Lumo Run: Same Great Tech, Now with More Flexibility

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Our mission at Lumo Bodytech is simple: to help people move better.

Whether you’re at the office, at the gym, or hitting the pavement, your body mechanics matter. Especially in running, the way you move — your running form — can be the difference between setting a new personal record or getting injured.

Last November, we announced the creation of Lumo Run, a pair of smart running shorts for men and capris for women that measures and coaches you on your running form to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. As a company creating cutting-edge technology, we know how important it is to listen to runners in order the develop the best experience possible. Since the launch, we’ve gotten great feedback from the running community around the product experience and we’re working hard to incorporate all of these changes and refinements into Lumo Run.

Of these, one piece of feedback that fueled our innovation fire and pushed us to challenge our design and engineering team was to provide an option where the Lumo Run sensor would work as a stand-alone, clippable sensor that can be attached to any running garment. Previously, our garment helped to control the sensor placement on the PSI — the optimal location for capturing accurate biomechanics, but after spending the last several weeks iterating on several designs, form factors and tweaking our algorithms, we’re excited to announce that we’ve found a way to accommodate the flexibility of a stand-alone sensor that clips on to the back of any running garment while still maintaining the same level of accuracy in the data captured.

We will still be offering the Lumo Run shorts and capris for runners looking for a more integrated, premium experience at the special pre-order price of $99 ($149 / $169 MSRP) but will also be offering the Lumo Run Sensor and Clip version for $79.99 ($99 MSRP) for the duration of the pre-order campaign.*

*All existing and future orders of the Lumo Run shorts and capris will also include a clip for flexible use on other garments.

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Ellie Kulick

About Ellie Kulick

Ellie specializes in all things content and communications at Lumo BodyTech. Her passions are in tech, writing and in health. She loves to create and share content that is useful and easily digested by the reader. BS in Psychology, Northeastern University. Find Ellie on Twitter.


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  • Kendal Van Dyke
    Kendal Van Dyke

    What exactly does a “more integrated, premium experience” for the shorts/capris mean? In other words what do I not get (besides the clothing) if I purchase just the clip and sensor?

    • Ellie Kulick
      Ellie Kulick

      Hi Kendal, thanks for the question. The Lumo Run sensor + clip provide all of the same data and app experience as the garment, but the difference is that the sensor is more “integrated” into the waistband in our garment. Since there is a specific pocket for the sensor, you can insert the sensor in the garment and not have to worry about it until it needs charging (month long battery life) and wash and wear as you would any pair of shorts.

      The garment also has conductive fiber running through the waistband that allow for on-demand feedback when you press on the button on the waistband.

      The sensor and clip is the same Lumo Run technology but in a clip, so you’ll have to attach it and remove it from garments when you decide to go for a run and will not have the on-demand feedback feature. Hope this answers your question!

      • allegra

        Can you explain a bit more about the on-demand feedback feature? Does that mean you won’t get any regular updates about running form while you are on your run, just stored data to look at afterwards, or will you still get the scheduled updates every so-many-minutes?

        • Ellie Kulick
          Ellie Kulick

          Hi Allegra, thank you for the question. The on-demand feature of the Lumo Run garment is a button on the waistband that you can push to get on-demand feedback on your running form (i.e., metric data like cadence and pace and distance). The Lumo Run app will still provide audio feedback every few minutes / miles without any prompting, but the button on the garment adds the flexibility for you to get updates on your form whenever you want. Hope this answers your question. Thanks!

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  • The Future is Now
    The Future is Now

    “smart running shorts for men and capris for women”?

    Uh… what is this? The year 1816? Care to explain why “men” can’t wear capris, Lumo? 🙁

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  • Shirley Peters
    Shirley Peters

    does this device measure bp and heart rate…would love an incorporated device that links biking with the lumo lift ..or is this one device for each activity???
    I spin three times a week with 84 and 80 year old tri athlete ..they are amazing ….this is 60 year anniversary for them and the will bike 60 miles to celebrate….AMAZING

    • Ellie Kulick
      Ellie Kulick

      Hi Shirley thanks for the question! Neither the Lumo Lift (posture coach) nor the Lumo Run (running form coach) track bp or heart rate. Thanks!

  • Stu Altenhaus
    Stu Altenhaus

    I’m not quite sure I understand what the clip is. Is the clip a detachable device which is permanently affixed to the running shorts? Or is the clip a holder for the removable sensor which, thereby permits the use of the sensor on any clothing?

    Please clarify.

    • Ellie Kulick
      Ellie Kulick

      Hey Stu, yes — you are correct! The clip is an attachable accessory to the sensor and is an alternative to the garment so that you can run with the Lumo Run sensor and access valuable running form data from any pair of running shorts. Hope this helps!

  • David Poulson
    David Poulson

    Does Lumo Run also have the functionality of Lumo Lift? Can you set it so that it also provides the posture reminders?

    • Ellie Kulick
      Ellie Kulick

      Hi David, thanks for the great question! The Lumo Run only tracks biomechanics / running form data so it won’t have the functionality of vibrations to alert you of your posture while you are sedentary. Since the two products are worn on different areas of the body, it’s entirely possible to have both on to track your running form while you’re on a run and get posture tracking through the Lumo Lift. Hope this helps!


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