Born to Stand

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Born to Stand

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Recent studies have shown that sitting can have many negative impacts on our overall health. Many have even claimed that “sitting is the new smoking,” an unhealthy habit that is an accepted and unquestioned social norm. After all, it’s no secret that our bodies were made to move far more than we typically do in our sedentary, desk-bound, modern lifestyles.

In a demonstration of our natural inclination toward motion, a recent study of elementary school students showed that they overwhelmingly preferred standing workstations to traditional desks. In the Texas-based study, researchers filled elementary school classrooms with tall desks and stools that allowed students to easily stand or sit at their desks. Neither teachers nor students were given any instruction about how to use the desks. However, after 6 weeks, 70% of students never used their stools and the remaining 30% of students stood for the majority of the day. Contrary to fears that students might be more distracted while standing, researchers found that students were more alert, focused, and engaged while they stood.

If we’re so predisposed to motion, why have most of us resigned ourselves to sitting for the majority of our day? More importantly, how can we break away from this habit to be more active throughout our day?

At LUMOback, we make it easy for you to measure the amount of time that you spend sitting and standing each day and challenge yourself to be more active.

Even the little things, such as taking the stairs or going for a walking meeting with a colleague, can really add up to big positive steps toward a healthy lifestyle.

How do you find ways to be more active throughout the day? Let us know in the comments below!  

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