Lumo Takes on CES, Announces Digital Running Signatures

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This week, the Lumo team is hitting the pavement hard at Las Vegas, NV for the biggest annual wearables and technology conference, CES. With our recent launch of Lumo Run, smart shorts with embedded sensor technology to help runners track and coach for proper running biomechanics, we’re ready, set and demo-ing to showcase our tech to the running and tech community.


One of the purposes of our CES trip was to be able to demo the real-time motion tracking abilities of the Lumo Run sensor, as well as highlight the importance of proper biomechanics in running for success, both in terms of reducing the risk of injury and improving performance. An exciting component of this is the announcement we made today from CES of the Lumo Run Digital Running Signatures of elite runners and athletes worldwide.

For this special project, we have partnered with runners of various ages, genders and running types / specialties (marathoners, triathletes, and the renowned Raramuri Mexican National Tribesmen runners featured in the popular book Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen) to collect and analyze each individual’s running data for a unique digital running signature. With this — for the first time ever — we can now track, analyze and compare running form, a key factor in performance and injury prevention, without the need of an expensive and cumbersome gait lab.



The video above is of one of our Lumo team members Rebecca Shultz, Ph.D. in Biomechanics, running with the Lumo Run sensor and capris to compare her digital signature of the frontal pelvic movement to one of the Olympians we partnered with. The generated green dots and movement of the pelvic bone you see is the live sensor data from Rebecca’s run and the yellow dots represent the pelvic movement — or digital signature — of the Olympian. You’ll notice how clean and tight the yellow dots of the Olympian are compared against the green dots belonging to Rebecca’s run. This represents the difference in control and form between a top elite runner against an average (but avid) runner like Rebecca.

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