Why is Posture Important?

Why is Posture Important?

As you may have guessed, we’re pretty passionate about posture here at LUMOback. You may wonder, however, “Why is posture important?”  So what’s the big fuss, anyway? Why does posture matter?

Posture Matters Because:

Businessman With Backache - Isolated1)    You’ll experience less back pain: As much as our modern world of plush couches and armchairs seems to promote comfort, much of our furniture and technology actually promotes poor, slouchy posture. It’s no surprise, then, that more than 80% of American adults suffer from back pain. Scrunching your body into a slouched position is hard on your whole body, so good posture is a key part of alleviating back pain, along with neck, knee, and hip pain. As you push your head forward, your neck, back, and hips become misaligned in an effort to support the weight of your head.

Fiona Maguire2)    You’ll seem and feel more confident: It probably doesn’t surprise you to hear that holding yourself with good, strong posture projects an air of confidence. However, the confidence perks of good posture are internal as well as external. People around you will perceive you as more confident, but you will also feel more assertive and confident. Standing with strong, powerful posture, even if you don’t feel confident, can boost testosterone and cortisol levels and have a marked impact on your internal confidence. You may even behave more assertively because of your strong posture!

Image source: http://www.lucilleroberts.com/blog/http:/www.lucilleroberts.com/blog/breathing-for-better-well-being/

Image source: http://www.lucilleroberts.com/blog/http:/www.lucilleroberts.com/blog/breathing-for-better-well-being/


3)    You’ll breathe better: Sitting and standing with good posture keeps your airways open so that you can breathe easily and deeply. Deep breathing helps to calm your nervous system so that you’ll feel less stressed and anxious, which can in turn lead to improved moods and more restful sleep.

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