Is Your Tablet Hurting Your Health?

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Is Your Tablet Hurting Your Health?

Many of us use smartphones and tablets in an attempt to increase our productivity on the go. A recent survey from Experian shows that Americans spend an average of about an hour per day on their smartphones, with the majority of that time spent emailing, texting, and browsing. However, research shows that using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets can have various negative effects on our health.

Slouching over your phone can cause back and neck pain, and make you more timid.

Slouching over your phone can cause back and neck pain, and make you more timid.

When using tablets and phones, we often assume a slouched or hunched posture, as shown in the photo to the left. Our necks jut forward and down as we strain to read from a small screen, and our shoulders often tilt forward as well. All of these postures are ergonomic nightmares and can lead to neck and back pain.

Furthermore, a study from Harvard Business School shows that the hunched postures associated with working on these smaller devices actually make us less assertive than we are when we work at bigger devices, such as desktop computers. The postures we assume when working at a large desktop monitor boost testosterone levels, making us more apt to act assertively and take initiative.

Therefore, switching from your 13-inch laptop to a large desktop monitor could make you a bolder contributor at your workplace. And, while it may seem productive to send emails from your smartphone while waiting for a big meeting or interview, keeping your phone tucked away in your pocket may have positive implications for your confidence, assertiveness, and performance.

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