It’s All About The Core: Workouts for Better Posture

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Keep up with the latest posture, back health and corporate wellness news with our weekly round up of interesting and useful articles.

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We talk a lot about the importance of good posture for all of its benefits in health, well-being, appearance, and communication — not to mention the detrimental effects of poor posture on your body! And that naturally begs the questions: “well, how?”. 

Posture improvement boils down to two contributing factors: mindfulness and muscle memory. This week, we’ve collected the best of the best core and back workouts to strengthen the key muscle groups to help you sit up straighter. Let’s get started.

Exercises for back pain relief: 7 moves that can help and heal —
by Carla Challis

Our first instinct when suffering from back pain is to rest up and let the pain naturally subside.

But many experts agree that performing certain exercises can actually help strengthen your muscles, support your spine and relieve that debilitating pain in your back.

3 Stretches to Beat Back Pain After Work — Men’s Health
by Edward Lane

Do your daily movements read something like this: bed, car, desk, car, sofa and bed? If so, we’re going to out on an aching limb and guess that you – like one in three UK adults this year – struggle with back pain.

The Simple Fix for Poor Office
by Amy Schlinger

Even if you hit your hourly goal of standing up and walking around, sitting for long periods of time still does a number on your posture. And you’ve probably noticed that your shoulders may naturally hunch and roll forward—even when you’re not in front of a computer typing. The quick fix for reversing the alignment and warding off pains is a chest-opening stretch, like the one above.

12 Classic Pilates Moves That Double as Ab ExercisesFitness Magazine
by Kiera Aaron

Pilates may look easy from afar, but we can assure you, it’s a serious core workout. Not convinced? These classic Pilates mat moves, courtesy of Kierstin Elliott, Pilates and barre instructor at FLEX Studios in New York City, will have you crying (for more).

8 Great Yoga Moves For A Complete Core WorkoutMind Body Green
by Rina Jakubowicz

Yoga and Pilates are both great workouts to engage core muscles and improve posture. Try out Mind Body Green’s Yoga moves for a complete core workout to strengthen and lengthen your important posture muscle groups.

Improve Your Posture And Build Balance With This Daily Warm-Up —
by Melanie Pinola

The warm-up exercises are shared by posture therapist Pete Egoscue in an article on The Huffington Post. In the first move, you simply stand against a wall for five minutes, during which time your muscles should start to adapt and your body can get realigned. In the move shown above, you raise and lower the toes of the foot in front, which Egoscue says can counteract the negative effects of wearing shoes all day.

Bodyweight Lower-Back BoosterMens Health 

Protect your back by strengthening your entire core – your obliques and abdominals – and you’ll also be able to endure any long-lasting activity without fatiguing. The best way to prepare is with sustained isometric contractions. The workout below uses ‘iso moves’ to boost the endurance of all your spine-supporting muscles.

That’s all for this week! Be sure to squeeze a quick and easy core workout this weekend for a posture perfect week starting Monday!


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