What is Good Posture?

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Two of the questions we get most often here at Lumo Bodytech are, “What is good posture?” and “How do I get into good posture?” You know we love talking about posture around here, so we’re happy to share our expert advice.

First and foremost, we believe that your best posture is your next posture – that is, the best thing you can do for your body is to be active and avoid sitting or standing in one position for too long.

However, we know that there are times that staying in a static position is unavoidable. When you’re stuck sitting or standing still, maintaining upright posture with a straight, stacked spine helps you look and feel your best.

To get into good posture:
Imagine your head is being pulled straight up by a string. Lift your chest slightly and draw in your abdominals. Keep your shoulders down and back, and your chin tucked in. You’re aiming for a strong, confident position! When sitting, scoot your hips to the back of your chair and avoid reclining against the seat-back.

If you’re not sure if you’re doing it correctly, try these two other alternatives to get into good posture. We’ve got one for beginners, and one for more advanced users so try out both and pick the one that works best for you.

Lightly clasp your hands together behind your back while standing. Lift your chin slightly, and maintain that posture while you bring both hands back to your sides. This naturally pulls your shoulders back and puts your spine in a neutral position.

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Stand flat against the wall so that your head, shoulders arms and feet all touch the wall. Lift your chin and look straight ahead while you Align your Lumo Lift. We admit, this is a challenging posture to maintain — we’ve tried it ourselves! If you’re opting for this method, start slow with a 10 minute posture goal for the hour and slowly build up to longer sessions.

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Remember to always listen to your body. If you feel unnatural strain in your back or muscles, reset your target posture in a more comfortable position. Our goal is to practice good posture for spinal relief — not to cause unwanted strain.

That being said, some minor discomfort (like sore abs) is completely normal when first practicing good posture. After all, you’re working out some muscles that you haven’t been using much. Be patient with yourself and start slowly – you’ll see improvement in no time!

Lastly, always remember to reset your target posture frequently so that your Lumo Lift knows what posture to look for throughout the day. Your Lumo Lift will remind you of your posture, but you have to teach it what your “good posture” looks like first.

Start your positive habit change today with Lumo Lift

Lumo Lift is a small lightweight wearable that tracks and coaches you on your posture, as well as tracks daily activity, such as steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned. Compatible with iOS/iPhone and select Android devices. Free shipping, 30-day money back guarantee and 1 year limited warranty.



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About Tansy

Tansy wears research, public relations and partnership hats at Lumo BodyTech. She is passionate about harnessing technology to support personal behavior change. Tansy’s background is in wearable tech and social entrepreneurship. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in Social Marketing.


  • jimrecht

    good stuff. good advice!

  • kimberlytoday

    As a health coach, I specialize in posture training. Would love to give this a try to recommend to clients!

  • Eileen Donahue
    Eileen Donahue

    Agree I am having the same problem after aligning. Does not vibrate when I get out of good posture position.

  • Katherine Gauntt
    Katherine Gauntt

    I had to re-load the software and reconnect with my Lumo before it was actually willing to help me do the coaching. I recommend you start from the beginning again after making sure it’s charged. A new user

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