injuring my back after too many hours sitting behind the computer) I picked up another exercise which I can highly recommend. It may not be as effective as the exercises given above, but it serves as a quick relief and stretch of the muscles around the shoulder blades and lower back.

    Stand about a foot length away from an open doorway – one that is not too wide or cannot support half your weight. Reach out with your hands to other side of the door frame and lean through the doorway with your body while keeping your feet flat on the floor and your body upright and relaxed. Go as far as you feel comfortable while still feeling a good tension in your back. Hold for 5-10 seconds and push yourself back again. Repeat 5 more times.

    This usually compensates for a lot of the hunched-over sitting and I feel a lot more conscious of my back and posture afterwards.

    • Amity Sims
      Amity Sims

      Thanks for the tip, Marcel! This sounds like a great exercise to do at home.

    • Ernesto Liebrecht
      Ernesto Liebrecht

      Merci Marcel. A nice light exercise to break the key/screen duldroms and there is plenty of door frames.

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