Are you experiencing Back Pain?

  1. Pain that worsens at certain times of day
  2. Pain that moves from one area of the back to another
  3. Pain that improves with a change of position
  4. Pain that begins after a new office chair or car is utilized

If you have said yes to any of these you may be experiencing posture-related back pain. Adapting a good posture may help alleviate your back pain.

Lumo lift, an effective non-medical solution, can help you improve your posture.

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Problems Caused by Poor Posture

Not maintaining good posture can add strain to muscles and put stress on the spine.

Over time, the stress of poor posture can change the anatomical characteristics of the spine, leading to the possibility of constricted blood vessels and nerves, as well as problems with muscles, discs, and joints.

All of these can be major contributors to back and neck pain, as well as headaches, fatigue, and possibly even concerns with major organs and breathing.

Good Posture Helps Reduce Back Pain

Correct posture is a simple but very important way to keep the many intricate structures in the back and spine healthy.

It is much more than cosmetic – good posture and back support are critical to reducing the incidence and levels of back pain and neck pain.

The American Chiropractic Association recommends maintaining proper posture as a way to prevent back pain¹.

Discover Lumo Lift, an Easy Way to Improve Your Posture

A healthy back has three natural curves:

  1. An inward or forward curve at the neck (cervical curve)
  2. An outward or backward curve at the upper back (thoracic curve)
  3. An inward curve at the lower back (lumbar curve)

Good posture helps maintain these natural curves, while poor posture does the opposite — which can stress or pull muscles and cause pain.

Achieve a healthy posture without adding more hours to your day with Lumo Lift , a revolutionary posture coaching wearable.


Simple Solution. Incredible Results.

The small Lumo Lift sensor gently vibrates every time you slouch to remind you to sit tall and stand straight. Its unique biomechanic motion sensors have the ability to track your posture, steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned via the Lumo Lift app.
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Improve your posture with Lumo Lift in 4 easy steps:


Affix the Lumo Lift device on your clothing right below your collarbone with the complimentary magnetic clasp.


 Align your Lift sensor by getting into your best posture then double pressing on the square magnetic clasp.


The sensor will analyze your biomechanics, alerting you of suboptimal body positions, coaching you to better posture and a healthier back.


 Track your posture, steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned through our iOS, Windows desktop or Android app.

Haptic Feedback
Get real-time feedback on your posture and activity levels to motivate you to sit up straighter and to get up and move more.

Get Better Posture
Teach your Lumo Lift what good posture looks like to you, and it will make sure that you maintain beautiful, confident posture all day long through subtle vibrations whenever you slouch.

Track Your Progress
Keep track of your posture and activity progress over time through the companion Lumo Lift app. Get insights into your posture hours, step count, distance travelled and calories burned.

Good posture, a healthy back and transformed appearance

Posture is an important, but often forgotten part of our daily lives. As we spend more and more time in front of our computers and desks, we all too often find ourselves with shoulders rolled in, heads hanging forward, and spine hunched over. Stop slouching and start your habit change today!

Relieve & Prevent Back Pain by Improving Your Posture

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