Lumo Run Data Announcement

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We’re proud to announce that research done by our resident data scientist, Dr. Derek Chang, has shown that Lumo Run does indeed help users run faster and farther. Using data our Lumo Run data over the past 8 months, we’ve found:

  • 97% of users improved their running form within their first three runs
  • 82% of men and 76% of women improve in the distance and/or pace.


Forbes announced this news this morning in Hack Your Fitness: Lumo Run Helps Improve Your Running Form And Push Harder.

Contributor Anthony Karcz says, “But what about all this new data – do you really need yet another app to keep track of your workouts? Lumo Bodytech is working on that, partnering with other run and fitness platforms. Their goal, ultimately, is to “be where the runners are; to help everyone move better and prevent injuries.”

“I appreciated that the app added cadence to my half-mile updates without any input from me. With my goal in mind, combined with the active coaching from the Lumo Run app, I felt much more engaged in improving my form.”

“Which is exactly the goal that CEO Monisha Perkash and Product Lead Rebecca Shultz (who holds a Ph.D in Clinical Biomechanics) had in mind when launching the Lumo Run. ‘Since it launched eight months ago,’ Monisha told me when we chatted, ‘the data shows that Lumo Run is validating its run promise, helping thousands of runners improve their form, distance, and pace.'”


Lumo Run works with an iOS app to provide real-time coaching on your running form

Lumo Run coaches on five lab-grade biomechanics metrics: cadence, bounce, braking, pelvic drop, and rotation.


Proper running form is critical, as it minimizes wasted energy and the risk of injury. Lumo Run measures and coaches on five lab-grade metrics, including cadence, bounce, braking, pelvic rotation and pelvic drop. When these metrics are poor, the body experiences biomechanical inefficiencies, often leading to injury. Researchers have found that running with correct biomechanical form lessens the risk of running related injuries.

For example, according to a study done by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an increase in cadence can significantly reduce the likelihood of knee pain and iliotibial band syndrome. In a separate study, researchers found that gait retraining, while using visual cues, decreased knee pain in their participants.


Real-time Audio Coaching - Feedback on your form through your headphones as you run.

Real-time Audio Coaching – Feedback on your form through your headphones as you run.


“Our study is proof of Lumo Run’s value because the data demonstrates that Lumo’s personalized coaching truly helps runners improve their health and performance. This goes a long way in earning the confidence of individuals, as well as our OEM partners,” said Monisha Perkash, co-founder and CEO of Lumo Bodytech.

Mark Allen, six-time IRONMAN World Champion and Lumo Run user said, “Lumo Run is a great device for helping you develop your running style so that you’re more efficient and less prone to injuries. You’re going to become faster through the way that you move and I love that concept!”


Mark Allen, six-time IRONMAN World Champion and Lumo Run user


About Lumo Bodytech:

Lumo Bodytech is a motion science company that combines sensor data and advanced algorithms to optimize human movement for better health, performance, and injury prevention. Current Lumo Bodytech products include the Lumo Lift posture coach as well as the Lumo Run smart running sensor.  They are built on the Lumo MotionScience™Platform which is also available to B2B partners to co-brand or build entirely new products.  Lumo’s solutions measure and analyze detailed motions of the human body and provide real-time, personalized, actionable feedback.

Lumo Bodytech is privately-held and headquartered in Mountain View, CA. Information on Lumo Bodytech and their consumer products is available at and select retailers.  Information for partners interested in incorporating Lumo technology into their products is available at


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