5 Exercises to Restore Your Muscles after a Hard Run

Proper muscle recovery is essential to prevent running injuries and to help facilitate the healing and building of your muscles. Stronger muscles are built via small tears created during exercise. During the rest and recovery period following a run, your body is working hard to repair these micro damages that have occurred. Further, your body is clearing toxins from these areas and bringing nutrients and cells to help heal these regions. Although our body is very much capable of eventually returning functioning back to normal after exercise, there are certain things you can do that may speed the process along. As most of us know, it is important to hydrate before, during, and after your run, as well as refuel the body with a meal within an hour after your run. What you put in your body counts just as much for your overall health as exercise does. The “you are what you eat” mantra is not entirely far from the truth.

A Runner’s Guide to Warming Up

When it’s time to run, you just want to get going. Once you’ve got your runners on your feet, it’s time to start pounding the pavement, right?

Not quite – whether you’re out for a training run or about give it your all in a race, it is essential that you have a proper warm up. In this article, we find out why you need to warm up and exactly how to do it to make yourself a better, safer runner.

5 Stretches to Help You Recover from Your Long Run

Going for a nice long run can be as much of a good workout as a peaceful getaway from the everyday. Feeling the breeze on your skin and the sound of your feet hitting the ground documenting the victory of each mile you conquer are some of a runner’s favorite parts of a long run. Running is as great for the body as it is for the mind as you focus on regulating your breathing, keeping proper running form and connecting your mind and body.

A great pair of sneakers and an updated playlist are not the only essentials for a long run. Maintaining proper running form is important to avoid running injuries and keep you on your running plan. A good warm up and after run stretches are the perfect pairing to a good run, here are 5 simple stretches to compliment your long run:

Safety Tips for Running in Hot Weather [Infographic]

As we head into the height of the summer season, it’s hard to not enjoy the extended daylight hours, warmer weather, and our sun-kissed complexions. But as runners, summer training can be a real challenge, and not to mention dangerous. With the temperature on the rise, it’s time for a bitter sweet goodbye to our breezy mid-day long-runs until the cool fall weather returns.

13.1 Reasons Why You Should Sign-up for a Half Marathon

Signing up for a race is an intimidating task — regardless of whether it’s a half or full marathon. It took me a full two weeks to rack up the courage to sign up for the San Francisco Half Marathon, and it’s not even my first race! But that doesn’t mean you should pass up the opportunity to run a half marathon. Here are 13.1 reasons why you should sign up:

Gait Retraining: 4 Red Flags to Look Out For In Your Running Form

Contributed Piece By: Dr. Rebecca Shultz, PhD in Biomechanics 

Gait training is the clinical term for learning to walk or run. Gait retraining then is learning to walk or run again. This relearning may need to occur after an injury and after an assessment that found a red flag that may predispose a runner to injury or reduce a runner’s performance.

How to Set Your New Year’s Running Resolution (and stick to it!)

It’s easy to say “I’m going to run more in 2017”… but sticking to New Year’s resolutions is a lot harder than just saying them out loud.  Whether you’re looking to run your first half marathon, your first 5K, or just hit the treadmill at the gym more often, we’ve got some great tips to give your stick-to-it-iveness a kick in the rump, runners’ style!

Five Tips For Staying in Shape This Winter

Your training season is over. You ran your last race a month ago, and winter is here. We all know the temptations of the Christmas season: food, parties, and alcohol. On top of that, you have snow. It is so much easier to look out at the cold and pull your blanket up over your head. Here are five tips to help you avoid the slump & stay in shape this winter:

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