Lumo Lift: The Back Story

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A common question we get at Lumo BodyTech is why we chose to focus on posture and what the inspiration behind the Lumo Lift was.

One answer is that poor posture is one of the number one contributors to back pain and a shocking 80% of the US population suffers back pain at some point during their lives. With so many of us spending long hours in front of desks and computers, the need for a solution to poor posture is growing each year.

However, our connection to posture is more personal than just a painful statistic. In fact, many of us here at Lumo BodyTech have, or had, battled back pain ourselves and found first hand that good posture is an effective solution and prevention method for back pain.

Of all of us, the archetype of stories — the one that is the back-bone of Lumo Lift — is our co-founder Andrew’s battle with chronic back pain.

Andrew suffered chronic back pain from a young age, caused by an injury from childhood that left him with degenerative disc disease. As he grew up, he noticed that the pain particularly worsened during high school, where he spent more time studying in poor posture. Though at the time he didn’t realize that his incorrect sitting posture was contributing to his back pain, the pain became to be so debilitating at times that he found it difficult to get out of bed.

Correct Sitting Posture

Desperate for a solution, he turned to almost every remedy available: massages, acupuncture, yoga, chiropractics, but nothing seemed to be a lasting solution.  Fast forward to 2011, Andrew, Monisha and Charles had met at Innovation Endeavor’s special startup program designed to help rising entrepreneurs with diverse skillsets find each other. The three instantly gravitated toward each other based on shared values and common interests in wanting to start a company that solves problems to improve lives. As the three grew closer, Monisha’s husband, who is a spine and sports physician, recommended Andrew to try posture classes to see if that would help with his back pain.

Skeptical, but out of options, Andrew and Charles both enrolled in Jean Couch’s posture classes from the Balance Center in Palo Alto to see what the hype was all about. The experience was life changing for Andrew, as he saw improvement within the first week. He learned through the posture classes that his poor posture had been putting tremendous pressure on his lower back, making relief from his degenerative disc disease near impossible.

It was no wonder that none of the other remedies worked long-term. It would give me temporary relief, but then I would just go back to sitting incorrectly again and the back pain would return in no time. It was only after taking these posture classes that I was able to control and manage my chronic back pain better. — Andrew Chang

The experience was eye-opening for not only Andrew, but also Charles and Monisha. It was right then that they saw that there was something very powerful about posture — it affects all of us, and in many cases has a huge impact on your health.

I always say there’s a big difference between a good idea and a good business idea. We knew that there has to be many others like Andrew who are suffering the same kinds of problems caused by poor posture, and that we are the right people to offer a solution. — Monisha Perkash

Realizing that there are millions of other people who can benefit from improving their posture, not just for back pain but for general health, improved appearance, and better communication inspired Andrew, Monisha and Charles to start Lumo BodyTech and offer a solution to a widely common problem.

Start your positive habit change today with Lumo Lift

Lumo Lift is a small lightweight wearable that tracks and coaches you on your posture, as well as tracks daily activity, such as steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned. Compatible with iOS/iPhone and select Android devices. Free shipping, 30-day money back guarantee and 1 year limited warranty.



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