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This is an exciting week here at Lumo HQ! On Monday, August 1st, we officially launched Lumo Run for general availability, and began shipping for all pre-order customers. This also means: the reviews are in.

Check out the latest buzz report on what early reviewers are saying about Lumo Run: 

Meet Lumo Run, the $100 sensor that will transform your workouts
By Caitlin McGarryI’ve tested all manner of fitness trackers, and no wrist-worn activity band can get into the details that serious runners are interested in like Lumo Run does. The addition of actionable advice you can use both during your run and afterward is worth the price if you really want to upgrade your performance on your own.



Lumo Run’s new jogging sensor launches today – here’s how it stacks up
By Sarah Buhr
The sensor would be a definite and immediate buy for me, if I were about to run a marathon. The injury prevention promise and improvement in overall time would be enough for me to make a $100 investment, and given my overall experience with the product, I would recommend it.
Lumo Run Give You Feedback on Your Running Form In Real Time
By Beth Skwarecki
Just like weight lifting, running works best when you move your body in the proper form. You can learn this form with practice exercises, but it’s not always easy to tell if you’re doing it right on the run. Lumo Run is a clip-on sensor that can tell you. 


Review Lumo Run Sensor and App: Serious Yet Friendly, Real Time, Effective, Run Biomechanics Coaching, Insights, and Exercises.
By Sam Winebaum

Lumo targets the center of your body, the pelvis and hips the area that is the driving engine of running. I think their approach is far more actionable than trying to change foot strike, if this is really even possible for most without dealing with the areas of the body, the “core”, which I think really determine form and running efficiency.


Lumo Run Sensor Review
By Jessica Tondre

I definitely recommend this to people who can’t afford a coach or who can’t afford physical therapy and know they suffer with running form issues. Or for the run gear tech lover, the runner analyzing their run data post run for 15 minutes.  Those runners will love this and likely fulfill the improved running form, improved running result promise Lumo puts on the outside of their box.


Product Review: Lumo Run
By Hilary Topper

This is really a cool aid that can help you become more efficient in your running and the best part is, you can “choose your own adventure.” This means that Lumo Run will enable you to choose an area that you want to become more efficient in. Pretty cool stuff, huh?



Run Faster, Farther, Smarter with Lumo Run

Lumo Run is a wearable sensor that clips onto the back of your shorts that measures, analyzes and coaches you on your running form. The Lumo Run app provides insights into your running form during and after each run, coaching you to become a better, more efficient runner to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. **Available Now!**


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