How to Improve Your Running Posture

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 How to Improve Your Running Posture

Carrie Siu-Butt Head of Business Operations

Carrie Siu-Butt
Head of Business Operations

Here at LUMOback, we spend a lot of time talking about the importance of good posture when you’re stuck sitting at your desk or standing around while schmoozing at cocktail parties. But it’s equally important to have good posture while you’re in motion.

I love running and have always looked for new ways to improve my running – lighter shoes, compression socks, you name it! Since I started working at LUMOback and focusing on my posture, I’ve been amazed by how much of an impact good running posture has had on my ability to run further, faster, and more easily. Today, we’ll focus on the best running posture and teach you how to run more efficiently with a few tweaks to your running posture.


What is Ideal Running Posture?

1)    Run Tall: Keep your body upright and straight, with a slight forward lean. Keep your chest open, and hold your head up so that your chin is parallel to the ground. Avoid common mistakes like jutting your neck forward, dropping your head, or hunching your back.

2)    Square Up: Remember to square your hips and keep your entire body facing forward. Your torso should stay stable, so avoid unnecessary movements such as swaying or twisting your body, moving your head around, or pointing your knees or toes inward.

3)    Relax: One of the most important things is to relax and have fun! Avoid clenching your face, neck, shoulders, or hands, as this creates unnecessary tension. Smiling is a great way to keep your facial muscles loose and remind yourself that doing something good for your body can and should be fun!

Why is Running Posture Important?

1)    Efficiency: You always want to run as quickly as possible, right? Poor running posture can reduce the efficiency of your stride and slow you down. Sticking your head forward, pointing your feet inward, and swaying your body can all make you less aerodynamic and slow you down. And where is the fun in that?!

2)    Breathing: Personally, I’ve always had trouble getting the correct breathing patterns while I run without feeling like I am gasping for air. Now that I’m more aware of my posture, I run taller and keep my chest open, allowing me to breathe easier. Better breathing allows me to run faster and keep going for longer periods of time.

3)    Injury Prevention: While running is a great workout, it can undoubtedly be hard on your body. Numerous studies have shown that roughly 50% of runners suffer from a running-related injury in any given year. While good running posture can’t guarantee that you’ll avoid all pain and injuries, it’s definitely a great foundation and minimizes your risk.

Running has always made me happy, but now that I’m running longer and faster, thanks to my improved running posture, I feel like a true athlete! Start focusing on your posture during your next run and you may be pleasantly surprised by how much of a difference it can make.

Let us know how posture has impacted your running in the comments section below!

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