4 Benefits of Aqua Therapy for Back Pain

As human beings, our bodies crave water, as we are over 70% comprised of that precious substance.  Most of us, at one point or another, will suffer from the life-altering discomfort of back pain.  Combining the two, what do our natural instincts tell us about using aqua therapy as a beneficial form of recovery?  And, especially when our back pain prohibits us from enjoying our regular methods of exercise, including running?

Aqua therapy, also called “water therapy” or “pool therapy”, has been found to provide a number of back pain-relieving benefits when land-based exercises simply aren’t an option.  Now let’s take a look at 4 of the key benefits of using aqua therapy when suffering from back pain.

5 Common Myths about Back Pain

Back pain comes in many forms. It can be chronic, from a recent injury, due to illness, or from bad posture. Back pain can be referred from other systems of the body, or it can be related to nerve damage. Regardless of the source, many people are plagued with back pain. Over time, there has been a myriad of treatments, theories, and unfortunately, myths about back pain. Here are five of the most common myths about back pain.

5 Easy ways to Naturally Relieve Back Pain

In the United States alone, over 80% of Americans have experienced back pain at some point during their lives. If you’ve ever visited a conventional doctor for back pain, you were probably offered a temporary treatment, such as steroid injections or pain-relieving drugs. Your physician may have even suggested surgery.

Unfortunately, these solutions rarely lead to a full recovery, and most are riddled with harmful side effects. Because of this, many people are turning to natural remedies for back pain relief, including the following:

5 Easy Tips to Protect Yourself from Lower Back Pain

As years pass by, your bones and disks degenerate causing stiffness and soreness. The result is recurring lower back pain that does not seem to go away. However, although age contributes to lower back pains, the list of possible causes to this menace is long.  According to chiropractors, 80% of the American population experiences a lower back pain problem at least once in their lifetime. Although this figure might appear massive, experts assure victims that rarely do serious conditions cause lower back pain; instead, mechanical tasks are in most cases to blame and being extra cautious will undoubtedly give back pain relief.

A beginners guide to DIY Massage for Back Pain Relief

It’s been a long day–maybe even a long week or month–and your back is killing you. There have been a million stressors and every one of them seems to have found a spot to settle in on your back, neck, and shoulders. With everything you had to do, it’s a miracle you’re still standing even though you’re tired, hunched, and dragging your feet. Good posture went out the window hours ago compounding the aches and pains in your poor back.

We can’t all go home to our personal masseuse but there is something we can do for ourselves. Welcome to the beginners guide to DIY back massage for pain relief!

Need a Quick Detox? Try These Five Yoga Poses Today

Perhaps you are feeling sluggish, bloated, or like you simply have no energy to get through the day. Whatever it is that have you thinking about an all-over detox, yoga offers a natural and calming way to reboot your body. Detoxing with yoga poses offers some incredible health benefits that will revitalize both your body and mind. Specific yoga poses can remove toxins and waste from the body, improve digestion, and stimulate your circulatory and lymphatic systems. Others can balance hormones, improve sleep pattern and mental and emotional clarity, increase energy, and even aid in weight loss. Essentially, yoga poses could detox your body by releasing physical, mental, and emotional toxicity. Detox with these five yoga poses:

Lumo Lift Success Story: This Dental Hygienist uses Lumo Lift to prevent back pain

Guest post from Lumo Lift user, Christine B. 

I have been working as a Registered Dental Hygienist for eight years. One of the symptoms known to my profession is back problems. It is difficult to have patients lay in the proper position, which causes me to do a lot of hunching over and leaning. I found myself exploring options to prevent future back problems as I am still fairly young. I came across Lumo lift on one of my professional dental hygiene pages that I belong to and decided to purchase one for myself.

5 Really Great Reasons Why Good Posture Is Super Important

This article was originally featured on Huffington Post by Ann Brenoff. Read the original here

So it turns out, your mother was right after all: Good posture really matters ― even in your older years.

Slouching impacts you in ways you wouldn’t have imagined, says Dr. Charles Wang, the COO and co-founder of Lumo Bodytech, a company that has brought tech to the quest for good posture. The Lumo Lift gives you a vibrating reminder when you start to slouch. Kind of like Mom, but in the form of a wearable device.

Wang helped us compile this list of five reasons why good posture matters.

The Surprising Link between Good Posture and Happiness

It is truly incredible how the human body works sometimes. For example, take a look at our posture.  Something as small and simple as straightening your back while sitting and walking can have such a profound impact on your mental health, not to mention contributes to alleviating pesky back pain. According to research conducted by Professor Erik Peper of San Francisco State University, altering our body position to being more upright can improve our energy levels and mood. “When sitting upright and looking upward,” Peper wrote, “it was difficult and for many almost impossible to recall hopeless, helpless, powerless, and negative memories and easier to recall empowering positive memories.” The next time you are feeling blue and are having “one of those days”, try straightening your posture. Granted, this is not a substitute for professional help but can supplement treatment.

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