Lumo Lift Year in Review 2015

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Let the countdown to 2016 begin! As we look ahead to an exciting new year, it’s also time to bid our bittersweet goodbye’s to ole 2015.

We had a great year here at Lumo, and thanks to all of your support, we were able to accomplish some pretty major milestones as a company. Some of our biggest highlights include: the long-waited launch of our Lumo Lift Android app, the announcement of Lumo Run, our newest member of the Lumo product line, and the closing of our Series B funding.

But, we know that the Lumo community extends far beyond our 30-person office location, and so do our achievements. Take a look at the amazing accomplishments of our Lumo Lift users — we were blown away!




In 2015, the Lumo Lift community achieved over…

3,237,934 hours of good posture.

That’s about 370 YEARS worth of sitting and standing tall — roughly the lifespan of some trees like Maple Trees and Hickory.

Take that, back pain.




In 2015, our community took over…

5,171,227,733 steps = 2,353,471 miles.

That’s about the equivalent of 100 trips around the earth. 

Fun Fact: It would take you 3 days to fly around the world once in an airplane, and just shy of a year to do that 100 times.

Be sure to let us know if you ever plan on doing this.




The Lumo Lift recorded a total of…

110,951,254 calories burned.

And this is only through walking, running and being in great posture. We bet the total is actually much higher if you count the other popular activities like cycling, swimming, and yoga that the Lumo Lift doesn’t quite capture.

Fun fact: These calories are about the equivalent of 200 boxes of Krispy Kreme’s monster million-calorie box of glazed donuts, a 11.4 x 3 ft giant box containing 2,400 donuts. That’s 480,000 donuts.

That’s do-nuts!


Personal Goals


We set some goals, we achieved some goals.

4.3 hours per day

(Average daily posture goal)

That’s about half of the 8 hour work day in good posture, and 17% more time spent in good posture in comparison to the mere 36% people generally spend sitting up straight.


273,924 goals met

That’s about 750 years of non-stop achieving every single day.

9,554 steps per day

(Average daily step goal)

The commonly recommended daily step count is 10,000 steps per day, and at a 9,554 daily step goal, Lumo Lift users are aiming for top-notch health everyday.


100,800 goals met

Could you walk 10,000 steps a day everyday for a year? Now multiply that by 275.


The Lumo Lift community is nothing short of amazing when it comes to health and well-being. Here’s to another year of great posture and better health.

Happy New Year!

Psst, get a head start on your new year’s resolution, or help a friend out with theirs by taking advantage of our New Year’s special of a Lumo Lift double pack for just $99.99 (regular price: $149.99). Offer ends soon! Shop now

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Ellie Kulick

About Ellie Kulick

Ellie specializes in all things content and communications at Lumo BodyTech. Her passions are in tech, writing and in health. She loves to create and share content that is useful and easily digested by the reader. BS in Psychology, Northeastern University. Find Ellie on Twitter.


  • Mark

    Any plans to have lumo lift share data with LoseIt?

    • Ellie Kulick
      Ellie Kulick

      Hey Mark, we don’t have any immediate plans to integrate with LoseIt. Currently, our only integration is with MyFitnessPal. Thanks!

  • Zack Beekler
    Zack Beekler

    Hi Noam and Team, great to see you in the news again. Be in touch. All the best, Zack Beekler

  • Barbara Schwartz
    Barbara Schwartz

    I got my Lumo lift wet in early December. I emailed you about this asking if I could do anything to get it working again. On December 5th I received a reply from Angelique saying they would replace my Lumo lift. So far I have not heard anything from you

    • Ellie Kulick
      Ellie Kulick

      Hi Barbara, so sorry to hear that! She should have given you a link to the replacement form to fill out. Do you remember completing this form? I’ve also passed along your email to our support reps again to follow up with you. Thanks!

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