Lumo Lift Success Story: This Dental Hygienist uses Lumo Lift to prevent back pain

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Guest post from Lumo Lift user, Christine B. 

I have been working as a Registered Dental Hygienist for eight years. One of the symptoms known to my profession is back problems. It is difficult to have patients lay in the proper position, which causes me to do a lot of hunching over and leaning. I found myself exploring options to prevent future back problems as I am still fairly young. I came across Lumo lift on one of my professional dental hygiene pages that I belong to and decided to purchase one for myself.

One of the big selling points was the price.  I began to use the lumo lift daily at work and as expected, I was doing a lot of slouching and needed to correct my posture. The gentle buzzing reminder often corrects me. I’ve found that the longer I used it, the more I could anticipate when it would correct me and found I was already correcting myself.

I like that it has different options for me to wear it It came with two different colors to wear outside my shirt so I can have it blend with my scrubs and be discreet if I do choose. I’ve had a lot of coworkers and friends ask me about it and I love to spread the word. Not only to colleagues but also to friends because it seems bad posture is a problem for a lot of people.

I’m now noticing more and more that my back pain has become less and less. I don’t ever leave for work without my lumo lift. I’m also impressed with the many features it includes. The lumo lift doesn’t need to be charged every day and also charges quickly. So there is an option on the super helpful app that lets me know how much battery life is left so that I know when I need to charge.

Overall I think that this was an incredible investment in myself, my career and my health. I find myself feeling better and happier and posture is extremely important in my life. I recommend this product every time someone asks me about it or mentions any type of back pain or posture products. I’m sure this product is very helpful for everyday life and other careers and jobs as well, but for dental professionals it’s pretty much a necessity. Lumo lift has changed my life and I will continue to wear and use it every day.

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About Melissa

Melissa is the Community and Content Marketing Manager at Lumo Bodytech. She spends her free time reading, doing karaoke, and training for her next triathlon.


  • Jean Drane
    Jean Drane

    I bought a Lumo Lift. It worked for a few days then stopped. I tried connecting with you, but was not able to get a response. Why should I buy another one?

  • Brian Doss D.M.D
    Brian Doss D.M.D

    Hi I’m a dentist and I have a similar story, I tried to send my story in to luma lift but never heard from them but Luma is missing out on a ton of people they could be helping if they would just encourage people to wear the Lumo on their sleeve to remind them to keep their elbows down while they work too, if your pain is in your lower back then wear it like they suggest on your collar bone , if your pain is in the middle of your upper back it’s because you’re holding your elbows up to Long, dentist hygienist beauticians truck drivers people that type a lot , any job that makes you hold your arms up throughout the day for extended periods of time while they work or play, just wear the Luma lift and it will teach them how to correct it I keep in your elbows down , I actually broke my scapula in three places several years ago in a four wheeler accident and learned to work with my elbows down because it hurt too much to hold them up but guess what no more big bad backaches at 3:30 everyday anymore, learn from my pain , The amount of time you hold your arms up at work adds up throughout the day and will equal a back ache every time eventually…

  • Bill Stewart EA
    Bill Stewart EA

    My wife and I both work at computers all day, everyday. We love the LL’s. They really help us with posture. Not to pleased with the last update, we liked the step counter as it was. New one is ok, not as easy and convenient as before.

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