Love a Runner? Here are 5 thoughtful ways to show the runner in your life you care

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Not many exercises call to mind the pure simplicity of fitness better than a run. It’s a fantastic way to get your exercise, with a laundry list of benefits for both your body and your mood. Good for everything from joint stiffness to depression, with the obvious inclusion of fitness, it’s like the universal remote control of feeling good about yourself.

It’s trendy but, with the freedom to do it wherever you want, without the need for specific outfits or equipment, also extremely accessible. Seriously – it never goes out of style. If you aren’t already doing it, chances are you know someone who is.

Maybe it’s the special someone in your life. Maybe they really love it. And maybe you’ve been looking for that special way to tell them you care.

Hey; don’t even worry about it – we’ve got you covered:

Drive slowly alongside them as they run, blasting “Eye of the Tiger” out of your sound system.

Who cares if the neighbors are looking? The adrenaline-inducing powers of Survivor’s 1982 smash hit “Eye of the Tiger” are known to be a great energy boost during those periods when runners get tired. If you’re worried this might intimidate your partner and throw them off their running game, try creating a personalized playlist for them on Spotify, featuring high-energy workout songs, instead.

Draw lightning bolts on their shoes, so that they can run faster.

You may have your doubts, but the truth is nobody can prove a pair of well-drawn lightning bolts on your shoes slows you down. Children have been employing this technique for years, and they’re on average some of the fastest people out there. Alternatively, you could help them shop for a pair of lighter shoes, with simplified treads and breathable fabrics, for a better running experience.

Gather large crowds of people to scream their name every few hundred yards.

Everybody needs a little support. Enlist groups of between ten and fifteen people to gather on the side of the road next to where your partner is running at any given time. Train with them beforehand, so that they understand that when your partner runs by, they are to throw their hands up in amazement and gasp at your partner’s speed and prowess, regardless of the actual speed and prowess being shown by your partner at that time. Some of these may carry signs, signifying their support of your partner. Glitter may be used, sparingly. A less complicated way to accomplish this might be to stick a small note of support to your partner’s water bottle before they leave.

Have a protein shake waiting for them at home.

This is just a nice thing to do for someone. There is nothing funny about proper protein ingestion. Consider buying the chocolate or vanilla flavors.

Give out gold medals at the end of all of their runs.

Gold. The ultimate motivator. Organizations like the Olympic games have been dangling it in front of athletes to motivate them for years. All you have to do is get your own ornate gold medals made up, thread them with silk, and drape them encouragingly over your partner’s neck every time they go out for a run, anywhere. Keep in mind, athletes report feeling more of a sense of accomplishment when they “earn” medals, so you could just sign your partner up for races and encourage them to train as hard as possible, instead.

We hope you’ve found the inspiration you’re looking for, today. Remember: a happy runner is a healthy runner.


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