Best Practices for Wearing Your Lumo Lift

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How to wear my Lumo Lift?

Lumo Lift should be worn directly below your collarbone. The larger sensor portion is worn underneath your shirt, while the magnetic clasp goes on the outside of a shirt or undershirt to hold your Lumo Lift in place. For most accurate results, Lumo Lift should be worn on a fitted shirt (or fitted clothing). Be sure to reset the Target Posture on your Lumo Lift each time you reposition it or change your clothing.

Step 1: Remove square magnetic clasp from Lumo Lift sensor.

Step 2: Place your Lumo Lift sensor against your body directly below your collarbone. Clip in place using magnetic clasp.

Step 3: Get into good posture, set your Target Posture by pressing and releasing your Lumo Lift once and you’re good to go!

What are the adhesives for and how should I use them?

Our custom, single-use adhesives are another great, hassle-free way to wear your Lumo Lift. They provide an alternative wearing option to the magnetic clasps. Perfect for those times when you prefer to discreetly wear your Lumo Lift under your clothes or when your shirt makes it difficult to place your sensor.

See to learn how to use these adhesives. View a demo on how to wear these adhesives.

How to use the Adhesives?

Step 1: Peel one of the white, non-sticky sides off of the adhesive. It does not matter which side you peel off first.

Step 2: Place the sticky side of the adhesive directly to the bottom of your Lumo Lift. The bottom of your Lumo Lift has two gold charging dots.

Step 3: Now that you have successfully placed one side of the adhesive to the back of your Lumo Lift, peel the second white, non-sticky side off of the adhesive.

Step 4: Place this newly revealed sticky side to your skin. Place your Lumo Lift directly below your collarbone, about halfway between your neck and shoulder.

Step 5: Press once on your Lumo Lift to set your Target Posture. Your Target Posture is set once you feel three vibrations. Remember to set your Target Posture throughout the day as you change positions.

Step 6: For removal, gently peel your Lumo Lift off of your skin. The adhesive will stick to the back of your Lumo Lift as you do this.

Step 7: Peel the adhesive off of your Lumo Lift. Adhesives are for single-use only and cannot be used to reattach your Lumo Lift once you have removed it.

Quick Tips:

  1. When using the adhesives, we recommend alternating which side you wear your Lumo Lift on to prevent placing the adhesive in the same place daily.
  2. For best results, apply to clean, dry skin.
  3. Adhesives are single-use only. Using an adhesive more than once may result in loss of your Lumo Lift as they are not sticky enough to securely hold your Lumo Lift after they have been removed.
  4. You do not need to wear the magnetic clasp when you are using the adhesives. The magnetic clasps do not affect the functionality of your Lumo Lift.

Please click here to order the adhesives.


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