6 Ways to Make Your Holiday Travels Less Stressful

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Tis’ the season for gifts, family, and delicious food! It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

But, what almost always puts a damper on the festivities, whether you’re headed to a sunny getaway to the Bahamas or your winter wonderland in Tahoe, is holiday travel. The long TSA Security lines, snowy delays and being cramped in tiny, unventilated travel spaces can have us running for the hills — or more likely, curling up and staying home.

Luckily, here are some tips and tricks to make your holiday travels as smooth as possible.

1. Packing gifts

You’ve been good this year and checked off your holiday gift shopping off of your list. But now, you’ve got to carry all of your beautifully wrapped presents for friends and family without damage.

The trick here is to save your gift wrapping until you get to your final destination. Buy yourself a roll of pretty wrapping paper, or stock up on gift bags with some packets of colorful tissue paper, and pack them with your unwrapped gifts in your suitcase. This will give you freedom to cushion fragile items with your clothing, and avoid squished boxes and ruined ribbons. Right before you exchange gifts, quickly wrap up your presents so they are holiday-ready.

2. Bring versatile clothing

This one is a tough one for myself personally. Especially if you’re headed somewhere cold, it’s easy to overpack your luggage with big, chunky knits and quickly reach your airline baggage weight limit.

When you’re packing, try to stick to mostly basics like solid colors, basic tees and black and blue jeans, and add a few items with brighter colors or festive prints. This will help minimize luggage and maximize outfit options while you’re away on vacation.

3. Travel bags with pockets

On the day of your travels, choose a bag or backpack with lots of pockets for easy storage and accessibility for important items like wallet, phone, ticket and id. We’ve all been at the security checkpoint or at the train station shuffling and digging through a bag full of stuff to find these items, and it’s stressful!

A good carry-on with lots of compartments, pockets and storage will save you the extra time spent flustered.

4. Comfortable slip on shoes

Save the stylish boots and lace up sneakers for another occasion and opt for comfortable slip-ons for the day of traveling. Not only will your feet thank you later, you’ll also breeze through security at the airport without having to do the one-legged bunny hop to take your shoes off (embarrassing socks, anyone?).

5. Layer

Whether you’re flying, driving, or taking the train, the bottom line is — you never know what temperature control is going to be like in these vessels. Dress for comfort and layer up so that you can easily shed and add more items of clothing to accommodate fluctuating temperatures.

Bonus: Wearing lots of layers will also help lighten up your suitcase a little.

6. Micro-stretches while you’re on the go

Once you’re all settled in and buckled up in your seat, it’s likely that you won’t have a ton of room to stretch out and move around. There’s a ton of research out there that suggests that sitting is the new smoking and staying in a sedentary position for extended periods of time is doing a lot of harm to our health — especially if you’re sitting in poor posture.

While you’re at your seat, try doing a few ankle roll ABC’s where on each foot, you write out the ABC’s to get your joints moving and calves stretched out. Additionally, you can also do upper-body stretches like clasping your hands behind your back and pushing your chest out. This helps release tension in your neck and chest.

Always remember to stay in good posture as well! Staying upright will help reduce back pain during your long travel hours as well as help you feel less fatigued and improve your breathing. The Lumo Lift can help you stay in holiday-ready posture through gentle, vibrational reminders every time you slouch.

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