Stand Up Straight to Look and Feel Great

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In case you haven’t noticed, we take good posture pretty seriously here at Lumo Bodytech. We often get asked why we care about posture so much – are we just a company full of ex-ballerinas and people who got aggressively nagged by their grandmothers to stand up straight? Although the answer to that question is no, we think that those nagging grandmothers are on to something! A growing body of research indicates that there are countless reasons to care about your posture.

First of all, good posture makes you look better. Standing up straight makes you look taller and more confident, and can even make you look up to ten pounds thinner. Now that’s the easiest “weight loss” scheme we’ve ever heard – and Lumo Lift can make it even easier!

Once you’re standing straight and looking great, you’ll probably notice that you also experience a lot less pain. More than 80% of American adults suffer from back pain and good posture is a key part of alleviating back pain, as well as neck, knee, and hip pain. Once your spine is properly aligned in good posture, the rest of your body follows suit.

jessjeff-parkwalkNot only will you look great and avoid lots of pesky pain that comes from hours slouched on the couch or in a desk chair, but having good posture will also make you feel more confident. While it’s probably no surprise that good, strong posture makes you look more confident, social psychologist Amy Cuddy has found that holding yourself in open, strong “power poses” can boost testosterone and cortisol levels and have a marked impact on how confident you feel.

One of Dr. Cuddy’s studies also showed that people behave less assertively after they spend time in a scrunched, slouchy position. Craning your neck to work on a small tablet or smartphone screen is a key culprit! Give power posing a shot by striking an expansive pose for two minutes and seeing how the surge of hormones impacts you. A boost of confidence and assertiveness might be just what you need to nail that job interview or tackle a big presentation!

Given all of these amazing benefits of good posture, we think that our passion for posture is thoroughly justified! Sitting up straight and standing tall can make you look and feel significantly better…so what are you waiting for? Start power posing today and see how good posture can help to change your life for the better.

Learn about Lumo Lift here

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About Tansy

Tansy wears research, public relations and partnership hats at Lumo BodyTech. She is passionate about harnessing technology to support personal behavior change. Tansy’s background is in wearable tech and social entrepreneurship. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in Social Marketing.


  • dsfox

    I see this device will detect when your back goes into flexion (“slumping”) – I would also be interested in an alert when the back goes the opposite way, into extension. It is very important to avoid this when you are doing activities like dead lifts, kettle bells, or almost any sport.

    • The Lumo Team
      The Lumo Team

      Hi there,
      Lift will detect both flexion and extension. Our other product, Lumo Back, is a good way of detecting extension in your lower back.
      The Lumo Team

      • Debbie

        On your website, I see Lumo Lift and Lumo Run. Where do I find information on Lumo Back which you mention above?

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  • Paul Cross
    Paul Cross

    I slouch so much that good posture hurts my back worse than slouching does. LOL

    • sfkat

      build up core strength!

  • Lottie92

    I haven’t gotten good support from these folks ..when I called over a month ago they were going to send me some patches because for women who have loose shirts it doesn’t work well, or other advice they have given on phone support. I wouldn’t purchase it again for the price. Good idea poor service

  • william ganz
    william ganz

    why doesnt lumo lift work when i am walking ? dont i need good posture when walking around?

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