What Is Your Lower Back Pain Telling You? Hint: It Might Be Related to Poor Posture

You’ve been sitting at your office workstation all morning, intently finishing up an important client’s project. Getting up to take a well-deserved break, you nearly shout out in pain, as you are greeted by a sharp “twinge,” or the dull throbbing ache, of lower back pain. But take comfort in the fact you are not alone, as most of us will eventually suffer from the common curse of lower back pain.

3 Easy Stretches to Relieve Sciatica Back Pain

From pregnant women to the UPS driver who is delivering your packages, many people are regularly plagued with sciatica. Sciatica is back or leg pain that radiates in the posterior thigh and often to the groin and even down into the toes. Sciatica can also be accompanied by numbness and tingling in the affected extremity. Check out these three stretches that can help relieve sciatica back pain.

5 Common Myths about Back Pain

Back pain comes in many forms. It can be chronic, from a recent injury, due to illness, or from bad posture. Back pain can be referred from other systems of the body, or it can be related to nerve damage. Regardless of the source, many people are plagued with back pain. Over time, there has been a myriad of treatments, theories, and unfortunately, myths about back pain. Here are five of the most common myths about back pain.

5 Easy ways to Naturally Relieve Back Pain

In the United States alone, over 80% of Americans have experienced back pain at some point during their lives. If you’ve ever visited a conventional doctor for back pain, you were probably offered a temporary treatment, such as steroid injections or pain-relieving drugs. Your physician may have even suggested surgery.

Unfortunately, these solutions rarely lead to a full recovery, and most are riddled with harmful side effects. Because of this, many people are turning to natural remedies for back pain relief, including the following:

5 Easy Tips to Protect Yourself from Lower Back Pain

As years pass by, your bones and disks degenerate causing stiffness and soreness. The result is recurring lower back pain that does not seem to go away. However, although age contributes to lower back pains, the list of possible causes to this menace is long.  According to chiropractors, 80% of the American population experiences a lower back pain problem at least once in their lifetime. Although this figure might appear massive, experts assure victims that rarely do serious conditions cause lower back pain; instead, mechanical tasks are in most cases to blame and being extra cautious will undoubtedly give back pain relief.

A beginners guide to DIY Massage for Back Pain Relief

It’s been a long day–maybe even a long week or month–and your back is killing you. There have been a million stressors and every one of them seems to have found a spot to settle in on your back, neck, and shoulders. With everything you had to do, it’s a miracle you’re still standing even though you’re tired, hunched, and dragging your feet. Good posture went out the window hours ago compounding the aches and pains in your poor back.

We can’t all go home to our personal masseuse but there is something we can do for ourselves. Welcome to the beginners guide to DIY back massage for pain relief!

Lumo Lift Success Story: This Dental Hygienist uses Lumo Lift to prevent back pain

Guest post from Lumo Lift user, Christine B. 

I have been working as a Registered Dental Hygienist for eight years. One of the symptoms known to my profession is back problems. It is difficult to have patients lay in the proper position, which causes me to do a lot of hunching over and leaning. I found myself exploring options to prevent future back problems as I am still fairly young. I came across Lumo lift on one of my professional dental hygiene pages that I belong to and decided to purchase one for myself.

5 Easy Stretches Your Body Will Thank You for

When we were kids we knew that stretching was important because they told us so, we avoided it if it meant we skipped right to recess. Now that we’ve grown up a bit, we wouldn’t step out the door in our running shoes without first warming up and stretching. We know it’s good for us so we do it.

In this day and age where we’re frequently sitting for 12-15 hours a day, we’re not moving as much as we should or would like to. Does that mean that stretching is no longer beneficial to our bodies? Absolutely not! Even if the most you can manage some days is the walk to and from your car (all while deliberately avoiding eye contact with your running shoes), stretching will help maintain your flexibility and mobility, strengthen your muscles, and can even provide neck and back pain relief that are symptoms of our common daily activities.

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