How to Fall in Love with Running

Guest post from Harry Wilson, the author of GoodHealthPlanning

Running is the easiest and cheapest way to get fit fast and it’s unbelievably therapeutic too! But what if running just isn’t your thing? Growing up I was always much happier playing in a field with a ball or on a court with a racket than going on a run. Until I signed up for my first marathon in 2013, and after that I kept on running. It just clicked and now I can’t stop! Here are my tips on how you too can fall in love with running:

Introducing Lindsey Scherf

We’ve got exciting news! Here at Lumo, we are so excited to welcome and announce our newest team member to our Lumo Run Product Team, Lindsey Scherf. Lindsey came to us after she heard about the launch of Lumo Run back in November and wanted to be a part of the development as she saw the potential benefit for so many runners. Leveraging her background in Kinesiology and her experience as an elite runner, Lindsey is now a full member of our product team as well as our first ever sponsored athlete.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Runner’s Vocab

In linguistics and in writing, there is this funny concept of discourse communities, which is essentially different groups of people who share a set of values, interests, knowledge and attitude for a given topic or goal and communicate about it in a very specific and specialized way. We see this a lot in academia (think research papers), and also in certain professions like computer engineers or business where you’ll hear terms like the cloud, endpoints, B2B / B2C and growth hacking thrown around. The best part about this is — you can belong to multiple communities.

Lumo Meets DC Rainmaker @ CES

Happy Friday! With CES 2016 winding down, we’re just about wrapping up to prepare for our journey home to Lumo HQ in Palo Alto, CA. A big thank you to all who stopped by our partner booths at Refinery29, Nordic, and Flextronics, and especially at Pepcom where we had the opportunity to demo and talk about some of our latest projects — one of them being Lumo Run and the Digital Running Signatures we just announced.

Lumo Takes on CES, Announces Digital Running Signatures

This week, the Lumo team is hitting the pavement hard at Las Vegas, NV for the biggest annual wearables and technology conference, CES. With our recent launch of Lumo Run, smart shorts with embedded sensor technology to help runners track and coach for proper running biomechanics, we’re ready, set and demo-ing to showcase our tech to the running and tech community.

Holiday Reading for Runners

The end of the year holiday season is often a time of a brief running hiatus for many of us. With travel, so many holiday parties, and something about it being the end of the year makes for regular and consistent running difficult. However, just because we can’t be out there running, it doesn’t mean that we can’t still read up on our favorite sport and gear up for the new year.

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