Good Golf Posture – Why Does It Matter and How Do I Get it?

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Get Good Golf Posture, Improve Your Game!

Catherina Wang Professional Golfer and LUMOback Intern

Catherina Wang
Professional Golfer and LUMOback Intern

In any sport, it is important to use correct form and technique to improve your performance and prevent injuries. While good active posture allows for quick and efficient movements, poor posture leads to more injuries because your body has to compensate for your improper form by using the wrong muscles, leading to stress and strain.

As a professional golfer, I know a thing or two about injuries and injury prevention! If you don’t have good golf posture and technique, you train the wrong muscles and put yourself at risk for injury. Proper golf posture makes a world of difference, not only preventing injury but also allowing you to hit the ball further and straighter, which we all know is every golfer’s dream!

In the video clip below, I’ll give away some of my secrets for success: you’ll learn why good golf posture matters and how to get into perfect golf posture. Check out the drill at the end of the video for a great way to remind yourself to keep up that great, strong posture. You’ll be hitting the ball higher and further than ever before in no time!


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