Holiday Reading for Runners

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The end of the year holiday season is often a time of a brief running hiatus for many of us. With travel, so many holiday parties, and something about it being the end of the year makes for regular and consistent running difficult. However, just because we can’t be out there running, it doesn’t mean that we can’t still read up on our favorite sport and gear up for the new year.

We asked Angela Tieri, a certified personal trainer and running coach, and one of our expert coaches on our advisory board for Lumo Run, for a few of her top recommendations for running books that we should all read over the holidays. Check out her book collection in her office!


Here are her top 4…

1. Daniels’ Running Formula by Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels is one of the best running coaches in the world, and this is his training bible covering everything from basic running principles, to plans for 800m, up to the marathon.

I constantly reference this book when creating programs for my clients”, says Angela. He doesn’t give you any shortcuts to reaching your goals, but shows you how to get there in a safe but very challenging way. This is a “must-read” book for every runner.

2. Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald

Don’t let the title of this book fool you — this is not a weight loss book. It is an instruction manual on how to fuel yourself to get the most out of your body. But, if you happen to lose a few pounds and get faster along the way, that’s a bonus, right?

In this book, you’ll find manageable tips, tricks and plans laid out by Matt tweak daily nutrition for endurance athletes. Spoiler alert: carbs are not evil! Angela recommends this book to her clients who want to slim down while still training at a high intensity.

Psst, have you checked out our interview with Matt Fitzgerald? Read it here.

3. Hal Koerner’s Field Guide to Ultrarunning, by Hal Koerner

Thinking about giving ultrarunning a try next year? Or perhaps you’re simply curious about how some people can manage to run such long distances (I know I am!).

Ultrarunning is absolutely a whole different beast than marathon running, and Hal Koerner, an accomplished trail runner, pulls from his years of experience to break down technique, gear, etiquette, fueling and more for everything you need to know about running past he 26.2 miler. He also includes some pointers for basic training in there as well.

I used this book to prepare myself for my first ultra, and it took much of the mystery out of running beyond 26.2 miles. I recommend it to anyone getting into trail running at any distance!

4. What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami

Looking for something less technical, and something with a great story line? This running memoir by Haruki Murakami is a beautiful story full of insight and introspection into the sport of running. He covers his time training for marathons and trying to stay fast as he ages.

He is my favorite author. Murakami’s fiction books have a lovely surreal quality to the writing, and the same can be said for this one. I reread this book at least once a year


About Angela:
Angela is a certified personal trainer and running coach, specializing in injury rehab and prevention. For over 10 years she has competed in races on the road and trail, and has recently ventured into ultramarathons with enthusiasm. Angela is also a member of San Francisco’s elite women’s racing team, The Impalas.


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