The Lumo Team is taking on the Napa Marathon

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In preparation of the launch of Lumo Run in the spring, a few eager members of the Lumo team have decided (and committed!) to running the Napa Marathon on March 6th, 2016. Talk about a good New Year’s Resolution!

With exciting new members on our team including Lindsey Scherf, coach and professional runner who will be competing in the upcoming Olympic Trials in February, as well as Rebecca Shultz, our in-house PhD Biomechanist and Kinesiologist, we have been blessed with a huge resource pool to help us train for this marathon.

Now through the day of the marathon, we’ll be doing regular check-ins and updates from Team Napa to report on everything from training schedules and race-day jitters. In this post, meet the team who’ll be running!

Dave Woods, Head of Engineering

History: ​I’ve been running for about 10 years. Unless I’m training for a big event, I typically run 3 times per week, covering 13-15 miles/wk. My first marathon was Big Sur in 2007, my last was Boston in 2011.

Training Plan and Goal:I used the Run Less Run Faster program the last time I ran Napa, in 2010, and am using it again to set my weekly workout routine. I’m aiming for a 3:15 finish time.​

Inspiration & Motivation:Lumo Run inspired me to run! I’ve been using the product a lot and figured it would be interesting to experience training with Lumo Run for several months with a specific goal. To be honest, a little anxious. 3:15 is an aggressive goal for me, especially given that I haven’t been in marathon shape for over 4 years. Fear of failure is a powerful motivator.

Nevran Ozguven, Head of Operations

History:I’ve been running over 5 years now. I got into running with Team in Training (TNT) and ran my first marathon in October 2009. I’ve run 8 marathons and 8 halves, and some shorter distance races along the way.

Training Plan and Goal: ​TNT has a great training plan. It’s always worked for me, and I’ve been sticking to it for the past 5 years. My goal is to get a new PR :-)​

Inspiration & Motivation: ​This is the 3rd time I’ll be doing Napa. It’s a great race and when I found out some Lumo peeps were going to be running, I decided to join the fun! I’m really excited. I’m especially looking forward to the sorbet they give out around mile 23 and the minestrone soup at the end!

Rebecca Shultz, Ph.D in Biomechanics, Product Lead for Lumo Run

History: I have done 5 marathons including Boston and NYC, which I did the same year (2011). I hoped to beat my Boston time in NYC on my 30th birthday but missed it by 11 seconds. I normally run 5 times a week. These days as a new mom I try to get 3 runs a week and am struggling to do that!

Training Plan and Goal: I started out following a personalized Jack Daniels plan with hope to finish at less that 3:30 but this plan involves a long workout on Wednesday and runs on Saturday and Sunday. I just couldn’t find the time so I switched to the first time marathon training plan that everyone else is using. I hope to still incorporate some of the speed workouts from the Daniels plan. This is the first marathon I’m train for with the goal of just finishing — I’ve always aimed for under 3:30.

Inspiration & Motivation: ​My daughter turns 1 year old on April 8th and I want to complete one marathon before her first birthday. Knowing that other Lumo co-workers are doing Napa motivated me to push a little hard to make time for my runs. I’m so excited!

 Phillip La, Lead Visual Designer

History: I used to run fairly regularly, averaging 5 miles a run 3 days a week. After a motorcycle accident, I don’t run as often as that anymore. But 4 years later, it’s time to stop being so lazy.

Training Plan and Goal: ​I’m following the Non-Marathoners Marathon Trainer Program and for my goal…honestly, I just want to finish. It’s taken some effort to try to remove the ego from the situation, but this will be my first marathon ever, so It’s not about speed, placement, or beating Ellie — kidding. It’s about being able to say I did it. So I’ll just try to focus on that.

Inspiration & Motivation: ​Running a marathon has always been on my bucket list, but it’s never seemed graspable. But now with Lumo putting a lot of efforts into Lumo Run, encouragement from the company, and a strong support network as a result, this might be the best time to check this off my list. I still can’t picture myself running 26 miles just yet, but I’m feeling cautiously optimistic.

Ellie Kulick, Content Writer and Marketing Associate

History: I was honestly a terrible runner up until college — I couldn’t even run a mile! I got really into it a few years ago and kept up a good cadence of trying to get out and run for 3-5 miles at least twice a week. I’ve done a few 5ks and 10ks here and there, but this will be my first marathon ever.

Training Plan and Goal: As the two newbies of the group, I’m following the same plan as Phillip — the Non-Marathoners Marathon Trainer Program. On the one hand, my goal for this marathon is to just finish, but I’m having a hard time setting aside my apparently giant ego. So, unofficially, I’d love to finish the marathon under 4:30 — just don’t tell my coach, Rebecca!

Inspiration & Motivation: ​Like many of the others, I was inspired by Lumo to commit to running Napa. Just a month ago, the longest distance I’ve ever ran was 7 miles, and I’m already up to 15 miles through the training program I’m following. I can’t wait to be able to say I can run 26!


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  • Umar Malik
    Umar Malik

    For the last four months, I have been waiting for a warranty replacement of my LUMO device. As of today, there is no update from the warranty group and no response to my email queries. WHAT IS GOING ON?

    • Ellie Kulick
      Ellie Kulick

      Hey Umar, so sorry to hear that. Could you please send us a quick email to stating your issue? We want to make this right for you!

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