Lumo Bodytech Raises $10 Million to Create a Platform for the Future of Wearable Technology

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Today, we are excited to announce that the Lumo Bodytech team has raised $10 million in Series B funding to launch the first wearable technology platform measuring and analyzing human biomechanics. This means that the technology powering your favorite posture and running coach is now available to other companies.

Our latest round of funding was led by Wuxi Healthcare Ventures with previous investors Madrona Venture Group, Innovation Endeavors, AME Cloud Ventures, and Innovalue Capital Ltd. also participating. New investors MAS Holdings Ltd., and SanDisk founder Eli Harari also joined as strategic partners. Lumo has previously raised more than $6 million in equity financing and more than $2 million in crowdfunding.

From the very beginning, our passion as a company has been to give your body a voice by unlocking your full potential through the power of real-time motion tracking. This vision and the technology we’ve built has translated into our two successful posture devices, Lumo Back and Lumo Lift, and our latest running form product, Lumo Run.

Through the development of our biomechanics wearables, we’ve gained valuable insight into the best ways to seamlessly integrate technology into everyday situations: whether it’s a small, magnetic sensor attached to your shirt like a lapel pin that tells you when you’re slouching, or a tiny sensor embedded in the waistband of your running shorts to capture important running form data and provide you feedback in real time. Through this process, we have developed a unique technology stack — a robust wearables technology platform, that we are now opening up to partners and businesses, implementing our accurate measurement of biomechanics and real-time feedback into their smart garments and applications.


The Lumo Wearables Platform

Our wearables platform is a full technology stack that includes everything from hardware, software, and unique algorithms to cloud data and storage services. This means that any company, for example in the apparel or healthcare industries, can power their products with Lumo’s technology capabilities and solutions.


The future of wearables is to be completely invisible, seamlessly connected, and capable of deploying unique data-rich models that work hard in the background to solve meaningful problems. — Andrew Chang, CTO

Our wearables platform offers access to unique algorithm models that can track multiple movements and has various applications. For example, the Lumo Back sensor and algorithms can be used for lifting compliance products to promote healthy lifting of heavy objects, or similarly, the Lumo Run sensor can be applied to other sports biomechanics like cycling or golf. Our platform offers access to multiple layers of data and flexible architecture of algorithms, cloud and data storage, and even hardware development to fit the specific needs and goals of our partners to make the integration of our technology as seamless as possible.


Endless Possibilities

One of the reasons why we are so excited to be announcing the launch of our platform is because this opens up a huge window of opportunity and possibility for both businesses and end users. Companies now have a way to integrate smart sensors and sophisticated, in-depth algorithms into their apparel, products, and businesses, while individual users benefit from the soon widespread availability of smart products from favorite brands and companies that can now power our everyday lives.

The goal has always been to help people reach their true potential by utilizing our technology to measure, inform and give feedback on human movement for a healthier, more meaningful life. The launch of our wearables platform will finally give us the tool to become the household solution that breathes technology and life into everyday products. — Monisha Perkash, CEO.

Learn more about our technology stack

Lumo’s versatile wearables platform is a vertically integrated technology stack that’s ready to power almost any wearable or biomechanics related application. We have robust expertise in hardware, firmware, algorithms, mobile and desktop apps, and cloud, all rolled up into one service. See what else we can do.

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