Good Posture vs. Bad Posture [Infographic]

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The effect our posture has on us goes beyond appearance. The consequences of good and bad posture extend into our health, the way we feel, and even what we are communicating to those around us. Take a look at our Good vs. Bad Posture Infographic to see exactly how the way we carry ourselves affects us.


Learn more about why posture is important and how you can improve yours today here.

Download the high-resolution infographic.


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Ellie Kulick

About Ellie Kulick

Ellie specializes in all things content and communications at Lumo BodyTech. Her passions are in tech, writing and in health. She loves to create and share content that is useful and easily digested by the reader. BS in Psychology, Northeastern University. Find Ellie on Twitter.


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  • Janet Jackson
    Janet Jackson

    I really appreciate information on how to correct bad posture.

  • Get Straight
    Get Straight

    Thank you for your information. This is really a great article that shows us the difference between good posture and bad posture. Posture not only affects out health but also our confidence. Thanks for bringing this up again!

  • Charla Fischer
    Charla Fischer

    Impressive Infographic. I’ll always tell people to maintain Good Posture as it is an essential process to have a healthy spine.

  • Mens Posture Brace
    Mens Posture Brace

    Nice Infographic – can we use it on our site for press?

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