How Poor Posture Can Aggravate Back Pain

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If someone studying back pain were to covertly take some snapshots of most of us during an average day, they would reveal some alarming information about how we abuse our backs.  Those incriminating photos would show us slouched over our work stations, scrunched up in our vehicles, or hunched over peering at our smart device screens.  In other words, we are quietly and figuratively “killing” our spines slowly with poor posture, and in the sordid process both facilitating the onset, while intensifying the severity, of our resulting back pain flare-ups.

For the 31 million of us who are forced to live with back pain discomfort each year, this lifestyle-altering ailment feeds off of our society’s ubiquitous bad posture.  Back pain itself, especially when it’s long-term, or chronic, in nature can be caused by a number of underlying factors, such as:

  • A past traumatic spinal injury from a car accident, athletics or a bad fall
  • Osteoarthritis and the aging process
  • Herniated disc(s)
  • A history of job-related stress to your back
  • Residual effects from a past back surgery
  • Spinal deformities
  • And other factors

Taking these “ticking time bombs” for your already vulnerable spinal tissues into consideration, when you combine poor posture for countless hours with these already present conditions day after day, it’s an invitation for back pain to come calling.

How Poor Posture Can Aggravate Back Pain

How Poor Posture Can Aggravate Back Pain

If You Enjoy Back Pain Discomfort do these Activities

None of us likes to feel the nagging effects of back pain issues, but if for some reason you do, the Mayo Clinic has identified these lifestyle choices that increase the likelihood of a chronic back pain sufferer experiencing an onset, while also exacerbating existing symptoms:

  • Smoking tobacco products
  • Not exercising, especially the core muscles
  • Not eating a nutritious diet
  • Feeling emotionally and mentally “stressed out”
  • Employing poor posture during the day while sitting or standing
How Poor Posture Can Aggravate Back Pain

How Poor Posture Can Aggravate Back Pain

Of all these back pain-aggravating lifestyle parameters, correcting one’s posture is probably the easiest on the list to work on and improve, but more on that shortly.  First, let’s identify what is meant by incorrect posture, and what exactly that looks like.

Unnatural Body Posture Includes these Elements

Our bodies were designed to stand up straight, with our spines in their natural alignment.  Honestly, bad posture is one of the easiest things to diagnose, and we see it in others around us all the time.  Poor posture includes slouching over, with our shoulders rolled forward, chin down, spine curved unnaturally and chest sagged.  Now that’s pretty straightforward, wouldn’t you agree?

How Poor Posture Can Aggravate Back Pain

How Poor Posture Can Aggravate Back Pain

Underneath it all, however, and if our bodies could talk to us when we were slouching, they would relate that our bad posture was causing the following negative physiological and social effects to manifest.  In fact, research has found that poor posture adversely-impacts your body in these ways:

  • Reduces oxygen supply and decreases blood circulation to our spinal tissues
  • Inhibits the distribution of natural “pain killers” such as serotonin and endorphins
  • Puts additional stress on already inflamed back and neck tissues
  • Makes you come across to others as less-confident and successful

So in other words, not employing good posture most assuredly does nothing positive in terms of the recurrence and severity of back pain itself.  But what if you start correcting your posture, and turn it into an agent for back pain change?  Let’s explore the benefits now.

Back Pain Hates Good Posture for these Reasons

According to back pain experts, when you use proper posture, especially when a flare-up has set in, there are a number of positive physiological outcomes that result.  These will help revive and restore life to the damaged tissues surrounding your spine, while further helping to reduce the discomfort itself.  Here’s what scientists have uncovered with respect to the restorative benefits of good posture:

  • Relieves unwanted pressure from the afflicted area(s)
  • Promotes better oxygen and blood flow to the damaged tissues, facilitating repair
  • Releases the body’s natural pain relievers including endorphins and serotonin
  • Gives you more energy and vigor
  • Releases positive hormones that make you look and feel happier
  • Provides your body with better balance and stability
  • Leads to a more restful night’s sleep
  • Gives you the appearance of being confident and self-assured
How Poor Posture Can Aggravate Back Pain

How Poor Posture Can Aggravate Back Pain

So, if you suffer from chronic back pain problems, and you contrast the lists in the last two sections of this article, what scenario sounds better to you?  Proper posture is one of the key elements of change if you are tired of being caught up in the continuous cycle of back pain.  Sit or stand with your chin up, shoulders back, and chest out.  It really is that simple!

Lumo Lift’s Posture Coach:  Your Personal “Posture Photographer”

At the beginning of this article, it was pointed out that if someone were to photograph your body’s posture without your knowledge, the resulting pictures would disclose that it’s poor during most of the day.  Well, a majority of us that feel the disconcerting effects of back pain on an ongoing basis don’t have the luxury of a personal “posture photographer” to alert us.  But what if there’s another, much less expensive, way to accomplish the same posture-monitoring goal?

In fact, the Lumo Lift Posture Coach was designed with exactly that objective in mind, and places the latest technological advances in your hands to help ensure that your posture remains good all day long, and even at night.  The Posture Coach consists of a wearable sensor about the size and shape of a lapel pin, which captures and sends your posture data to an app that can be downloaded on your iOS or Android device.  Later, the information can then conveniently be analyzed by the wearer.

How Poor Posture Can Aggravate Back Pain

In addition, whenever you slouch the Posture Coach alerts you using a gentle vibration, so that you are notified before the bad posture can do any further damage to your back.  The alert is discrete, designed to not disturb anyone around you, whether it’s at work, school, home or elsewhere.  Our overall goal at Lumo Bodytech is to help alleviate your bad posture, the likelihood of back pain recurrences themselves, and contribute to a world full of people with healthier backs!   For more information about the Lumo Lift Posture Coach, or back health in general, visit our website now at:

Start your positive habit change today with Lumo Lift

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