Introducing Lindsey Scherf

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We’ve got exciting news! Here at Lumo, we are so excited to welcome and announce our newest team member to our Lumo Run Product Team, Lindsey Scherf. Lindsey came to us after she heard about the launch of Lumo Run back in November and wanted to be a part of the development as she saw the potential benefit for so many runners. Leveraging her background in Kinesiology and her experience as an elite runner, Lindsey is now a full member of our product team as well as our first ever sponsored athlete.

As our newest member, we asked Lindsey to tell us a little bit about her background in running and introduce herself….

I got my start in running in the spring of 5th grade after I ran my first timed mile in gym class. My time was 5:55 and it broke the school record for both girls and boys.  After school that day I asked my father if I could join him when he went to our local high school track 3 days a week to go running to stay in shape. After a few runs with my father I was hooked.

Within my first month of running at the track with my father another fellow who saw me running a few times and though I was speedy came up to me and told me about a running store in the area that I should check out and that there is a really great coach I should meet who was a co-owner of the store. The next day my father and I went to the store and met the coach——and I have had the same amazing coach ever since, his name is Mike Barnow and he coaches the Westchester Track Club in White Plains, NY. Within 6 months of starting to train as a focused runner I broke the age 11 5k road race national record running 17:44 and the age 11 5 mile road race record running 29:17.

I’m passionate about running because running also taught me that with hard work and determination I could overcome obstacles to achieve things others told me were out of my reach. I was (and still am) Dyslexic. I used to consider my Dyslexia to be like a disease and something I was ashamed of; but I now view it as a gift. My brain is wired in a unique way that gives me some exceptional abilities despite the early difficulties I had as a school kid trying to learn to read.

Having my classmates in elementary school laugh at me over my inability to sound out simple words when asked to read out loud made me feel stupid. When you’re a kid and told you’re stupid enough times you may start to believe it (I did)—so I took an I don’t care approach to school because if I didn’t care it meant failure didn’t hurt so much—but running taught me to believe in myself and it also taught me that no matter where your starting point is it doesn’t limit what you can achieve with the right mixture of hard work, self belief and perseverance. After my running achievements at age 11 taught me that I can actually be good at something if I tried hard —- a lightbulb switched on in my head and I started think maybe with the same drive applied in the classroom maybe I could get similar results—-low and behold I was on to something—-and went from a kid people didn’t think would graduate high school to being a Harvard College grad.

I ran in college at Harvard where I broke the American Junior Record (under age 20) for 10k and ran the second fastest American Junior time for 5k, behind only Olympian and 5k American Record Holder Molly Huddle, and went on to represent team USA at 2 World Cross Cross Country Championships. After graduating Harvard with a degree in Psychology I tested the waters by running a 5th year “redshirt year” at the track and field powerhouse University of Oregon and then transferred to University of Michigan to finish out my master’s degree in my area of passion Kinesiology — especially kinesiology as it pertains running.

After finishing my Master’s degree and a stint of head coaching NCAA Division III college cross country at Sarah Lawrence College (and getting and recovering from a necessary foot surgery) I returned to competitive running. I love coaching and it’s a huge a passion of mine. I love mentoring others to find joy and success in running which is near and dear to my heart.

Most recently in my post college running career I was the 2015 USA 25k champion and have my sites set on continuing to improve and take my running to higher and higher levels with passion, consistency and knowledge. Knowledge is where Lumo Run enters the equation for me. Because success in running is not just about training hard but training intelligently.

I use Lumo Run in my own training to provide feedback that helps my coach and I put our heads together to optimize my training to address my personal strengths and weaknesses—-my coach lives in NY so he can’t always see me run—-Lumo Run technology gives me info about my own running (that I can’t see myself) that I can pass on to him for feedback and with Lumo Run I can track my progress and discern where and why my form changes under different conditions. And from a very simplified standpoint of performance gains the less energy I can waist going up and down, sided to side, or twisting and rotating in my stride the faster I will run at the same level of fitness for the same amount of effort.

I’m also excited about Lumo run as a coach as it can yield insights for runners who have a history of injury as to the likely reasons why they got or keep getting injured. Lumo Run can also help a runner with aches or pains identify an aspect of their running form contributing to their problems before the ache or pain becomes a full blown injury.

I’m personally having positive results utilizing Lumo Run in my training. I have consistently been performing 5-10mins of daily strengthen exercises after my main run over the last month. I have been focusing on improving the pelvic drop and pelvic rotation of my running form — so my efforts have been targeted on strengthening my glute medius and abductors. The result of my simple but consistent efforts over the last month have changed my running form in positive ways. I’m excited for all the good Lumo Run can do in the running world and I’m already excited about what it has done for me and will continue to do for me.

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