All-New Lumo Lift App Available Now

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You asked, we listened! Today we are excited to announce major updates to the Lumo Lift app, including a fresh new design, simpler settings for alignment and more. The new Lumo Lift app is available now on Google Play and the Apple App Store, so update now and be on your way to better posture.

Updates include:

Coach Vibrations are now Posture Feedback Vibrations

New name, same function. You will still receive vibrations when you slouch but we’ve changed their name from “Coach Vibrations” to “Posture Feedback”.

Alignment is now called Target Posture

You still need to align your Lumo Lift when you first put it on and as you change activities throughout the day but we’ve changed our nomenclature. “Alignment” is now called setting your “Target Posture”.

Single press to set your Target Posture

To set your Target Posture, you only need to press your Lumo Lift once. Simply get into good posture and give your Lift a single firm press to align. No more double tap required! Learn how to get into good posture here.

Simpler Posture Feedback Settings

Prevent accidentally turning posture feedback vibrations off by controlling posture feedback vibrations from your phone instead of your Lumo Lift. If you want to continue to control posture feedback vibrations from your Lumo Lift you can turn this feature back on by going to Menu > Posture Feedback > Advanced Posture Feedback Settings

Never miss a coach vibration again

Now when you set your Target Posture your posture feedback vibrations will automatically turn back on if you had it off. We assume that if you are calibrating you are ready to get feedback on your posture!

Questions or comments? Visit our support page for help articles and more.



Ready To Lift?

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Lumo Lift is a small lightweight wearable that tracks and coaches you on your posture, as well as tracks daily activity, such as steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned. Compatible with iOS/iPhone, Windows desktop and select Android devices. Free shipping, 30-day money back guarantee and 1 year limited warranty.



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  • Nhattan

    Will this update go to the Windows app as well?

  • Tammy Tran
    Tammy Tran

    I got the lumo like about 3 months and i can’t used because i have android phone. I wish i could have the information before i bought it.
    It only work with the iphone, i really need it for run i do alot of running now it just sit there for i have paid alot for it.

  • Debbie Pippin
    Debbie Pippin

    I am trying to place an order this early (3:30 am) morning. I couldn’t complete my order due to this shipping message: “There are no shipping methods available for your cart or destination”. I couldn’t sleep so I thought I would shop. I can only imagine this message may be due to the time of day. I will try to place my order later. Let me know if there is another reason.
    Thanks, Debbie Pippin

  • Michelle Brazeal
    Michelle Brazeal

    Please consider making additional ways to attach the lumo lift. For people who wear bras with larger straps your bra strap attachment does not work. I prefer to wear mine on my bra as it seems to be more accurate and helpful in correcting my posture. However unless I wear a bra with a thin strap which can cut into my shoulders I am unable to use the bra clip.

  • Daniel Cummings
    Daniel Cummings

    I don’t like the new update. With single touch alignment I keep accidentally realigning it. My seatbelt made it go crazy on the drive into work also. Liked the double tap much better. Can it be reintroduced as an option?

  • Brenna90

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  • Jeff

    I would like to access the advanced settings to revert the setting, but I use the Windows app. I am on v1.5 which appears to still be the latest version, but the app doesn’t reflect the new nomenclature and it doesn’t seem to have an Advanced settings area. My device firmware got updated so now I can’t seem to control vibrations from the device. Is an update to the Windows app coming?

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