Introducing Lindsey Scherf

We’ve got exciting news! Here at Lumo, we are so excited to welcome and announce our newest team member to our Lumo Run Product Team, Lindsey Scherf. Lindsey came to us after she heard about the launch of Lumo Run back in November and wanted to be a part of the development as she saw the potential benefit for so many runners. Leveraging her background in Kinesiology and her experience as an elite runner, Lindsey is now a full member of our product team as well as our first ever sponsored athlete.

Lumo Meets DC Rainmaker @ CES

Happy Friday! With CES 2016 winding down, we’re just about wrapping up to prepare for our journey home to Lumo HQ in Palo Alto, CA. A big thank you to all who stopped by our partner booths at Refinery29, Nordic, and Flextronics, and especially at Pepcom where we had the opportunity to demo and talk about some of our latest projects — one of them being Lumo Run and the Digital Running Signatures we just announced.

Lumo Takes on CES, Announces Digital Running Signatures

This week, the Lumo team is hitting the pavement hard at Las Vegas, NV for the biggest annual wearables and technology conference, CES. With our recent launch of Lumo Run, smart shorts with embedded sensor technology to help runners track and coach for proper running biomechanics, we’re ready, set and demo-ing to showcase our tech to the running and tech community.

The Secrets To A Healthier Workday

Keep up with the latest posture, back health and corporate wellness news with our weekly round up of interesting and useful articles.

What’s trending this week?

Your workplace shouldn’t be a trade-in for your health. Just because you’re working hard, long hours, it doesn’t mean that you should be putting your health at risk. Check out our weekly round up posts for the best tips to stay healthy, pain free and productive.

This Over That: Healthier Alternatives to Office Behaviors

Take a quick look around your office break room: what do you see? If your break room is stocked with sugary sodas and unhealthy snacks to nibble on, you may be in trouble. A recent study released by the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health points out that your workplace environment has a strong influence on general weight-related health habits, as well as the risk of obesity amongst young adults.

Lumo Lift: The Back Story

A common question we get at Lumo BodyTech is why we chose to focus on posture and what the inspiration behind the Lumo Lift was.

One answer is that poor posture is one of the number one contributors to back pain and a shocking 80% of the US population suffers back pain at some point during their lives. With so many of us spending long hours in front of desks and computers, the need for a solution to poor posture is growing each year.

However, our connection to posture is more personal than just a painful statistic. In fact, many of us here at Lumo BodyTech have, or had, battled back pain ourselves and found first hand that good posture is an effective solution and prevention method for back pain.

Step Up Your Work Day Activity

Keep up with the latest posture, back health and corporate wellness news with our weekly round up of interesting and useful articles.

What’s trending this week?

The focus these days seem to be on getting up and moving to reduce sitting time. Sitting, especially in poor posture, for extended amounts of time is destroying our health, and causing all sorts of aches, pains and issues. Here’s our weekly round up of articles that provide insights, tips and information on work day activity as well as for general posture and health.

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