Using Lumo Lift on Android

How does Lift work?

Lumo Lift detects your posture using a variety of different algorithms and hardware. It adapts to where it is placed on your upper body and uses this information to calculate how far off you are from what you have calibrated as proper posture. Your movement forward, backward, left and right are used in determining whether you are in good posture and will give you subtle vibratory feedback when you stray from this. In addition to posture detection, the Lumo Lift will also track the steps you take. The Lumo Lift will not detect posture during movement.

Your posture and activity data is stored in your device and can be synced to the following Android devices using the accompanying free Lumo Lift app to see your daily progress: Samsung Galaxy S4 / S5 , Note 3 / Note 4, Nexus 6, Moto X (2nd gen) and up.

In the app, you will be able to view your daily step count, calories burned, and how long you’ve spent in good posture. You can also customize the Coach Vibrations feature of the Lumo Lift in the Lift app to better fit your needs.

While you need a compatible device to use the Lumo Lift app, there is no need to constantly carry your device with you. Lift will continue to track and store your data and it will sync once you open your App. Lift stores up to 3 weeks of data between syncing.

What are all the different pieces included in the Lumo Lift box?

The Lumo Lift box includes:


  • 1 x Lumo Lift sensor
  • 2 x Square Magnetic Clasps (one black, one silver)
  • 1 x White Plastic Strap Clasp
  • 1 x Charging Dock

How do I wear Lumo Lift?

For most accurate posture detection, affix your Lumo Lift on your clothing right below your collarbone. Place the larger oval sensor behind your clothing, closer to your body, in either orientation (horizontal or vertical) and secure it in place by using the magnetic clasp over your clothing. You can also wear your Lumo Lift on your bra strap by using the plastic white bra clasp.

What is good posture? How do I get into good posture?

We believe that your best posture is your next posture — that is, the best thing you can do for your body is to be active and avoid sitting or standing in one position for too long. However, we know that there are times that staying in a static position is unavoidable. When you’re stuck sitting or standing still, maintaining upright posture with a straight, stacked spine helps you look and feel your best.

To get into good posture, imagine your head is being pulled by a string. Lift your chest slightly and draw in your abdominals. Keep your shoulders down and back, and your chin tucked in. When sitting, scoot your hips to the back of your chair and avoid reclining against the seat-back.

How does the Lift keep track of my posture? What does Good Posture Hour mean?

The Lumo Lift keeps track of your posture by looking for deviations to the posture you Aligned your Lumo Lift in. The sensor is able to detect movement back and forth and up and down to determine your posture and steps. Though the Lumo Lift will only provide vibratory feedback for your posture when Coach Vibrations is turned on, it will constantly be passively tracking your posture as you wear the device.

In the Lift app, the top circle will show your posture hours for the day. To qualify for a “good posture hour”, the sensor has to detect good posture (the posture you Aligned your Lumo Lift in) for at least 40% of the hour. You can check how close you were (or how much better!) by checking your hourly Trends section in the Lift app. There will be a dotted line to show the 40% marker and bars for each individual hour that shows your progress for that hour.

What are the different types of buzzes and what do they mean?

Lumo Lift provides vibrations under the following circumstances:

  • 3 short buzzes indicate that you have successfully Aligned your Lumo Lift sensor.
  • 1 short buzz indicates that you have turned on Coach Vibrations.
  • 2 short buzzes indicate that you have turned off Coach Vibrations.
  • 1 long buzz indicates that you are in poor posture when Coach Vibrations is turned on.

If you feel like you are receiving vibrations when your posture is good, please Align your sensor by getting into your best posture and double-pressing on the sensor button. This allows your Lumo Lift to understand what your good posture looks like so that it can accurately monitor your posture throughout the day.

What do the different LED lights on my Lumo Lift mean?

Your Lumo Lift will occasionally flash different colored lights.

  • Red: 20% or less battery
  • Orange: Charging
  • Green: Full Charge
  • Blue: Linking via Bluetooth to the app

What are all the different Lumo Lift button presses?

We know learning all of the different functions and button presses of your Lumo Lift can be tricky. Here’s a quick list of all of the possible ways to communicate with your Lumo Lift.

  • 1 short press: Wake your Lift
  • 2 short presses: Align your Lumo Lift
  • Long-press for 3 seconds: Turn on/off a Coaching Vibrations
  • Long-press for 15 seconds, while Lift is on charger: Hard Reset of Lumo Lift**

Please note that a hard reset of the Lumo Lift device will erase all data stored in the sensor. Please make sure to sync data to your Lift app before resetting the device.

What’s the difference between Lumo Lift and Lumo Back?

Both devices are designed to help you improve your posture and sit and stand taller every day. The difference is in the device itself and what type of posture it focuses on. The Lumo Lift is a small, discreet sensor that attaches to your clothing like a lapel pin by a magnetic clasp. It is affixed under your collarbone on your shirt or undergarments to detect posture and coach you to sit and stand taller. The Lumo Lift focuses on improving upper back posture and how you hold your chest and shoulders.

The Lumo Back is our first generation posture coaching device and is worn as a belt around your lower back. It best detects lower back posture and to prevent and reduce back pain.

What are all the features of the Lumo Lift app?

The Lift app has the following features:

Coach Vibrations: Turned on/off either directly through the Lumo Lift sensor by press and holding the sensor down for 3 seconds, or through the Lift app under Coach. When turned on, Coach Vibrations provides vibrational feedback for your posture at a time delay that you can customize through the Lift app.

Posture Tracking: The top circle on the main screen app shows how your posture has been in the past hour, and how many hours of good posture you’ve had that day.

Step Tracking: The bottom circle on the main screen app shows how many steps you’ve taken, the distance travelled and your calories burned.

Historical Data: Swipe right on your main screen app to view daily data for previous days.

Buzz my Lift: Under “Sensor” on the Lift app, you can manually buzz your Lumo Lift as long as the device still has battery, and is in bluetooth range.

Battery Life: Also under “Sensor” on the Lift app, check what percentage of battery is left on your Lumo Lift sensor.