5 Vitamins That Nourish Your Back

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Good nutrition is an important component of overall health. What you may not think is that your diet also affects your spine, but it actually plays a key role. Your muscles, bones and other structures in your spine depend on good nutrition and vitamins to be strong enough to support your body or to heal from injuries.

 Let me introduce you to 5 vitamins that ensure having a lean body and healthy back.

Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C may be the most familiar of all of the nutrients. Your body needs vitamin C in order to develop collagen, which is an important part of the process that allows cells to be able to form into tissue. This is very important when it comes to healing problems caused by injured tendons, ligaments and vertebral discs, as well as for keeping bones and other tissues strong.*
  • You can find vitamin C in almost all kind of fruits such as pineapples, apples and oranges but also in vegetables as peppers and sweet potatoes.


Vitamin A

  • This vitamin is an antioxidant that supports the immune system in fighting off diseases. Your back benefits from vitamin A, as it helps repair tissue and in the formation of bone.*
  • You can find vitamin A in beef, calf, milk, butter or eggs. If you are vegan, don’t worry as apricots, cantaloupes, carrots or spinach are also known for their huge amount of vitamin A.
  • It’s important not to get more then the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A, as too much can promote bone fractures.


Vitamin B12

  • Vitamin B12 is one of the body’s major building blocks, helping it to make DNA and keep nerves and blood tissue healthy.  It is also necessary for healthy bone marrow and the spine to function normally.*
  • All vitamin B12 is produced by micro-organisms and is found in animal products, including beef, seafood, milk, eggs and cheese. The only reliable sources of vitamin B12 for vegans on a plant-based diet are fortified foods and supplements.



Vitamin D

  • This type of vitamin helps improve calcium absorption, which is important for the development of strong and healthy bones.*
  • Vitamin D occurs for example in egg yolks or fish oils. Another nice way to consume vitamin D is spending time in the sunlight.


Vitamin K

  • Vitamin K is needed for the bones to properly use calcium. The combination of vitamin K and calcium works to help bones throughout the body stay strong and healthy.*
  • You find vitamin K in green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and kale or also in pork and liver.


Bon appetite – your spine will thank you!






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