6 Must-Do Exercises to Improve Pelvic Stability

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In one of our previous blog posts, we talked about the importance of pelvic stability in running form to help you improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. As a refresher, here is a quick recap on the pelvis and it’s importance in our running:

Pelvic movement happens on three different planes: sagittal, coronal and transverse, which correspond to tilt, drop and rotation respectively.

Tilt: This is the forward and backward movement of your pelvis and is most effectively seen from the side of the runner. For exaggerated movement, try sticking your butt in and out. 
Drop: This is the up and down movement of your hip and can be seen from the front (or rear) of the runner. Swing your hips from side to side to get a sense of what this movement feels like.
Rotation: Finally, this is the left and right movement of your pelvis and is best seen from a birds-eye point of view of the runner. Swing one side of your hip forward at a time for this movement.

Excessive movement on any or all of these planes lead to wasted energy and instability in your core that translates into uncontrolled movement in your extremities — namely your legs and arms — that make for inefficient running and increased risk of injury. To help with this, we’ve collaborated with Dr. Bryan Heiderscheit (read his blog post here) to create a comprehensive pelvic stability program that will help runners strengthen this very core part of our bodies.

Here is a sneak peak of 6 exercises to help you begin strengthening these muscle groups today:

1. Leg Curl with Exercise Ball


2. Multi-Planar Lunges


3. World’s Greatest


4. Dead Bug


5. Lateral Band Walk or Side Stepping


6. Fire Hydrant

Doing these 6 exercise repeatedly (not just once!) will help you begin to strengthen and recruit some of these large muscle groups necessary to provide your pelvis with the support it needs to remain stable as you power your strides.

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